Fitness Bucket List

Yesterday I was asked what my favorite way to sweat was, and I answered hot yoga. It’s true – I never feel more fulfilled than after a hot yoga class (speaking of, I need to go buy my summer pass ASAP). It got me thinking about other ways I like to sweat and my own fitness bucket list. Do you ever think about yours?

Here’s what I have for mine thus far in my life!

1. Hold a plank for more than five minutes. Right now, this one seems attainable. Hopefully I can achieve it and then set a new plank goal!

2. Surf! I don’t know if I’d be good at this at all, and I’d probably freak out for a minute about sharks and other scary ocean creatures. I just want to try it out! I love the idea of the waves carrying you and the strength it takes to hold yourself upright.

3. Take a live yoga class from and meet Erin Motz. I think she’s the coolest lady! #badyogi

4. Run the Nike Women’s Half Marathon (either in D.C. or in San Fran). This one depends on the health of my knee. I’ve heard wonderful things about this race, and I know I could get Kellie, Kaitlyn or Cassie to run it with me.


5. Run a half-marathon for my bachelorette party. I got this idea from Julie, and I’ve been fixated on it ever since! I’ve already told my friends that they need to plan for this. Of course, this too depends on the health of my knee, and at the rate of my love life, I shouldn’t have to worry about having ample healing time. Girl ain’t tryna get married for a while 😉

6. Go on a yoga retreat. Anywhere! Somewhere beautiful and sunny, preferably.

7. Do the Empire State Building Run-Up. Yeah, this one is reaching. I hear it’s extremely difficult to get into, and I’d probably keel over on the way up, but hey? At least I tried, right? Well… will try.

8. Get Pilates certified. I truly hope I can complete this one!  I loved my Pilates class last semester in a way I didn’t expect. I contemplated getting certified for Level I at a course the last weekend of school, but the cost was outrageous at the time for me.

Question of the Day:
>> What’s on your fitness bucket list?



  1. I love the yoga retreat and the Empire State Building Run-Up… I think those both sound like great ideas. I haven’t really made up a fitness bucket list, but if I would, I think those would be on there. 🙂

  2. Oh I like all these bucket-list items. I doubt I could handle it but I think the Empire run-up would be so rewarding. I hope you get to do all these (also good luck with the plank)

  3. Run a half-marathon for a bachelorette part is such a great idea! I’m stealing that for future use 🙂 I also would love to go on a yoga retreat…it seems hard to manage and pretty expensive but they look so incredible! And I NEED those shoes…where did you get them?

  4. Ooo these are awesome! Love the half-marathon bachelorette one 😀
    I think mine would be – be able to do a handstand push up, be able to do pull ups!, run a marathon, learn to surf (although like you I think I might freak out, I’m not a fan of open water…) and I’d also love to go on a yoga retreat…preferably in India with a cooking course thrown in at the same time! When in Rome…

  5. I’d love to do a yoga retreat sometime! And you’re brave with the idea of a bachelorette party half marathon…I feel like some of my future bridesmaids would want to kill me if I went that route once I get engaged.
    I think just running a half marathon in general is on my bucket list.

    1. My thinking is, I’ll pick a race that has options for 5Ks or 1K walks so that there will be something for everyone! And then we can always use a cheerleading crew, too. Luckily a lot of my friends are runners 😉

  6. Ahh such a great idea to do a half marathon for your bachelorette party! I totally wouldn’ t mind that either lol

  7. WOAH this is crazy because we have so, so many of the same things on our fitness bucket list!! I basically agree with every single one of these. And I would be super down to run the Nike Women’s Half Marathon with you in SF or in DC… moving back to California this summer, so SF would be easy peasy. 🙂 And YES about the bachelorette party half marathon, and double yes about the yoga retreat. Yoga retreats are prob my favorite thing in the entire world. Great list– and get Pilates certified! You’d be an awesome teacher.

  8. I’m not partaking in your bachelorette party festivities lolol (I’m included, right?). I alsoooo really want to go on a yoga retreat…hopefully I can save up money and do that one within the next 2 years. GOAL.

  9. This is a great idea! Love your list. I didn’t know you wanted to surf someday!

    You KNOW I’d be down to do the NIke Women’s Half… esp when we both have some degree of financial stability. It WILL happen. 😉

    I’d LOVE to go on a yoga retreat to Costa Rica. I heard it’s gorgeous there!

  10. Just went to a bachelorette party this weekend, and running a half marathon (or, I mean, even a 5k to be more accessible to my bridesmaids) sounds like such a great idea! I hate all the normal stuff, and that would be a fabulous way to incorporate healthy living into the event. Of course I’m not getting married anytime soon either so…hopefully I’m not in a wheelchair by the time the bach party happens… 😉

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