Happy Mother’s Day + Spill It Sundays Angela Edition

Today I’m wishing the happiest of Mother’s Days to the most deserving woman I know.


I love you mom! Wouldn’t be here without you. xo

It’s also MY edition of Arman’s Spill It Sundays series! I was so excited when he asked me to come up with some questions. I made some normal and some kind of wacky because, you know, I’m nutty for life. I hope you play along, too. Here goes!


1. If your tastebuds could only decipher one flavor for the rest of your life, which would you choose?  i.e. Salt, sweet, spice, sour
I think I’d choose spice. I really enjoy sweets, obviously, but I get sick of sweet after a while. There are so many versions of spicy that I think I could handle only tasting that forever. I would just need to drink a lot of water.

2. What sports did you play as a child, if any?
I played soccer and softball. Oh, and basketball for a short time. I was terrible at that. I really enjoyed softball (slow pitch) and was the pitcher on the team for a while until this one mega scary team played us and hit all of their balls right at me. I was scarred for life. 

3. Who would you want to be handcuffed to for a day?
I wouldn’t mind being handcuffed to Jennifer Lawrence. I think I’ve said it on here before but I’m convinced she and I would be great friends. Either her or Arman I guess :p

4. What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever eaten? What’s the strangest thing you want to try to eat?
I don’t know if this is strange per say but once I ate an entire habenero pepper. It was torturous but it makes for a really good story. These kids back in high school were obsessed with seeing how many of those really, really hot peppers people could handle, and they came over to my table and dared me to eat just one, so I did. Popped the whole thing in my mouth. I had to drink two cartons of milk (ew, and it didn’t help) and I was red-faced for the entire next class period. 

Something weird I want to eat is… shark.

5. Lions, tigers or bears? (Oh my)
Tigers. They have nice stripes.

6. What is your favorite restaurant you’ve ever been to?
Purple Chopstix in Athens, OH! I’ve been there a few times and it never disappoints. I’m going to miss it so much. The decor is kooky, and the food is fabulous. It’s not really Asian which everyone assumes from the name, though. It’s a good mix of random dishes like curry and pasta.

7. If you were forming a band, what would your band’s name be, and what kind of music would you play?
Well, when I was little my friend and I wanted to form a girl band called Bubblegum, so I’m going to stick by that 90s dream.

8. What is the best compliment you’ve received?
In my 11th grade English class I got a 100 percent on our research paper, and the teacher said she’d only ever given out one other 100 in her time there. I was pumped because English is my jam. I took that as a big compliment.

9. Describe your personal style (for clothing or decor) and why you like it.
My style changes all the time but I’m feeling a pull back toward my boho-ier days. I want all the floral and tribal things and also fringe and flowy tops. I like decor to be similar in fashion and kind of neutral with pops of color. I guess that’s how I like my clothing, too. I think it’s understated, which I enjoy.

10. What is one thing you absolutely want to do this summer?
Make mountain pies over a campfire. The two slices of bread with toppings in the center toasted… hopefully you know what those are, or you’re missing out!

That’s a wrap for Spill It Sundays Angela Edition! Happy Sunday and Mother’s Day to all the mommas out there.

Question of the Day:
>> Answer one of the ?s above!



  1. It is criminal that being handcuffed to me came second to Jennifer Lawrance…I’d volunteer as tribute for you, SHE wouldn’t.

    Also, not joking here at all but the most popular fish at Australian fish and chip shops is flake which is gummy shark- it is delicious! 😉 I ate a habenero pepper once- it wasn’t actually that it was too spicy, but touching my eyes after…not a wise decision! Hope your having fun in T town. Slap D for me.

  2. I love the bohemian style of clothing ! Moccasins never go out of style in my opinion (as I wear my new fringed ones this morning)

  3. Well well well… you were quite the honor student, huh? 😀 My nerdy self probably would’ve been floating on clouding 9 w/ such a compliment! Haha!

    I do love sweets, but I much rather prefer savory foods. I can only handle chocolate for so long.

  4. You’re the cutest, love this. You know I won’t go camping with you, but I’ll go glamping and make things over fires.

    Best restaurant I’ve been to? SUCH A HARD ONE. Maybe Foreign Cinema in SF? Look it up, it’s amaze.

    1. We can go cabin camping and make these then. Maybe when it gets close to fall if you’re still in the area. I’ll have to check that restaurant out esp cause I’ll eventually be visiting SF for Kell.

  5. Jennifer Lawrence = my choice. If you are convinced you two would be best friends, then we can all be best friends together!

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