Summer 2014 Bucket List

As we’re only ten days away from the official start of summer, I thought it’d be a good time to get my Summer 2014 Bucket List out there. I made one of these last year. It’s funny because there are definitely some overlaps in this year’s list and last year’s, and some of those things I’ve already done. My ideas for summer are both things I hope will happen and things that are definitely happening. I have an exciting few months ahead!


Summer 2014 Bucket List

Things that are definitely happening:

Things that I want to do:

  • Get a job. Lol.
  • Make my own sangria
  • Go SUP’ing (stand up paddle-boarding)
  • Yoga in downtown Pittsburgh, outside
  • Make my own ice cream… without an ice cream maker
  • Nurse an aloe plant to life because my mom just killed mine, which I’d already revived twice
  • Read 15 books (Two books down. Allegiant & Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children.)
  • Go hiking at least twice a month
  • Perfect a salsa recipe
  • Get on a boat, someway, somehow
  • Go to hot yoga three times a week

Things I’ve already done:

Cheers to summer!

Question of the Day:
>> 3 things on your summer bucket list aaaaand GO!



  1. you’ve seen my bucket list 😉 I’d like to join you on 100% of yours too. Which brings my list well over 20. Time to quit blogging and start doing shit lol. We almost tackled Kayaking last weekend but then it rained whomp whomp.

  2. I love this! I’ve been making my mental one for weeks! Can’t wait to get it on ‘paper’ (ie- blog). You’ve given me some inspiration (Sangria!! 🙂

  3. Three things on my list 1) Move into my first house! 2) Get a job, followed by a puppy! 3) Run a half marathon!

  4. So many concerts/shows! I have “get a job” on my list too. I have a summer one though, but it keeps me too busy to look for real work.

  5. Hiking twice a month — count me in on that one! I went last weekend at Blend, and was GOING to go this coming weekend, but then the weather decided to be a pain in the ass and not cooperate. Womp, womp. Next weekend for sure! I’m tempted to add “get a tan” to my bucket list, buuuuuut that has a very good chance of not happening. Stupid SPF 50 😡

    1. That’s what self-tanner is for 😉 That’s what i’ve been using at least! I swear I haven’t seen the sun for like a week now, it’s been so sad. Hopefully it comes out this weekend and that I can convince one of my friends to go hiking again.

  6. Sweet idea!

    1) Attempt to go surfing (although living in the cold UK this makes me slightly nervous!)
    2) Travel to Brighton and Scotland
    3) Make my new house a home when I move back to the UK next month 🙂

    Excited to follow your summer adventures! I hope the salsa recipe shall be shared 😉

  7. Omg Chris D’elia…. THANK YOU for that link I’m forcing Miguel to take me now lolol maybe I’ll see ya there? Also–yoga in downtown Pittsburgh has to happen at least once! Maybe for Yoga in the Park with Whirl Magazine…. ? 😀

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