Wild & Wonderful Family Vacation

You might remember two weeks ago when I took a designated break from the blog and had some wonderful ladies guest post for me. During that time, my family took a little vacay not too far away from home just outside of Weston, WV at the Stonewall Resort.

It was honestly one of my favorite trips my family has ever taken, even though it was more low-key than our usual vacations – just what we needed right now, truthfully. The Stonewall Resort is located right on the Stonewall Jackson lake, and they have some really great deals when you stay there, too. Plus, almost all of their outdoor gear (i.e. kayaks, paddleboards, etc.) is included in your room price. The resort is surrounded by tons of hiking trails, too. I was never bored, to say the least!


The week was filled with lots of activity. I stuck to hiking and lounging by the pool, mostly. One day, my dad and I went on an awesome 5 mile hike that culminated in a super steep incline. We walked Cairns trail; the appeal of the trail was that there were random perfectly stacked rock piles along the route. No one is sure why the cairns are there, but they were supposedly built by Native Americans. My theory is aliens, but whatever. Dad was a great hiking buddy.


My mom and I also spent some time at the resort spa (I got my first massage ever! It was wonderful), and while we did our thang the boys made use of the kayaks! I wanted to go kayaking on the day we were leaving, but unfortunately it was raining.

Of course, I had to make sure to use the paddleboards, since stand up paddleboarding was on my summer bucket list! I discovered that I need a little work on my paddling directions. It was way easier to balance than I expected, and I had a blast.



This trip was a little different for us not only because we didn’t travel as far but also I felt that we were way more active than usual (think a bunch of lazy bums on the beach 😉 ). I had so much fun getting outside and moving with my family – it was exactly what I was craving!

Questions of the Day:
>> Have you ever been to a huge lake/lake resort like this?
>> Ever paddleboarded?! 
>> What’s your favorite place to hike?

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  1. I have not paddleboarded, but I literally just found out 20 minutes ago that there’s a company here that does it, and are having offering a free session in a few weeks if people want to try it out…clearly, I need to go.
    I’m glad that you had such a great vacation! It looks like it was so, so peaceful…I need to go to the mountains or a lake or something!

  2. Hiking in general makes me happy! Of course I won’t complain if surrounded by mountains, but I’m realizing that just being outside in the company of the people I love is enough for me. Thankfully since I live in a ZERO hiking trail area lol

  3. You got your first massages!!! That’s awesome! They can get addicting! 🙂 I love lake resorts like this. They’re a great way to spend time with family and have a ton of fun. I’ve never paddleboarded, but I would love to do something like that soon!

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