IT band

Subbing [Half-Marathon Monday]

So, my knee still isn’t quite right.


Ugh. All week I’d been searching for some sort of answer about what kind of injury I have and how to take care of it. The closest I’ve come to some sort of conclusion is that I may have IT band issues. Reason being, it hurts on the outside of my knee and the pain comes when I am ten to fifteen minutes into a run. It’s not a definitive answer but it’s an idea.

On Thursday, I went to bootcamp to see how my knee was feeling. My knee was okay at the beginning of class, but we started a warm-up with – you guessed it – about ten minutes of running around the room. I took it easy but the pain came right back. That was a big clue for me. I ended up leaving bootcamp early after two rounds of cardio moves following the warm-up (which left a big dent in my morale).

Luckily I have some great friends to keep my spirits up 🙂


There’s still hope!

Yesterday, I decided to try subbing with the stationary bike in order to keep my endurance up. I tried searching for equivalents of running distances on a bike. My speed did vary, but I was mostly biking at 15-22 mph. I went 10.1 miles (I wanted to go longer but had plans). According to a conversion chart I found, that’s only 2.8 run miles. Which is terrible. I really don’t like the stationary bike! I may or may not have Snapchatted a video of my feet pedaling accompanied by some expletives to my friends.

I want to try to run at some point this week. I’m thinking I can test the waters on Wednesday. Until then, my workouts are going to be weight training and cycling heavy.

Sunday: Biking
Monday: Biking and/or weights
Tuesday: Hot Yoga
Wednesday: Run (distance depending on how the knee feels)
Thursday: Weights
Friday: Biking
Saturday: Rest or Weights or Run

That’s all I’ve got for you today! I hope you start the (unfortunately full) week off strong 🙂

Question of the Day:
What do you think of biking/cycling? I love spinning classes but I am not a big fan of biking on my own.