No Such Thing As A Quick Fix Pill [Thinking Out Loud]

I’m just going to be honest with you today and tell you that approximately 70% of the time I sit down to write a post, I have the urge to just begin with: “Yo, here’s the story from A to Z.” I refrain… until now. But sometimes you can’t help it when you have a Spice Girls Moment.

Big S/O to Amanda for always letting us spill our thoughts on Thursdays and for hosting the crazy traffic on her blog. Also, thanks to her for understanding my endless need for chocolate.

I’m going to get a little more controversial for today’s Thinking Out Loud in regards to the recent flack Dr. Oz has received for some of the products he endorses. If you’re not familiar with Dr. Oz, he’s a doctor and television host. He’s also, in some people’s minds, the #1 source of health-related news. Let me clarify if you couldn’t catch my distaste for that last sentence: I do not really like Dr. Oz (and just fyi, for some reason I’ve typed Ox instead of Oz every single time so far).

One day, only last year, I was in a local grocery store looking over by the Bob’s Red Mill section. A woman came up next to me and was looking around, and she asked what I was looking for. I told her chia seeds, and immediately she got excited. She said something along the lines of she had just bought some for herself not long before and how they’re a superfood. “I saw them on Dr. Oz!!” she finished.

Dr. Oz has a HUGE influence on people in our society. I wondered to myself that day if the woman had done any research on her own about chia seeds. Maybe it’s just me, but before I try something related to my health, especially now that I’m a little wiser about advertising, etc., I make sure to look at more than one source. Honestly? I don’t think that the majority of Dr. Oz’s audience does that.

So here we are, and Dr. Oz is in hot water. On his show, he touted the weight loss benefits of green coffee extract and Garcinia cambogia. Dr. Oz referred to Garcinia cambogia as the “No Exercise. No Diet. No Effort.” way to lose weight quickly. UM. Okay.

That seems like a pretty twisted message to send. I mean, I wish as much as the next person that we humans didn’t need to worry so much about our health. Why can’t we just be healthy with no work? But that’s not the way it is, and frankly any doctor knows that. Actually, any doctor who believes that being healthy can really take no effort makes me scratch my head. Vegetables won’t cut themselves. Your legs won’t walk those miles without you. There is no pill that, alone, can give you perfect health or a perfect body. It does take work. And shame on Dr. Oz for even using those words.

My final two cents for today: do your own research and remember that healthy living might take some effort but the end result is so worth it.

Question of the Day:
>> Do you watch Dr. Oz? I don’t watch him, never will. I do like his daughter, though. Daphne Oz seems to live her life more holistically and healthfully. I really admire her, actually, and enjoy her on The Chew.
>> Have you ever questioned what celebrity doctors and trainers endorse?



  1. You wanna get me you gotta listen carefully…but not to Dr.Oz.

    My mum legit has a notebook with things ‘Dr Oz advised her’. I stopped watching him when he promoted ‘real food’ then advised the next show to refer to his guest the ‘skinnygirl’ or whatever her name is who promotes shiritake noodles and fake cheese to make ‘healthy mac n cheese’.

  2. I wish vegetables cut themselves…. that’s my two cents lolol no actually my mom watches Dr. Oz and I just giggle in my head. She doesn’t talk about it much but I’ve never been much of a fan. People believe these “experts” and assume that if he says something then it must be true!

  3. So first of all, that song is going to be stuck in my head alllll day now. But fortunately I’m cool with some Spice Girls throwbacks 😉
    And second: boooo Dr. Oz. Back when I had cable and could watch all the talk shows, I always skipped his because I found him annoying and misleading…so I’m happy that the US Senate caught onto that. I mean, for one thing, isn’t he like a cardiac surgeon? AKA: he has NOTHING to do with nutrition or weight loss? He is ridiculous, a product whore, and I’m so glad he called out for it.

  4. Yeah, I am really disappointed in him. At one point, he was a reputable doctor (before anyone knew anything about him and he was just an accomplished surgeon). Now, I feel like he’s sold out. And the thing is, he’s sold out in the worst way possible – by agreeing to sell false claims that influence people’s health just because he gets a lot of money for it. That is just…really terrible in my opinion. I am sure it’s easy to get swept up into that world (I know that even nutrition researchers accept money from companies like Coke), but I think what sets the good ones apart is that they don’t. Great topic!!

  5. I listened to the senate questioning Dr. Oz a few days ago. I’m curious if he will come out of this unscathed. I don’t watch Dr. Oz and it drives me crazy that advertisers think by having a famous spokesperson promote a product that consumers will automatically run out to buy it with claims unquestioned. Well, I guess they think that because it happens, right.

  6. I used to like Dr.Oz back in the day… when he was actually a legit doctor and wasn’t selling out and telling people what they wanted to hear just to up ratings. I haven’t watched him in years because of that… but I have heard that he’s been getting some flack for some of the things he promotes. I hate how everything associated with him seems to revolve around dieting and weight loss. What about just living healthy in general? I guess it’s not the cool thing to do anymore…

  7. Luckily we don’t have Dr Oz in the UK – but we have similar issues… Drives me insane!

    I cannot believe how many people eat this or that just dependant on what someone on the TV tells them to do! You are so right, do your own research people!

    Health is hard work, but the most rewarding thing in this world! 🙂

  8. I do have a soft spot for Dr. Oz because of who he was before he seemed to sell out to television. It’s so upsetting to see that happening to someone who seems like he is an intelligent, capable doctor, but I guess television and fads became more important to him and I think he might regret it now. My guess is it’s hard for a doctor to bounce back to being reputable after losing credibility! I completely agree with you – we all need to do our research and know what we’re putting into our bodies. There will never be a magic pill and to even suggest that is ridiculous.

  9. I do not like Doctor Oz. He promotes and features quick fixes for weight loss. As a physician, he should be smart enough to know it’s a whole lifestyle change, not a quick fix. But quick fixes are flashy and get good ratings so… there you go. I don’t have respect for him. Thanks for the good topic!

  10. Over here Dr. Oz is not known at all and given I don’t own a TV I’m not familiar with any similar [pseudo or real] health experts we might have. I’m at the same time amused and confused when I hear others believing those ‘magical’ weight loss claims. Shouldn’t it be obvious that a single pill/ shake or other trick won’t be enough to achieve optimal health? Sometimes I’m at a loss with people who just listen and don’t question all of the health and fitness advice out there. Especially when a lot of it is contradictory.

  11. My gram loves Dr. Oz and tries everything he says, which makes me nervous. She’s always trying some new oil or pill. I personally don’t love him unless he’s going to tell people to eat whole foods and exercise, not just peddle some random thing. Maybe if he wasn’t on everyday with a new episode he could stop selling junk.

  12. I completely agree with you. I hate that people are desperate enough to think that weight loss can be quick and easy. Any loss that is going to be sustainable is going to take time and hard work! It’s sad that someone that people think so highly of can preach such BS.

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