Thankful for Blends [Thinking Out Loud]

I’m currently writing this post as I wait for some chocolate carrot beet muffins to bake. I’m not sure if they’ll turn out… but I’ll eat them anyway. If it has the word chocolate in the title, I’ll probably eat it.


Thanks, Amanda, for designating Thursday as my official ‘random’ day. If you aren’t familiar with Thinking Out Loud, she explains it here. It’s all about spouting your thoughts!

1. Last night, Cassie, Erin, and I met up for dinner at Shady Grove. We love that place. Well, at least I love that place. It’s almost a little ridiculous. It got me thinking about how much I like Erin and how glad I am that I’m her friend blend. Without blogging, I would have never known that she lived in my area, let alone was alive (lol). I’m so thankful that blogging has allowed me to meet more people with shared interests.


2. I’m currently reading The Circle by Dave Eggers. He’s one of my favorite authors (his A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius is a  must-read). Anyway, The Circle is about a woman who gets a job at a company called The Circle, which is a combination of Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc. – basically every online interaction you could have, they are the source. The novel takes a look at transparency both online and in corporations and the government, and it has a creepy air of cult-mentality. So far, I HIGHLY recommend reading it.

3. The World Cup starts today. I could not care less.

4. Um now my dad is making me watch the last episode of 24 with him. We used to watch it regularly. He was really excited when he found out it was coming back on. I was not as excited. This show stresses me out like nothing else. So. It’s 7 am. 24 is on. It’s going to be an… interesting day.

5. I’m going to hot yoga tonight. Maybe that’ll de-stress me. I could use some de-stressing. And stretching. Namaste.

6. Maybe I’m just conceited, but I think I am pretty funny. Sometimes I think of some really great Tweets. I can’t always post them thanks to the air of professionalism I try to present ;), but I still have some good ones IMO. Usually they’re about food. I am now going to show you those Tweets. Gotta keep things kind of spicy in between blog promo, amiright?

Screen Shot 2014-06-12 at 8.15.40 AM Screen Shot 2014-06-12 at 8.16.10 AM Screen Shot 2014-06-12 at 8.16.53 AM

Update on the muffins: They smell good, not sure how they taste yet. Also, why do my muffins always go flat after I take them out of the oven!? Seriously. That’s a real question. Answer below if you have some sage wisdom.

Question of the Day:
>> See above^^
>> What is stressing you out lately?!
>> How are you going to de-stress this weekend?



  1. Well hey, at least you KNEW the World Cup started today… I only found out after reading your post 😛 And for the muffins, it could actually be a lot of things. Not having enough baking powder; not having a high enough baking temperature; not measuring ingredients properly; using cold eggs/butter; over mixing. Baking is one of those annoying sciences where so many things could go wrong 😆

    1. I should have just asked you directly! Lol. I will have to redo the recipe and see what happens. It was mostly for my own breakfast anyway, but if I get them good enough maybs they will get their 15 minutes of fame. Let’s start a knew hashtag.. #ignoretheworldcup

  2. IMO you are VERY funny. I lol’ed at the goat cheese comment! Also how much baking powder are you using? Sometimes mine go flat if I use too much. Oh and if they’re either vegan or using too much egg. Ugh fuck muffins. Try egg whites. I always have the best luck when I use a couple of egg whites. Okay i’m done.

    Text me something funny cause I’m starting to think I’m losing my mind. p.s. I started watching season one of 24 last week and I haven’t slept in a week.

    1. Haha thanks Davs I try to keep the ‘ol comedic chops up to par. Maybe I did use too much baking powder. Thanks fo da tip. I know I can always count on you 😉 Expect to not sleep ever again if you keep watching 24.

  3. So for muffins – bake them at like 375 or 400 for 5-10 minutes so the tops puff up then turn down (for muffins) the heat. I think. I love your tweets for real.

    DO WE EVEN TALK ABOUT WHAT’S STRESSING ME OUT RIGHT NOW? But I have a golden ticket and I am closer to Portland than I was this morning so there we go.

  4. I love blends. I never realized how many people out there were like me until I started blogging. It’s amazing! I hope your muffins came out tasty- I’m not sure I’d be brave enough to try them 😉

    1. The muffins were okay lol, not the best but they could be good if I redo them sometime. And yes! Ah the internet, it opens up so many doors. Oh PS my friend is in Boston and i thought of you, even though you’re boat chillin’ right now.

  5. Chocolate carrot beet muffins?!?! Can’t wait to hear an update on these. Ummm, yum. And you’re definitely funny, IMO 😉 especially the goats and their cheese… that made me LOL. Also so jealous that you, Cassie and Erin live so close! I vote that you should all come to NYC!

    1. Yes I was very lucky to find Erin here! Cass and I were friends prior to blogging 🙂 so I am stuck with her. The muffins weren’t the best, but I think with some tweaking they could actually be really really good! OH and if I come to NYC in the next year, you know I’ll be asking for a meetup!

  6. I am in 100% agreement with your #1. Blends have helped me realize that there are so many wonderful people who enjoy the same activities and foods that I do. They challenge me and make me realize that my crazy hobbies are normal 😉 So much fun!

  7. I am anxious to see how those muffins tasted! The only reason I am semi following the World Cup is because my sis lives in Brazil. She said they have big screens on the beaches to watch the games…how fun?!

    1. Okay the muffins were not that good.. but with some tweaking they could be! See now if they did that kind of thing here, maybe I’d be interested! But maybe not. Soccer just isn’t my thing. Hockey for me! And my town puts a big screen up for those playoffs, so that’s cool!

  8. They are obsessed with 24 in Australia at the moment. I am the exception….it bores me to tears. Okay, I lied it just takes too much brain power.

    Hi! Muffins that deflate- YES to what the stupid maven said. Too much baking powder = womp womp.

  9. AWWWW I’m the worst blend ever for reading this a day late but I am glad too! You’d never think you could make friends out of blogging but you can and it’s great 🙂 Also, #3–I agree! But it’s all Miguel talks about these days. WOOHOO.

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