Month: April 2014

Packing and Snacking [WIAW #45]

So… yesterday I picked up my cap and gown. Like it’s all real now. Also, I’m not sure who decides on cap and gown colors but ours are black and include no green or white which are our school colors, and that makes no sense to me at all whatsoever. Anyway, I can’t wait to wear this thing we paid fifty dollars for once. No, I’m kidding – I’m excited to walk. I debated whether I wanted to, actually, and I’m glad my family forced me to. 😉 It wouldn’t feel right if I didn’t.

Mostly my week is going to be filled with eating/working at the computer lab/packing/friend-seeing. Hence: packing and snacking. I didn’t really snack all day, I had normal meals, but it rhymed so there ya go. Look, progress! My room feels really empty.


Everything I had to eat yesterday was pretty typical, but I just kind of miss you all, so I’m sharing my food on What I Ate Wednesday, anyway. The blog funk I’m in is nearing its end. Yippee! Thanks to Jenn for hosting, as always.


Zucchini oatmeal with a side of jewelry. Topped with cinnamon, bananas, coconut, and coconut oil. Yummy stuff right there, y’all. See the mug next to my oats? It has my face all over it. My friend bought it for me as a roomie gift a few years ago (it’s pics of us on vacation), and while it feels weird to drink from a cup with my face on it, I love the mug dearly.



Avo toast ~*aGAiN*~ … remember when people used to type stuff like that all the time? Maybe you don’t. Okay nevermind. I had some avocado toast with Veganaise (I accidentally put a little too much on so I wasn’t as happy this time around), carrots, grapes and tuna mixed with a teeny bit of Veganaise, too. I’ll probably get mercury poisoning from all of the tuna I’ve consumed the past two weeks. #healthy



This is where you should insert a picture with your mind of a Granny Smith apple and a lot of peanut butter.


~*cHiPoTlE!*~ salad for dinner. I had to work at 5 which means it would have been way too early of a dinner, so I grabbed Chipotle after I ran some errands. Check out da guac. I always get salads at chipotle because then you get more lettuce and less rice. Oh and never the vinaigrette. Why do they even have that when you get salsa and guacamole to your heart’s content?



Questions of the Day:
>> What kind of salsa do you get on your Chipotle orders? Pico de gallo and the hot red salsa for moi. 
>> What were your school’s colors? Either HS or college. My HS was red and black, which I always felt was very bold but festive. I like OU’s green and white a lot.


Slow Day, Good Eats [WIAW #44]

Heyoooo! How are ya this week? Things are pretty good over in these parts; the weather has been beautiful lately and things for school are certainly winding down.

Yesterday felt like the slowest passing day in the world, probably because I didn’t have a ton of work to do. I almost felt that “summer” feeling, where you’re like PLEASE give me something to do before I go crazy, but that was only until I discovered the show Veep and proceeded to watch the entire first season. It’s so good! It kind of reminds me of The Office, if they could say the f word on national tv.

Should I just turn this blog into a television blog? I feel like I have more opinions about tv shows than health and fitness as of late. That’s not to say those things aren’t happening – they are! How else do you kill an hour of your day? The gym. And the food is pretty typical for me, but it’s still tasty! Let’s see what I had to nom on yesterday. Thanks, Jenn, for hosting!


I had a major cereal craving yesterday, so I made my own. In this mix went oats, chia seeds, cinnamon, 1/2 scoop vanilla protein powder, almonds, almond meal, shredded unsweetened coconut, strawberries and a banana. Hit the spot. I had some steamed spinach for some green power, too.



Ahhhh, lunch. Le sigh. The avo toast really isn’t going away. I try so hard and fail. I had my avocado and veganaise toast along with three Easter eggs and some baby carrots.



I didn’t take a picture of my apple and PB, but I did snap a pic of a new kombucha flavor that pulled me through work. Highly recommend this one (if you like that kinda thing).



I felt pretty hungry by the time I got home, so I was happy I’d prepped dinner beforehand. I had some salsa chicken made with local raspberry salsa – it tastes like BBQ sauce! On the side I had brown rice and a buttload of green beans. Oh, and look! It’s light enough around dinner time now that the picture isn’t grossly dark!



I pulled out a dessert I hadn’t had in a while yesterday. Mug bowl cake! Woo hoo. I kind of just mixed a bunch of random measurements of stuff in, but it turned out pretty well. There’s even pumpkin in there! I topped with chocolate chips because duh.


I promise I will respond to all your kind comments today! I have a TON of extra time later tonight, so you’ll be hearing back from me soon. Have a wonderful Wednesday! Eat something good.

Questions of the Day:
>> What’s one of your standby meals? The toast is becoming one of mine.
>> Anything new you’ve tried/watched/eaten/read lately?

Alternative Easter Weekend [MIMM #27]

Hello there! I hope you had a wonderful weekend and that if you celebrated Easter it was a good holiday for you. This year Easter was a little different for me – for the first time ever I wasn’t home with my family. I was feeling pretty sad about all of that on Friday evening, but the weekend definitely picked up after that. To my surprise, my alternative Easter weekend was actually marvelous (except that I kept forgetting yesterday was a holiday)…!

Thanks to Katie for hosting MIMM.

On Saturday after the farmer’s marketing, I went hiking around different places in Athens with Kaitlyn! This is called Strouds. The lake views were so beautiful!


Kaitlyn and I were dead-set on finding this other place called Bong Hill (don’t ask about the name) that supposedly has a great view of Athens. The first time we attempted to find it, we drove way too far past the trail opening. Thankfully a friend steered up in the right direction, but we still ended up climbing the wrong path. It was so steep at first! We encountered this cool rock I have to show you. I think it’s known as Witches Hill.


We walked a little to the left and discovered we were in kind of the right place, so we kept walking and eventually wound up in our original destination. It did not disappoint. Happy faces!






Then I tried to take my first panoramic photo ever. So fancy.


Anyway, that’s the lovely Athens, OH from above. Hiking all day made me really hungry and kind of sunburnt only on one arm, which was unfortunate, but what fortunate was that we had a dinner date planned for none other than Casa. Margaritas, chips, salsa, guac, and quesadillas for both of us!



On Sunday morning, I woke up to find Easter eggs hidden for me by my roommates. I always hunt eggs in the morning with my brother, so I’d been telling them how I was sad about not doing it this year. They hid them in the best places: coffee pot, Brita filter, microwave, blender – all places I use regularly. They also put one up in our fire alarm because they always set it off. I cracked up (hehe no pun intended).


Kellie and I went to church, and later in the day we took a really long walk in the sunshine.


And finally, in the evening, we dyed Easter eggs!


This is my pride and joy. I call it “fade to yellow.” So original.



Let’s hope this week is just as marvelous as the weekend!

Questions of the Day:
>> How do you usually dye eggs (if you do)? Solid, glitter, rainbow, etc.? 
>> Favorite hiking setting? Lake, mountain, flat ground?