Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

Today is the start of my spring break! Come six p.m., I’ll be free for a week. I can’t wait! I have a lot of great plans for break including meeting this girl, hanging with this girl, spending a day with my mom, and celebrating my birthday early at Hofbrähaus. Hopefully I can fit some quality time in with Adam and my dad, too. It should be a fab week, even if I’m not spending it on a tropical island.

So this past week. So much good in the blog world, especially with the bevy of posts like mine yesterday. Some of my favorite posts to read are those that are honest and raw. They’re also my favorite to write. So thanks for reading here; now go give these other great read a look.


Thinking Out Loud: NEDA: Sam from Better with Sprinkles gives an honest look at just how unexpectedly eating disorders can creep in and change lives. I am so thankful that she shared this with everyone, and boy, am I glad she is still here to even do that in general.

. thinking out loud #67 .: Of course, I have to thank Amanda from Running with Spoons again for hosting yesterday’s link-up and encouraging readers to share their own take on eating disorders. Without that, I wouldn’t have stepped out of my shell. Her own post was a really beautiful take on all the things she couldn’t do that she loved while overcoming her own disorder.

{Thinking Out Loud} The Gift of Time: You know the saying “hindsight is 20/20?” Davida from The Healthy Maven wrote a great post about learning, over time, that we have to love our bodies the way they are. All of the crazy things we do to get that perfect body (my favorite example of her’s: eating a salad before a night of drinking… gross) won’t bring us real happiness and content in the end.

Let’s talk about body image: Jan from Sprouts ‘n’ Squats wrote an eye-opening, personal mini-timeline of her own journey through body image. She talked about a lot of things that I didn’t even know were a factor in her life, and I applaud her.

Life Lessons: On Counting Ingredients, Not Calories: Alexis from The Hummusapien gave the real low-down on how important it is to pay attention to ingredient lists in stores. Would you believe that some store brands are actually less processed than big brands? If you need help navigating the aisles, check out her post.

Justification: In one of my favorite more controversial posts she’s written, Sarah from Pickyrunner talked about the need to justify all of our actions, specifically around food and exercise, these days. She believes that the need for justification is at an all-time high, but it really shouldn’t be. What do you think?


And just for a little fun, you have to check out this Buzzfeed article about why Dimitri from Anastasia is the best guy/boyfriend/hottie ever and no one else can compare. I have to say I could have written this. It’s been my belief since forever.

ALSO, did you hear that Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are engaged (if you watched That 70’s Show this is the best news)? #KelsoandJackie4ever

Question of the Day:
>>What are you up to this weekend?
>>Do you think Dimitri from Anastasia is the hottiest hottie ever?


Friday Favorites

I feel like I haven’t done a Friday Favorites in a while, but I’m pretty sure it’s only been two weeks! This year is already flying by, and I can’t keep track of it. 2014, can we please slow down?? Today can hurry up, though. My brother is visiting tonight! He will get here around dinner time and stay through Sunday for Sibs Weekend. We have some fun things on the map, but mostly I just want to hang out with the kid.

He’s one of my favorites. Here are a few other things that made my favorite list this week:


Favorite Personal Opinion
At this point, I’m sure you’ve seen the controversy surrounding The Biggest Loser. Do I agree that she is on the underweight side? Yes. But Sam from Better with Sprinkles put her thoughts out there, and she explains why that is sending such an unhealthy message. Take the time to read her opinion.
*edited to add: I don’t mean to say that the contestant did something wrong, is a bad person, etc. But, I think that there is a large percentage of girls who might misconstrue the show’s message. I hope that the winner is actually healthy and happy, and, if she isn’t, that she gets there eventually.

Favorite Get In My Mouth
This cake. Tell me you don’t want it, too. If I keep going this is going to sound a lot more 50 Shades than I’d prefer. Lexi from Lexi’s Clean Kitchen hit it out of the park with her flourless chocolate cake.

Favorite Growing Up
My girl Cassie’s post about the joy of missing out on her blog Almost Getting It Together was so relatable for me. Have you ever heard of FOMO? Fear of missing out? Cassie flips that on its head and explains why, as we get older, we realize there is good reason to be happy about missing out sometimes.


This quote kind of summed up my life, so I had to make it into a graphic. Shamelessly promoting my own pin here.


Favorite ‘Burgh
I saw this post originally on Glamour, but I had to link back to the original to see the full list of the 20 Most Romantic Cities in the U.S. Pittsburgh is on the list! I guess I’m moving back to the right place after school. 😉

I’ll see you Sunday! I’m going to go sit by the window like a puppy and wait for Adam to get here.

Questions of the Day:
>>What’s one thing your city is known for? Pittsburgh is recognized for being far more things than romantic. Boisterous and loud is probably #1.
>>Are you more likely to experience FOMO or JOMO? If I’m in a mood I definitely get FOMO. Most often, I am fine with missing out on a wild weekend, though.

Friday Favorites

Lots of good stuff happening this week, let me tell ya. This Friday comes with a smile and big sigh because I was pretty busy all week but boy was it nice to get back in the groove of a schedule. I wouldn’t consider myself a type-A planner, but I do like to have a basic routine for each day. It just keeps me a little more focused and a little less stressed.

Why else was this week so good, you ask? Ah, well I finally bit the bullet and started designing that thing called a resumé. It’s a daunting task. I’ve been putting it off but I think I am ready to put my big girl pants on and job search. I also came one step closer to making veggie pancakes – ones that actually didn’t break apart!

Speaking of recipes, a lot of people asked how to make coconut butter on yesterday’s comments. I think I will dedicate a day next week to showing you all how to do that (it’s super easy though) along with some variations that I think would be tasty. 🙂

Not only was the week good in real life, but the week was also good in blog life! Not only did I read so many great things this week but I also wanted to literally pull food right off of my computer screen and eat it.

With that, let’s get to my Friday Faves!


Favorite Bite
When Amy posts a recipe, I can almost guarantee it’s something that will be reminiscent of comfort food with a twist. This week, her “Squashed” Banana Muffins made me want to curl up with a good book, a blanket and a cup of coffee. You should also head over to Long Drive Journey to see yesterday’s post because she has an awesome beauty project you need to join.

Favorite Soul Pour
Alex from The Run Within has this way of just connecting with anyone who reads her blog. Just look at the comments she gets, and you’ll see what I mean. She might say she doesn’t feel worthy of all of the opportunities heading her way, but she really is. This post proves why.

Favorite Yes
Let’s be real: we know fat talk happens. But why? I’ve touched on the subject before, but Ashley from My Food ‘N’ Fitness Diaries wrote a great post this week that will hopefully help you toward a better body perspective.


My friend Kedron and I are big fans of the whole Ryan Gosling “Hey Girl” movement. This week she sent me a pin that I had to share with you.

I love it when I wear my yoga pants all day, too.

I’m also a fan of tattoos. They really don’t bother me at all. Personally, I could never pull off a fully arm sleeve or something 1) because I am not cool enough and 2) I can only take so much needling. I’ve been wanting a small tattoo for a while, but somehow my count recently went up to three (sorry Mom and Dad). Is getting an “Om” symbol premature? I probably wouldn’t get it on my heel, though.


Favorite Yogi
I’m probably going to be including a lot more yogi-centric posts on here simply because I really love what a lot of them have to say, especially this DoYouYoga piece questioning what a “yoga body” is.

Favorite Simplicity
MindBodyGreen puts out some wonderful content. It’s easy to forget the small things in life that can make us more fulfilled, but they rounded up 10 Awesome Life Changes That Have Nothing To Do With Losing Weight.

PS: Who watched The Mindy Project or New Girl this week? I caught up yesterday and have a few things to say. First, if you’re a fan of Mindy… ahhhh! yay. And secondly, Schmidt’s final scenes on New Girl actually had me in tears laughing. You should watch the latest episode of New Girl if you aren’t already a fan. You will be hooked.

Questions of the Day:
>>What do you think a yoga body is?
>>What’s your simple life hack to be happier?
>>Tattoos: Y or N? But really, is my Om tattoo wish a little premature? If you say yes I might still plan to get it anyway. Just saying.