Packing and Snacking [WIAW #45]

So… yesterday I picked up my cap and gown. Like it’s all real now. Also, I’m not sure who decides on cap and gown colors but ours are black and include no green or white which are our school colors, and that makes no sense to me at all whatsoever. Anyway, I can’t wait to wear this thing we paid fifty dollars for once. No, I’m kidding – I’m excited to walk. I debated whether I wanted to, actually, and I’m glad my family forced me to. 😉 It wouldn’t feel right if I didn’t.

Mostly my week is going to be filled with eating/working at the computer lab/packing/friend-seeing. Hence: packing and snacking. I didn’t really snack all day, I had normal meals, but it rhymed so there ya go. Look, progress! My room feels really empty.


Everything I had to eat yesterday was pretty typical, but I just kind of miss you all, so I’m sharing my food on What I Ate Wednesday, anyway. The blog funk I’m in is nearing its end. Yippee! Thanks to Jenn for hosting, as always.


Zucchini oatmeal with a side of jewelry. Topped with cinnamon, bananas, coconut, and coconut oil. Yummy stuff right there, y’all. See the mug next to my oats? It has my face all over it. My friend bought it for me as a roomie gift a few years ago (it’s pics of us on vacation), and while it feels weird to drink from a cup with my face on it, I love the mug dearly.



Avo toast ~*aGAiN*~ … remember when people used to type stuff like that all the time? Maybe you don’t. Okay nevermind. I had some avocado toast with Veganaise (I accidentally put a little too much on so I wasn’t as happy this time around), carrots, grapes and tuna mixed with a teeny bit of Veganaise, too. I’ll probably get mercury poisoning from all of the tuna I’ve consumed the past two weeks. #healthy



This is where you should insert a picture with your mind of a Granny Smith apple and a lot of peanut butter.


~*cHiPoTlE!*~ salad for dinner. I had to work at 5 which means it would have been way too early of a dinner, so I grabbed Chipotle after I ran some errands. Check out da guac. I always get salads at chipotle because then you get more lettuce and less rice. Oh and never the vinaigrette. Why do they even have that when you get salsa and guacamole to your heart’s content?



Questions of the Day:
>> What kind of salsa do you get on your Chipotle orders? Pico de gallo and the hot red salsa for moi. 
>> What were your school’s colors? Either HS or college. My HS was red and black, which I always felt was very bold but festive. I like OU’s green and white a lot.


Finding A Routine [WIAW #21]

The first week of school is all about finding a schedule for me. I didn’t end up working out yesterday because I thought I was going to have absolutely no break in my day (not even for food) for 10 1/2 hours. WELL. The thought of that was actually unbearable for me, so I dropped a three hour class and added an online one! Problem solved and now Tuesdays will be a little more stress-free.

I ended up having some yummy eats yesterday and my day looked more like three square meals, which is unusual for me. Lunch was pretty snacky though. So without further ado, here are my What I Ate Wednesday eats (from Tuesday, obvs).

Oh, and a big thanks to Jenn for hosting us! You should definitely check out the link-up. It’s one of my favorite ways to find new bloggers.



GUYS! I had the opportunity to try Love Grown Foods Super Oats, their newest product! I won the two varieties on an Instagram contest. Let me tell you, these oats are SO good. They cooked up perfectly in three minutes and were actually the consistency I prefer. I just added a banana to the top and voila, breakfast was served. I add chia seeds to my oats already, so it was cool to see them already included. The other seeds added a great texture to the oats.



I had a really random craving for Kombucha yesterday, so I just rolled with it. I picked out a Reed’s Kombucha in the Hibiscus Ginger Grapefruit flavor. I drank it in class to keep me occupied on the ever-boring syllabus day. And yes I stopped mid-sidewalk to take that picture.



I ate lunch at work, and it was a hodgepodge of snacks to keep me full until dinner. My snacky meal included brown bag microwaved popcorn, watermelon, vanilla Cho, and trail mix.



The sauerkraut kick is still happening. I don’t know what to think about it! I satisfied that craving yesterday alongside some chicken, spaghetti squash, and zucchini. Never. forget. the ketchup.



I really wanted something sweet after dinner. I remembered I had some chocolate left over in my cupboard and that did the trick! Dark chocolate only, please. And ignore the toes there.

I had a bunch of meetings later in the day, but my classes gave me a really great outlook on the year. I will have more work to do than my senior self would prefer, but it’s nothing unbearable and if I get my degree in the end, worth it.

After my meetings I watch the season finale of Pretty Little Liars. UMMM. If you watch the show, you will understand why I am completely devastated with the way it ended. I don’t know how I will make it until the next season. I will have to keep the hope alive that what they showed was misleading.

Now I’m off to go lament about how everything I know is wrong.

Have a good day!

Question of the Day:
Have you tried Love Grown’s new product yet, and if no, do you want to? I think you should!
& If you watch PLL, please cry with me.

About That Plan [Half-Marathon Monday]

First day of school! First day of school!

Okay so you caught me. Technically it’s the first day of classes, but I only have one later in the day. #seniorproblems… or is that more like #senioradvantages?

Either way, today is already off to a great start. I went to bootcamp with Brittany bright and early today. There’s a new instructor this year and she kept the same format I liked as last year. We did a very functional/Crossfit-esque routine with everything from wallballs to burpees to a ten minute cardio circuit. It was an awesome full body workout. I loved it! It was the perfect beginning to my Monday.



And yeah… about that plan. I honestly haven’t been great at keeping up with my long runs but I have done well with the shorter runs. When I do those short runs, they’re a piece of cake. I’m up to nine miles this week and I’m kind of nervous. Various circumstances (like, ahem, rain… rain runner I am NOT, vacation and moving back to school/seeing older friends before they leave for good) have kept me busy on other days. I have just over a month to the race, so I know I’ll be okay. It’s just a little daunting!

Here’s what my workout schedule is going to look like this week:

Sunday: Off
Monday: Bootcamp
Tuesday: Time trial run(4 mile run with 2 mile timed)
Wednesday: Weights
Thursday: 4 mile run with 15 min tempo
Friday: Yoga or 9 mile run
Saturday: Yoga/CT or 9 mile run


I still have to figure out how my weeks with class and work will flow, but hopefully this is how it’ll go.

Have a great Monday and if you or your children start back to school like me, I wish them luck!

Question of the Day:
Do you like to do whole body workouts or target an area?