What I Ate In Toronto [WIAW #46]

Clearly, this is going to be about what I ate while I was in Toronto. Yesterday I gave you a look at what’s been happening in May while I’ve been away from the blog as well as what I’d been eating, but today will focus solely on last weekend. Disclaimer: I forgot to take pictures of dinner Friday and lunch Saturday, but I’ll explain that more in a minute.

By the time Cassie and I got to Davida and her boy’s apartment, it was something around 8:30 pm. We were really hungry but also distracted because we were so excited to be there. Davida cooked us a delicious dinner of Thai mussels (which she wasn’t super happy with, but I was a mussel virgin and liked them) as well as a preview of a salad she is putting in her e-cookbook. Let me tell you, this salad was AMAZING. I am going to buy the cookbook solely for the salad. I don’t want to spoil the surprise/ingredients, so just take my word for it.

Saturday morning, we woke up pretty late thanks to a night out before, so on the way to St. Lawrence market I had a banana, an iced coffee, and a Kewaza ball. Then came lunch – we ate a Rock Lobster and they were only offering brunch at the time we got there (which, I have to add, was at 1 pm). The brunch menu was short and I didn’t want anything super heavy, so I ordered “The Traditional.” It included eggs, bacon, Canadian bacon, home fries and some toast. My meal came out at least ten minutes after everyone else’s, and I was so hungry I just dug right in. It was a pretty average meal – I only ate the bacon, home fries, eggs, and half a slice of toast, though.

Okkkkkkay so now to the part of my Canadian eats that I’m obsessed with: Fresh. Fresh is a vegetarian concept restaurant. It looks really trendy inside, which I appreciated, and everything they serve not only looks beautiful but is also good for you in the sense that the ingredients are real (what I mean is, if you got a brownie there, it’s still a brownie, just a brownie made with real ingredients).


This salad was called Mega Life: “marinated tofu cubes, grilled spinach, alfalfa and sunflower sprouts, grated carrots, parsley and Toasted Mixed Nuts on salad greens.” I got it with their house dressing and it was heaven in Canada.

Cassie and I both enjoyed our salads so much that we requested we get lunch after yoga from Fresh the next day. I didn’t take a picture of the lunch salad, but I ordered the Big Salad: “avocado, cucumber, tomato, carrot, red pepper & hulled hemp seeds on salad greens.” I added marinated tofu cubes to that and was still floating there in heaven. 

Backing up for a second, we had breakfast on Sunday at Davida’s apartment. She cooked us up a batch of her Green Banana Pancakes – and she added chocolate chips (NOM.). I was thrilled to get to try another Healthy Maven recipe straight from the source, and these pancakes did not disappoint. I had mine with some maple syrup and greek yogurt and probably could have eaten the entire batch. They were so fluffy and perfect.



I had a feeling I would be well-fed in Toronto, seeing as I was going to visit a recipe/healthy lifestyle blogger, and I was correct. I have to give Davida one more huge thank you for keeping my tummy happy while in Canada. I can’t wait until she cooks for me again 😉

Questions of the Day:
>> Have you ever made any Healthy Maven recipes? If not, do it now.
>> Do you have any restaurants like Fresh in your area? I am really hoping Pittsburgh gets something like it ASAP.



  1. I need Davs to cook for me! So many of her recipes have caught my eye, but I’m garbage at actually making the recipes I pin so I haven’t made any of them yet 😦 Too much good food, not enough time or mouths to feed #foodbloggerproblems.

  2. Holy yum! Fresh sounds amazing! We don’t have anything like it, except whole foods if you count that haha

  3. I’ve made a couple of her recipes and I haven’t been disappointed – her banana bread is still my favourite. Next time, I might skip the lunch out and invite myself right in for a Maven-made dinner 😉
    And I’ve never been to Fresh! Want to gooooo sometime!

  4. It sounds like Davida should open a bed and breakfast to test out all her recipes. I’m sure all guests would be berry happy! The pancakes sure sound like they made up for the not as perfect brunch the day before.

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