Half-Marathon Mondays

About That Plan [Half-Marathon Monday]

First day of school! First day of school!

Okay so you caught me. Technically it’s the first day of classes, but I only have one later in the day. #seniorproblems… or is that more like #senioradvantages?

Either way, today is already off to a great start. I went to bootcamp with Brittany bright and early today. There’s a new instructor this year and she kept the same format I liked as last year. We did a very functional/Crossfit-esque routine with everything from wallballs to burpees to a ten minute cardio circuit. It was an awesome full body workout. I loved it! It was the perfect beginning to my Monday.



And yeah… about that plan. I honestly haven’t been great at keeping up with my long runs but I have done well with the shorter runs. When I do those short runs, they’re a piece of cake. I’m up to nine miles this week and I’m kind of nervous. Various circumstances (like, ahem, rain… rain runner I am NOT, vacation and moving back to school/seeing older friends before they leave for good) have kept me busy on other days. I have just over a month to the race, so I know I’ll be okay. It’s just a little daunting!

Here’s what my workout schedule is going to look like this week:

Sunday: Off
Monday: Bootcamp
Tuesday: Time trial run(4 mile run with 2 mile timed)
Wednesday: Weights
Thursday: 4 mile run with 15 min tempo
Friday: Yoga or 9 mile run
Saturday: Yoga/CT or 9 mile run


I still have to figure out how my weeks with class and work will flow, but hopefully this is how it’ll go.

Have a great Monday and if you or your children start back to school like me, I wish them luck!

Question of the Day:
Do you like to do whole body workouts or target an area?


From The Beach [MIMM #9]

This morning, I’m coming at ya from the beach! Not a bad way to start the week after my internship, huh? 😉

We arrived yesterday afternoon and couldn’t check in until 4 pm. My family usually likes to split the traveling days, so we’d been going since Saturday morning. Brittany (the friend who came along) and I were more than ready to get the party started.


Today will be a relaxing day spent laying on the sand and avoiding sharks among the waves. I like to go in as deep as my neck but usually I end up freaking myself out after a while and have to take a break. Or if my bath suit falls off, but that’s a different story.

I wanted to start the beach trip off on the right foot and stay on track with my halfie training. I actually just got back from an interval run that went… swimmingly (hehe).


I saw a really cool older guy with a long white beard, a baseball cap and neon 80s workout gear on the bike path. He was totally rocking the run.


Last Thursday I went for a “long” run – 6 miles. I wanted to go outside, but it was pouring and pitch black. I knew I wouldn’t have time the rest of the weekend, so I did it on the treadmill. The run went surprisingly well and I wasn’t fatigued at all.

And for another bit of randomness and more proof that I am a nutty girl:


For vacation emergencies like a shitty continental breakfast. PB to the rescue!

So far, my Monday has been marvelous! Have a good one yourself.

Question of the Day:
Do you like sandy beach runs or bike path runs? Sand is harder to run on, but I’ll do it sometimes. Plus it gets in my shoes. I prefer paths.

Plan to PR [Half-Marathon Monday]

My second half-marathon training has officially started! Woo-hoo!


The plan: PR. My first half ended in 1:57, and I aim to beat that time, if only by a few minutes, in my October race.

Cassie, the work friend running with me, has completed multiple halves, her last one being the Pittsburgh Half-Marathon this past May. She’s such a rockstar! Her PR is coincidentally 1:57 as well, which pumps me up because that means we should be able to stay relatively close to one another during the race.



But I’m getting ahead of myself… How am I training for this race? Close to my last plan, actually. I followed a plan I found in Women’s Health, and I really enjoyed how it was structured.

This time around, however, I am making long runs a big priority. During my last training, long runs fell to the wayside in the weeks leading up to the race, and I felt unprepared.

Additionally, I want to focus on getting a little faster (to PR). I want to kick my interval runs up a notch by sprinting hard.

I am also adding more yoga and strength into my routine. Since I’ve recently fallen in love with practicing yoga, I’m going to use it for both easy recovery and strength building. I hope to be able to lift weights 1-2 times per week as well.

This evening, I will start out my training on a strong note with a time trial (TT) run to track my progress. TTs will involve running a warm-up mile followed by a timed two miles. They come every few weeks, with the point being to improve my time each run.

If you’re a runner god, that was probably painful for you to read because it is so very basic. I’m not claiming to know all about running because I am not an ultra-marathoner running encyclopedia – I just want to use this space to talk about my personal experiences with race training.

Make this Monday a good one!

Question of the Day:
Do you like to use yoga as more of a stress reliever, recovery activity, or hardcore workout? I like it as all three 🙂