Foodie Picture Dump [Recent Eats]

So, if you didn’t know this, I’m pretty into all things other-worldly. Last week, I went to a psychic. Maybe that’s not your thing, and that’s totally fine, but I have to say it was so much fun.

Among the several things I learned during my time with the psychic: I should apply to work for Amazon and Google, I’m going to move twice in my life, I’m single because I don’t do anything to look for guys, and I’m going to have two sons in a few years (I have slowly come to terms with the fact that I’m apparently a boy mom now). You might think I’m crazy for semi-believing her, but she also said some more personal family things that were really spot-on. It was far out.

One thing I didn’t talk to the psychic about? What I should eat! Where’s the fun in knowing what you’re going to have for breakfast, lunch, and dinner when you can just follow your cravings? The past two weeks were filled with some really yummy meals. Most of them stemmed from me listening to what my body was telling me to eat, which I’ve been trying to do more often. It’s been interesting. One such meal was this: French toast! For lunch, no less. It was totally one of those “I need French toast right now, so I’m definitely going to make French toast right now” kind of things.


I’m planning on featuring this salad on the blog within the next few weeks. I’ve made it several times now and am convinced it is the ultimate craving buster. As a little teaser, I’ll say that it has a really delicious and healthy roasted garlic dressing.


I recently visited the Amazing Café with Cassie for a vegan, raw dinner. We’ve been meaning to try this little spot since it opened almost half a year ago, and it truly delivered. We both had raw spaghetti bolognese made with zucchini noodles. I think there were cashew crumbles for the ‘meat.’ It was … amazing. Pun intended.


Annnnnnd this has been my go-to nighttime snack. Frozen mango with chocolate chips, almost nightly. I dunno what it is but the texture of mango is so addictive to me. It’s so smooth and almost creamy!


Trail mix during extra hours at work for the win.


Dad’s birthday dinner! I guess I should wish him a happy belated birthday on the blog. Since it was over a weekend, I didn’t post that day. We celebrated with kebabs, corn and sweet potatoes. YUM. Summer corn is really the best. So sweet, minus the fact that it gets stuck in your teeth.


Obviously we had birthday cake, too. We have a tradition of celebrating with immediate family with a Pepperidge Farm frozen cake. I love how light and airy these cakes are.


Beloved oatmeal for a lot of breakfasts. Always coconut on top.


Honey mustard chicken that will be showing up on the blog soon, too. I don’t think I have enough broccoli, do you?


Sometimes a simple lunch satisfies. & cantaloupe!! Also wonderful in the summer. Cantaloupe cause I just got married (lol.).


This was my first attempt at curry. I followed this recipe! It was simple and tasty, but it could have been spicier.


A really simple quinoa and spinach mix topped with two fried eggs. More cantaloupe.


This past Friday night I met up with Erin and Cassie at our favorite spot, Shady Grove. I branched out slightly and tried the summer salad. Shrimp, mango salsa, goat cheese, and dried cranberries over greens. We all shared a bottle of wine. It was great to catch up!


Last night’s dinner was so satisfying! I had a baked potato, cauliflower, and grilled chicken. It was such a quick meal to cook, but I really loved it. I put some olive oil on the potato, and it gave it just the right amount of flavor.



This week, I’m taking a designated blogging break, but I have some great guest posts lined up for you. Keep checking back all week for those! Tomorrow I have my own recipe coming at ya, but after that, the guest posts begin.

Questions of the Day:
>> What’s on your menu this week?
>> Any fun plans coming up?
>> Tell me anything!

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  1. happy belated birthday to your dad! enjoy your blogcataion and do some awesome things to tell us about later 🙂 and eat some good food.. though judging by these pictures, that won’t be an issue. YUM!

  2. Welllll my fun plans are going to Portland on Friday yayyyy! We have a really full Saturday planned (trying this new Japanese place for Sushi Sake Saturday – renamed from Bamboo Saturday – and going to see the Royal Tenenbaums!) Have fun in WV, I’ll miss you!

  3. Reason number 124352 why we’re friends: I love otherworldly stuff! I’ve never been to a psychic, but I’ve had a tarot card read before and was actually learning how to read them myself in high school…kinda wish I didn’t give up on that, it was really cool. And I used my Ouija board more times than I care to admit so it’s probably amazing that there isn’t any demonic possession/exorcism movies out there inspired by me. AND I’m determined to go to New Orleans one day just for the ghost walks/all the voodoo history. If/when I come visit you in Pittsburgh can you take me to this psychic?

    Meal plan this week: shepherd’s pie (I haven’t made one of those in ages), burrito bowls, and grilled cheese.

    Have a fabulous vacation lady!

    1. Um yes!! So, your Pgh travel list includes a Steelers game and now the psychic. I’ve played with an Ouija board several times, too… I kind of regret it now, but not really 😉 Nola was one place I NEED to go back to simply for that exact reason. and thank you!! Ps your meals sound amazing.

  4. I can’t even tell you how big of an addiction I have to frozen mango — it’s insane. I go through bags of it like nobody’s business, but you’re right — the texture is SO creamy and addicting. I keep telling myself that I need to make a smoothie with it, but it just isn’t happening 😆

  5. Yes please do feature that salad. I actually saw it before reading any of your post at first. It looks incredible & i want to dig right into my own bowl.

    As for your psychic, I think it’s awesome. Some people may not get it, but hey whatever floats your boat. 🙂

  6. I spy roasted(?) zucchini and feta in that salad so I’m already a fan. And buttered corn on the cob is life’s greatest thing…and salt. Eaten at a fair. then going on a roller coaster and … yeah.

    Enjoy the vacay!

  7. just when I get back you go on vacation?! WHAT IS THIS?! I’m a little bit nauseous looking at trail mix (We went through 4 costco sized bags on my trip) but everything else I would like you to cook for me. Especially all the salads and the chicken!

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