Packing and Snacking [WIAW #45]

So… yesterday I picked up my cap and gown. Like it’s all real now. Also, I’m not sure who decides on cap and gown colors but ours are black and include no green or white which are our school colors, and that makes no sense to me at all whatsoever. Anyway, I can’t wait to wear this thing we paid fifty dollars for once. No, I’m kidding – I’m excited to walk. I debated whether I wanted to, actually, and I’m glad my family forced me to. 😉 It wouldn’t feel right if I didn’t.

Mostly my week is going to be filled with eating/working at the computer lab/packing/friend-seeing. Hence: packing and snacking. I didn’t really snack all day, I had normal meals, but it rhymed so there ya go. Look, progress! My room feels really empty.


Everything I had to eat yesterday was pretty typical, but I just kind of miss you all, so I’m sharing my food on What I Ate Wednesday, anyway. The blog funk I’m in is nearing its end. Yippee! Thanks to Jenn for hosting, as always.


Zucchini oatmeal with a side of jewelry. Topped with cinnamon, bananas, coconut, and coconut oil. Yummy stuff right there, y’all. See the mug next to my oats? It has my face all over it. My friend bought it for me as a roomie gift a few years ago (it’s pics of us on vacation), and while it feels weird to drink from a cup with my face on it, I love the mug dearly.



Avo toast ~*aGAiN*~ … remember when people used to type stuff like that all the time? Maybe you don’t. Okay nevermind. I had some avocado toast with Veganaise (I accidentally put a little too much on so I wasn’t as happy this time around), carrots, grapes and tuna mixed with a teeny bit of Veganaise, too. I’ll probably get mercury poisoning from all of the tuna I’ve consumed the past two weeks. #healthy



This is where you should insert a picture with your mind of a Granny Smith apple and a lot of peanut butter.


~*cHiPoTlE!*~ salad for dinner. I had to work at 5 which means it would have been way too early of a dinner, so I grabbed Chipotle after I ran some errands. Check out da guac. I always get salads at chipotle because then you get more lettuce and less rice. Oh and never the vinaigrette. Why do they even have that when you get salsa and guacamole to your heart’s content?



Questions of the Day:
>> What kind of salsa do you get on your Chipotle orders? Pico de gallo and the hot red salsa for moi. 
>> What were your school’s colors? Either HS or college. My HS was red and black, which I always felt was very bold but festive. I like OU’s green and white a lot.



  1. I’m not going to lie, that mug is a pretty brilliant gift. I might have to remember that for my bestie’s birthday in August…
    I’m trying to remember my HS colours, and I’m having trouble…red and black, maybe? I know our mascot was a beaver, so that’s super awkward for everyone.
    My undergrad school colours were purple and white, and my current school colours are purple and gold. Thank god I like purple.

  2. Chipotle!!! I go with mild salsa and corn. I know – crazy. My high school colors were blue and gold, which looked pretty nice! My college color was orange… umm, yea.

  3. I always get pico and the medium sauce at chipotle. I love the hot red sauce but sometimes it’s too much!

    My college cap and gown had our royal blue color as an accent so I was super happy with it!

  4. Yay for avocado on toast!! And yay for walking at graduation. I work in higher ed as an academic advisor and whenever my students tell me they aren’t going to walk I am always disappointed. It will be WORTH it and you have done so much hard work so you deserve every second of the celebration that day!

  5. Wooo salsa sisters! that was nerdy but I get the same thing…guac, pico, and the hot sauce. Guac on the side because the portion is guaranteed to be huge that way 🙂 Zucchini oatmeal?! That’s awesome I have to try that! I love sneaking veggies into my meals and if I love zucchini bread i’m sure i’d love this

  6. bahahahaha that stupid typing. Randomly it reminds me of those annoying chain emails people would send. Remember those? Please don’t tell me you’re too young to know what I’m talking about. Holy shit I’m old. I picked up my cap and gown 3 years ago WHAT?! oh and I legit wore a snow suit underneath it cause it was so cold. My parents didn’t end up seeing me walk cause they left to go get tea cause it was so cold…after they forced me to go to graduation. It’s cool though cause I met Curt that night…then moved to NYC the next time. I have terrible timing.

    Somehow I made this comment all about me. Narcissist much? I’m excited for you and I want a mug with your face on it.

  7. I get medium salsa at Chipotle! It is my favorite! Sometimes I get some mild too!
    My cap and grown are black this year, our colors are Purple and White! And to top it off I have a poop brown tassel! Tell me how I could stuck with that!

  8. HS was blue and gold, then grey and red (I transferred senior year); for commencement, we had black cap and gowns. And my college was maroon and gold. BUT. We are wearing black…it makes no sense! Pretty lucky my tassel is gold – I know some of my friends have a weird sage green or brown!

  9. I always get chipotle salad and then add a little rice. Chipotle salads with corn and mild tomato salsa and guac = perfection! I agree with you, I don’t know why you would use the dressing with all the tasty salsa and guac. I have been eating a ton of canned salmon recently, I try not to think about it having mercury and just think about it’s healthy benefits.

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