Thinking Out Loud: Weird Edition

Everyone’s a little bit weird. That’s a fact. Google it. There’s a quote to prove my conjecture.

I have another theory: everyone thinks that they are actually the weirdest person in the world. I’d be lying if I didn’t say I thought so about myself from time to time. I recently learned that some people find it annoying when someone claims to be weirder than others, so that’s not what I’m really here to do. For today’s Thinking Out Loud (haven’t participated in a while!), I’m going to share some personal quirks. Because we’re all normal. But we’re all a little bit weird.

1. This is how I squeeze my toothpaste. I literally squeeze it, in the center. I’ve been told multiple times that I’m doing it wrong, but I really don’t care. IMG_1026

2. I’m convinced that if you dry your bedsheets after washing them outside they smell like sunshine. I rarely dry my sheets in our dryer anymore because it sucks (think: squeaking for the duration of the cycle and leaves black streaks on what you’re drying), so I don’t know what I’m going to do when winter hits.

3. I tried to open a banana with my feet this morning. The host herself, Amanda (thanks for hosting, by the way!) challenged me to the task yesterday. I need to work on my technique, as I couldn’t quite turn the banana around. I didn’t want it to drop on the floor, so I stopped before I could make a fatal mistake.


4. Have I mentioned on here before that I HATE, with a passion, dill pickles. Maybe I have. Like I don’t even want them on my plate at a restaurant. I’ll make my brother take them off of my plate. Moral of the story: they’re nasty (sorry).

5. I really only feel comfortable walking next to someone if they’re on my right side. Left feels “off” and unbalanced.

6. I was totally in love with my first car. I know I’ve mentioned it on here before, but it was a 1989 Toyota Camry. I named him Norm because he reminded me of an old man. I also rarely cleaned the inside, so I liked to joke that he was a dirty old man. If you had asked me what I wanted for my first car years ago, that would never have been the answer. It’s so old! Right? Well, I feel so fortunate to (one) have had a car in the first place and (two) to have not had the newest car ever because now I know that a car is definitely not an investment but totally an expense.

Sadly, this past week my family had to decide to put Norm to rest. I might have teared up a little when I found out. He went in for an inspection and the amount of money we’d have had to spend to fix all that was wrong with him was exorbitant. Plus, we knew that even if we fixed him now, something new could go haywire at any time.

So this is like my little eulogy to my beloved first car. Norm, I will love you forever. You were the best first car I could have had. I will always miss your red velvet interior, your automatic seatbelts that scared the shit out of everyone in the passenger seat, the way everything shook when I pushed the gas, and even the way I had to manually open the sunroof in the last year of your life. rip.


Questions of the Day:
>> Tell me something quirky about yourself!
>> Do you have talented feet?
>> Would you totally kill me over how I squeeze toothpaste?

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Being Okay With Being Single [Guest Post]

Today I’m super happy to have my beautiful friend Cassie guest-posting for me. She’s basically my soul mate (no, really, our numerological matchings make us soul mates), and I became friends with her separately from the blog world. I ask her for advice all the time. She’s very sage. Enjoy her wisdom about something very near and dear to my heart – being single. 


Hi everyone. I’m Cassie, and if you are a regular reader of Nutty for Life, you’ve probably seen me around these parts. I blog about trying to grow up and be a real adult at Almost Getting it Together, but mostly I talk about healthy recipes, running, traveling and maybe occasionally something else.

In case you don’t know me, I’m 25. So old, I know. I feel like not only are Angela and I friends, but I like to think of myself as her mentor as well. She told me I could write about a recipe, running or life and I thought – why not write about being single? Disclaimer, I’m not currently single, but before I found myself with a really wonderful guy, I was obviously single and I spent a lot of time learning to not only be okay with it, but enjoy it as well.

Being single is a stigma in the United States, or at least it is in West Virginia/Western PA, where I have spent most of my life. Both family and strangers are very quick to ask if you have a boyfriend or girlfriend and often the “no” answer is met with a look of pity.

Being single isn’t a disease, it’s typically a choice, and it’s much more healthy to be single than settling with someone who doesn’t make you happy or being in a destructive relationship. People think having a significant other will always give them something to do, something to look forward to, and therefore, happiness. Yes, the person you are with should increase your happiness, but you should be capable of being happy without them as well. Never depend on another person for your happiness.

I’m not saying being single is easy once you’ve been in a relationship and especially not when you first break-up with someone. Trust me, it’s hard. Sometimes it seemed easier to have someone on the back-burner so I knew that if worse came to worst, I wouldn’t be spending my entire life alone. However, when you are thinking about how insane that back-burner person drives you (please don’t call me dumb nicknames like ‘Little Cass,’ it makes me want to throw up), it’s better to not be stressed out and to be single. You can’t meet someone new if your heart is closed trying to not strangle someone you’re not really into but is in your life.

First, you have to figure out what it is that makes you happy. Personally, I don’t like spending my Friday and Saturday nights out at a crowded bar, fighting for the bartender’s attention for a crappy drink and not being able to even have a conversation, so going out to the bar doesn’t make me happy. I realized I need time alone on the weekends – I like coming home and doing nothing but catching up on blogs and TV on Friday nights. I like to go to bed early so I can wake-up for a long run or go to yoga on Saturday mornings. I stopped feeling like I was supposed to go out every night. Even when I was visiting friends, the last thing I wanted to do was go to the bar. If I’m going to have a drink at night, I would rather it be at a cool cocktail bar or restaurant where I don’t have to hear a Pitbull song and I can have a meaningful conversation with my companions. This is where the stigma comes back – if you’re single, you’re expected to go to the bar and be social and meet guys. Spoiler alert: the chance you are going to meet your future husband at the bar is low.

Second, once you’ve figured out what makes you happy, you now have a lot of extra time to do those things. Traveling makes me happy because not being in Pittsburgh makes me happy. In 2013, I probably took twenty or so trips. Yes, a lot were random weekends visiting my friends who live in different cities and a handful were for work, but now I suddenly had both the time and inclination to travel.

Earlier this year, I wanted to take a solo trip, so I went to Nicaragua by myself. I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and forced myself to make new friends which I would have probably not done with a boyfriend (or at least old Cassie with a boyfriend wouldn’t have done). Go travel, sign-up for a triathlon, take that cooking class you always wanted – once you begin growing as a person, you don’t even have time to worry about being single or what your ex is up to (probably not anything as interesting as you).

Lastly, you can’t be afraid to be alone. Being alone isn’t scary – it’s liberating! Take a book to a restaurant and have a leisurely meal. Can’t find a friend to go to a concert with you? Go by yourself! Once you’ve learned that it’s okay to be alone, more and more opportunities will start opening up to you because you don’t have to wait for someone else to want to do something.

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Thanks for posting, Cass! I hope you all loved her advice as much as I did. And if you’re already taken… well, I’m happy for ya!
We’re also linking up with Amanda for Thinking Out Loud today. Thanks for hosting, Amanda!

Questions of the Day:
>>Are you currently single?
>>Do you think being single is a stigma?
>>Are you okay with being alone?
>>Lastly, I want to hear your thoughts!


No Such Thing As A Quick Fix Pill [Thinking Out Loud]

I’m just going to be honest with you today and tell you that approximately 70% of the time I sit down to write a post, I have the urge to just begin with: “Yo, here’s the story from A to Z.” I refrain… until now. But sometimes you can’t help it when you have a Spice Girls Moment.

Big S/O to Amanda for always letting us spill our thoughts on Thursdays and for hosting the crazy traffic on her blog. Also, thanks to her for understanding my endless need for chocolate.

I’m going to get a little more controversial for today’s Thinking Out Loud in regards to the recent flack Dr. Oz has received for some of the products he endorses. If you’re not familiar with Dr. Oz, he’s a doctor and television host. He’s also, in some people’s minds, the #1 source of health-related news. Let me clarify if you couldn’t catch my distaste for that last sentence: I do not really like Dr. Oz (and just fyi, for some reason I’ve typed Ox instead of Oz every single time so far).

One day, only last year, I was in a local grocery store looking over by the Bob’s Red Mill section. A woman came up next to me and was looking around, and she asked what I was looking for. I told her chia seeds, and immediately she got excited. She said something along the lines of she had just bought some for herself not long before and how they’re a superfood. “I saw them on Dr. Oz!!” she finished.

Dr. Oz has a HUGE influence on people in our society. I wondered to myself that day if the woman had done any research on her own about chia seeds. Maybe it’s just me, but before I try something related to my health, especially now that I’m a little wiser about advertising, etc., I make sure to look at more than one source. Honestly? I don’t think that the majority of Dr. Oz’s audience does that.

So here we are, and Dr. Oz is in hot water. On his show, he touted the weight loss benefits of green coffee extract and Garcinia cambogia. Dr. Oz referred to Garcinia cambogia as the “No Exercise. No Diet. No Effort.” way to lose weight quickly. UM. Okay.

That seems like a pretty twisted message to send. I mean, I wish as much as the next person that we humans didn’t need to worry so much about our health. Why can’t we just be healthy with no work? But that’s not the way it is, and frankly any doctor knows that. Actually, any doctor who believes that being healthy can really take no effort makes me scratch my head. Vegetables won’t cut themselves. Your legs won’t walk those miles without you. There is no pill that, alone, can give you perfect health or a perfect body. It does take work. And shame on Dr. Oz for even using those words.

My final two cents for today: do your own research and remember that healthy living might take some effort but the end result is so worth it.

Question of the Day:
>> Do you watch Dr. Oz? I don’t watch him, never will. I do like his daughter, though. Daphne Oz seems to live her life more holistically and healthfully. I really admire her, actually, and enjoy her on The Chew.
>> Have you ever questioned what celebrity doctors and trainers endorse?