What I Ate In West Virginia

Yesterday I gave you a short recap of my family’s trip to the Stonewall Resort in West Virginia.



Today… it’s all about the food.

Linking up with Jenn and all the other cool cats who participate in WIAW.Being the food-obsessed girl that I am, I was more than happy when my dad informed me that our room rate also included access to the breakfast buffet every.single.morning. I’m not super into having a heavy breakfast everyday, but I knew that the Stonewall’s buffet included oatmeal and TONS of fresh fruit. It was music to my ears.

My breakfasts looked something like this for the entire week:


Every day I would have a round of oatmeal and fruit. Then, I would go back for a second round of eggs over easy or a spinach omelette, plus fruit. ALL THE FRUIT. The pineapple was outta this world.

Usually, on vacations, my stomach gets pretty messed up. I knew that as long as I started every day like this, I would have a better chance of tummy normalcy. It definitely paid off. Is it bad that my favorite part of every day was breakfast? Aside from the super creamy oatmeal, it was the most relaxing and leisurely time of the day. Also, my dad tends to be funny and hyped up in the morning, which is always great.

All week I snacked on these bites. I call them Chunky Monkey bites. They’re so simple, but I think I’m going to post the recipe on here soon because they really held over my appetite.


My lunches during the week consisted of either chicken salad or a hummus plate. Lunch was my time to get in lots of veggies. The resort has three different restaurants on its premises. For lunch, we usually ate at the “pub” called TJ Muskies. I had to order double side salads and add chicken, but they didn’t think I was too crazy. And the hummus plates rocked! They had tons of vegetables and some pita chips with roasted red pepper hummus for dipping. Oh! And feta cheese! Can’t forget that.



We tried a different restaurant each night for dinner. The first night, we actually just ate at TJ Muskies, so I had a hummus plate. The second night, we tried out the “fancier” restaurant, called Stillwaters. That was where they had the breakfast buffet, as well. I decided to order the grilled tuna steaks with sun-dried tomato risotto. The risotto was absolutely outstanding.


Dinner the next evening brought us to the third restaurant, Lightburns. The view from Lightburns is so beautiful. It’s up on a hill, and its lower floor acts as the golf shop (the resort has an Arnold Palmer course… apparently very difficult and classy). I ordered grilled salmon and polenta. As a side note, my dad pronounced it “poe-lawn-ta.” He’s so cultured.

I loved the way the salmon was cooked… so perfect!



Since we’d then exhausted ourselves with all of the on-site restaurants, we ventured into the town of Weston on Wednesday night. My brother loves, loves, loves Chinese food (I don’t know why… I think American Chinese restaurants are just okay… and they make my stomach hurt), but good sister that I am, I obliged to go to to one. I went with the safe/non-sodium filled bet, steamed chicken and vegetables. I ate the whole dang plate because that was the day I busted my ass hiking and paddleboarding.


The final night of the trip brought us back to Weston again after exploring the towns surrounding the resort all day (spoiler alert: there really wasn’t much around). We did find a cute little winery, so I was fairly happy. Anyway, I did find a restaurant called Thyme Bistro that looked nice, so we tried it out. I think I would have liked the place better for dinner, but we went during lunch hours. They didn’t have what I ordered at first, so I ended up getting the only thing that wasn’t a huge sandwich – a Greek hummus plate. Honestly, this hummus was the best I’ve ever had in my life. I was so pleasantly surprised!


And then we came home! I really loved everything about our trip, but the food especially left a good taste in my mouth. Pun intended.

Questions of the Day:
>> Do you like hummus? 
>> What’s your favorite thing to get on a breakfast buffet?
>> Are you as nutty about food as I am?

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  1. I am so glad you enjoyed your Stonewall visit!! I worked there for almost 10 years & my husband is a chef there. He puts in very long hours to come up with varied menus & to give guests a great experience—so to know you enjoyed your stay makes my heart swell with pride!!

  2. One of my favourite things about travelling/hotels is when they have a breakfast buffet. I’d rather go to one for breakfast than any other meal! Depends on the day and what they have, but I usually like to get eggs or an omelette, and then maybe a pancake or piece of french toast and fruit. Now I want breakfast again…

    1. Yes same! I passed up the dinner buffet because I wasn’t super impressed with it. They had chocolate chip pancakes one day, but I didn’t mention that I had two giant pancakes the day we left for the trip … so I was pancaked out. Lol.

  3. That’s quite the breakfast bar! I’m glad you enjoyed all the fresh fruit. I love hummus but always have trouble finding healthy things to dip in it besides carrots or something. I always get fruit and an omlette at the buffet. Can’t wait to see the recipe!

  4. I love it when hotels have breakfast included because that way I’m always guaranteed some delicious fruit… and coffee… and time with people I love 🙂 Basically, I know -exactly- what you mean about the food. Oh, and I can totally relate to travelling stomach woes, too. I’m -still- trying to recover from my stay in the mountains 😡

    1. Hahah I swear the waiters legit hated me for being so veggie-centered. Oh and then I forgot to mention how i was taking pretzels and cheese out to my dad and bro at the pool, and the cheese container totally slid out of my grasp and plopped allllll over the pool deck. Yaaaaaa good times lol

  5. first, that salmon looks unreal. Second, I need to tell you about the hummus battle we are having in our home. So we almost always get the spicy sabra hummus which C and I both love. I like dipping at it and getting a little of the hummus and a little of the spicy center. One day I came home to find C had MIXED IT ALL TOGETHER. And I was like foooooook no. Apparently my bestie blew his mind by mixing her hummus up and C decided to try it at home. Not cool. So then my bestie and I duked it out but her bf came to my rescue by saying that hummus should never be mixed. Moral of the story is that we’ve decided to trade boyfriends based on hummus preferences. That is all.

    1. It was literally cooked 100% perfectly. So impressive.
      OK I TOTALLY KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN ABOUT THE HUMMUS. No swirling allowed. At all. The ideal way to eat it is dipping for the spice. What kind of drugs was C on when he mixed it

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