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Fitness Bucket List

Yesterday I was asked what my favorite way to sweat was, and I answered hot yoga. It’s true – I never feel more fulfilled than after a hot yoga class (speaking of, I need to go buy my summer pass ASAP). It got me thinking about other ways I like to sweat and my own fitness bucket list. Do you ever think about yours?

Here’s what I have for mine thus far in my life!

1. Hold a plank for more than five minutes. Right now, this one seems attainable. Hopefully I can achieve it and then set a new plank goal!

2. Surf! I don’t know if I’d be good at this at all, and I’d probably freak out for a minute about sharks and other scary ocean creatures. I just want to try it out! I love the idea of the waves carrying you and the strength it takes to hold yourself upright.

3. Take a live yoga class from and meet Erin Motz. I think she’s the coolest lady! #badyogi

4. Run the Nike Women’s Half Marathon (either in D.C. or in San Fran). This one depends on the health of my knee. I’ve heard wonderful things about this race, and I know I could get Kellie, Kaitlyn or Cassie to run it with me.


5. Run a half-marathon for my bachelorette party. I got this idea from Julie, and I’ve been fixated on it ever since! I’ve already told my friends that they need to plan for this. Of course, this too depends on the health of my knee, and at the rate of my love life, I shouldn’t have to worry about having ample healing time. Girl ain’t tryna get married for a while 😉

6. Go on a yoga retreat. Anywhere! Somewhere beautiful and sunny, preferably.

7. Do the Empire State Building Run-Up. Yeah, this one is reaching. I hear it’s extremely difficult to get into, and I’d probably keel over on the way up, but hey? At least I tried, right? Well… will try.

8. Get Pilates certified. I truly hope I can complete this one!  I loved my Pilates class last semester in a way I didn’t expect. I contemplated getting certified for Level I at a course the last weekend of school, but the cost was outrageous at the time for me.

Question of the Day:
>> What’s on your fitness bucket list?


5K Monday [MIMM #11]

Hello and happy Monday to you! I hope your weekend fun and relaxing, as weekends should be! I know my weekend was marvelous. I didn’t want it to end.

If you’ve been following me for the past few months, you know that I was supposed to run my second half-marathon on Saturday morning for the Run Like A Girl Columbus race.


Unfortunately, due to a knee injury, I had to cut back on training and change my distance to a 5K because my knee just wouldn’t allow me to go any further, and I didn’t want to risk a worse injury.

Even though I didn’t run the race I was expecting, I still had a great time.


I ran the race with confidence that I would make it through pain-free and strong, and I almost did. I didn’t want to start the race anticipating pain because I was afraid it would become mental rather than an actual pain. I felt no irritation until the end of mile two, which was disheartening but I still finished the race proud of myself!


My official time was 26:57, which isn’t a PR for me (my PR is 25:40 in a 5K I ran during my internship… not sure if I ever mentioned that?) but still made me happy, all things considered. I placed 18th out of 708 runners/walkers and 4th in my age group of 142 runners/walkers.

I was a little annoyed at the start because it was very congested, and I may have beat my PR had it not been for all the dodging I had to do. The course was pretty easy and mostly flat until the last three-fourths of a mile, which was a steady incline. I know that one complaint my friends who ran the half-marathon was that the course included a lot of unexpected hills. Still, my friends are rock stars and finished with amazing times! I’m so proud of Kellie, who finished 14th out of the halfie runners, as well as my race buddy Cassie, who got her second best half-marathon time! <–she should be so proud!


We got our wine. And we met another blogger at the wine table, Jen from Advocarerunner! She was so sweet and took a picture of Cassie and me and we returned her the favor!


Now, it’s time for me to focus on healing my knee. I hope to see a physical therapist or orthopedic doctor asap. For the time being, I am going to take it easy on the running and focus on strength training.

Here’s what my workouts this week will hopefully look like:

Sunday: Rest
Monday: Weights
Tuesday: Bike + hot yoga
Wednesday: Weights
Thursday: Bike + Bootcamp
Friday: Weights
Saturday: Cardio (not sure what yet)

I’ll be back tomorrow with more about my weekend travels. Have a good day!

Question of the Day:
Tell me why your weekend was marvelous!

PS Go show Katie and all the other marvelous bloggers some love for Marvelous Monday!

I Will Get My Wine [Half-Marathon Monday + MIMM #10]

Hey guys! I feel both really hyper and really tired at the same time. I’ve officially been awake for two hours, and I have no idea why. Should be a great day, huh?

Strange sleeping patterns aside, I had a super weekend and I hope you did, too. My family came to visit me, and they brought my grandparents along (dad’s side!). I was so happy to have them finally see my campus since I won’t be living here much longer.

We ate at my favorite local restaurant on Saturday night and then traveled to a nearby lodge to stay the night. After brunch in the morning (big ass pancakes for me), we came back to campus and I showed them around!


I had a marvelous time with them! And on this Marvelous Monday, I want to thank Katie for allowing us to link up and reflect on the awesome people we can spend our time with and the fun activities we can enjoy.

So changing directions here, I have some interesting news to share in regards to my upcoming half-marathon. I have been seriously taking it easy with the runs. My knee was feeling good the past two weeks and I was really hopeful.

On Saturday, I went for a run. My knee wasn’t feeling that great on Friday afternoon, and it sort of came out of nowhere because I thought I was doing everything right and was on the mend.


I got about a mile into the run and had to stop. I felt the same tinges of pain I felt the first time my knee started hurting but I didn’t push the pain for nearly as long as that time (i.e. I stopped as soon as it started).

With pain resurfacing, I have decided there’s pretty much no chance of me successfully finishing a half marathon and staving off a worse injury. Therefore, I am planning on contacting the race organizers and asking them to switch my registration to the 5K option. I believe that this distance is more doable and I won’t feel as terrible wasting the money I paid for the race. That way, if I do have to walk, it won’t be as long a distance, and I’ll still get my bottle of wine!

Here’s what my workouts are looking like for the week:

Sunday: Rest
Monday: Bike
Tuesday: Bike + Hot yoga
Wednesday: Weights
Thursday:  Bike
Friday: Weights
Saturday: Run Like A Girl Half-Marathon 5K

On the bright side of everything, I get to see Cassie this weekend as well as my current band obsession, The Neighbourhood. 🙂

Question of the Day:
Have you ever had to change your race distance or drop out of a race?