Month: May 2014

Fitness Bucket List

Yesterday I was asked what my favorite way to sweat was, and I answered hot yoga. It’s true – I never feel more fulfilled than after a hot yoga class (speaking of, I need to go buy my summer pass ASAP). It got me thinking about other ways I like to sweat and my own fitness bucket list. Do you ever think about yours?

Here’s what I have for mine thus far in my life!

1. Hold a plank for more than five minutes. Right now, this one seems attainable. Hopefully I can achieve it and then set a new plank goal!

2. Surf! I don’t know if I’d be good at this at all, and I’d probably freak out for a minute about sharks and other scary ocean creatures. I just want to try it out! I love the idea of the waves carrying you and the strength it takes to hold yourself upright.

3. Take a live yoga class from and meet Erin Motz. I think she’s the coolest lady! #badyogi

4. Run the Nike Women’s Half Marathon (either in D.C. or in San Fran). This one depends on the health of my knee. I’ve heard wonderful things about this race, and I know I could get Kellie, Kaitlyn or Cassie to run it with me.


5. Run a half-marathon for my bachelorette party. I got this idea from Julie, and I’ve been fixated on it ever since! I’ve already told my friends that they need to plan for this. Of course, this too depends on the health of my knee, and at the rate of my love life, I shouldn’t have to worry about having ample healing time. Girl ain’t tryna get married for a while 😉

6. Go on a yoga retreat. Anywhere! Somewhere beautiful and sunny, preferably.

7. Do the Empire State Building Run-Up. Yeah, this one is reaching. I hear it’s extremely difficult to get into, and I’d probably keel over on the way up, but hey? At least I tried, right? Well… will try.

8. Get Pilates certified. I truly hope I can complete this one!  I loved my Pilates class last semester in a way I didn’t expect. I contemplated getting certified for Level I at a course the last weekend of school, but the cost was outrageous at the time for me.

Question of the Day:
>> What’s on your fitness bucket list?


My Thoughts About Calorie Counting

I’ve mentioned before on the blog how I’ve never been a fan of my belly. Way back when (I can say that now since I’ve been out of high school for four years now, right? 😉 ), I dieted. I lost weight in my early high school years, and while I was able to maintain that weight loss, it set me up for self-criticism.

I was new to the health game. I listened to the advice I got online and in books without really thinking twice. I thought I needed to eat 1,500 calories or less because that’s what all the big name mags and websites told me. I followed the likes of the Special K Diet, the Flat Belly Diet, and random magazine diets. In the process, I learned that I needed to count calories to keep the weight from coming back.

Sounds like a great mindset for a 17-year-old to have, huh?

Back then, I was eating and exercising to look good, not necessarily for my health. I had the wrong idea, as so many young women do. As I absorbed more and more information, my attitude changed from “look good” to “look, feel, and be good.” I realized that I could combat health problems later in life by eating well. Still, for a few years, the “look good” attitude was always nagging at me. You know what it was saying? Calorie count. Calorie count. You’ll be thin. It’s the only way!

Screen Shot 2014-05-22 at 9.01.36 AM

Calorie counting led me down an obsessive road. I think it’s extremely sad that I was only a teenager, and I thought it was necessary to control what I was eating so thoroughly. That mindset combined with the dieting led me to eat certain foods because I knew how many calories they were, and I could track them without writing it down. Granted, I would eat other things, too, but I would feel stressed because I didn’t know if I was over that oh-so-low prescribed limit.

Not surprisingly, healthy living blogs helped me come to my senses, specifically those written by RDs. I discovered that my body actually needed more calories than I was eating (I believe those years of calorie counting led to metabolic damage), and perhaps that was why I had random cravings for carbs. Carbs weren’t the devil, they were just what my body needed. My body was craving extra calories, and in the past year and a half or so, I truly started to listen.

I don’t count calories anymore, in the strict sense. I probably never will again. I know what it does to my head – not good things. I’m one of the people out there who can easily fall down that rabbit hole. That’s not to say I don’t ballpark how much I’m eating. I think that’s a habit ingrained in me, but now I use it to know when I’m not eating enough rather than when I eat too much. Even though french fries still stress me out sometimes (hey, I’m human), I feel much freer about eating thanks to dropping the calorie counting.

As much as I love to talk about food and health, there can be a point when it becomes a fixation rather than an interest. I’ll be the first to tell you I still flirt with that line. But thanks to letting go of my calorie counting and restriction, I’m slowly learning how to simply eat for nourishment (okay, okay, and sometimes for fun).

Thanks, Amanda, for hosting.

**As a final note, I want to say that I know that calorie counting can be a good thing for weight loss. I’ve seen tons of success stories and people who can treat calorie counting separately from restriction. It just wasn’t the right thing for me. 

Questions of the Day:
>> What are your thoughts about calorie counting?
>> Have you ever calorie counted?

Out to Dinner [MIMM #28]

Hey there! Monday is upon us once again, which for me means it’s time to fill out more job applications. I have to vent for a second – I do my best work when I am out of my house, my room, etc. At school, there were at least five different coffee shops I could go to to get into the zone. Now, I’m home, and there are no coffee shops less than twenty minutes away from me (I’m not in downtown Pitt or something; we live in a suburb). What’s a girl to do!?

On Friday, I ended up heading out to work with my mom because there’s a Panera down the street from her. I set up shop and got to work. It didn’t hurt that she then bought me lunch 😉

There’s a lot more marvelous to share about my weekend, today! A lot of the marvelous comes from delicious dinners out with friends. Thanks to Katie for hosting MIMM.

I had plans Friday night to grab dinner at Burgatory (a pretty cool Pittsburgh chain) at their new location with Kaitlyn. Unfortunately, when we got to the restaurant, the wait was OVER 2 HOURS. UM excuse me? Their burgers are good, but we decided the 80 people in line ahead of us could enjoy them for the evening, especially after I called a different location to see what the wait time was and rudely addressed and hung up on!

Instead, we headed to Mad Mex since Kaitlyn hadn’t been there before, anyway. I got a glass of white sangria to sip on that was pretty good as well as chips and salsa to start. Kaitlyn and I always seem to go to Mexican restaurants! For our meals, we both got quesadillas. They were fabulous and veggie-filled.


On Saturday, I had to work for a few hours. Directly after, I had to see my brother off to his junior prom! I won’t lie – I teared up a bit when I saw him in his suit. He looked so grown up. Luckily I was wearing my sunglasses, so no one saw the tears.



Later, I drove down to the city to meet up with Erin and Cassie for dinner at a cute little Thai place called Smiling Banana Leaf. It was wonderful to see Erin again! These meet-ups will have to happen more often now that I’m home for good. We forgot to take a picture all-together. Oops!


For my meal, I had the green curry. I really love my Thai to be spicy, so I got a 7 on their spice scale even though Cassie mentioned that their spice levels were on the hotter side. It was a really tasty curry with lots of vegetables, but I was definitely sweating a bit as I ate! My mouth was on fire (I guess in a good way, though!).

Sunday was full of lots of relaxing and movie-watching with my mom! Just the way I like it.

Questions of the Day:
>> How spicy do you like your food to be? 
>> What’s the longest you would wait at a restaurant?