True Love [WIAW #42]

This blog is quickly becoming a celebrity couple gossip blog, but… Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin are separating. WHAT. This is actually, really, not sarcastically heartbreaking to me. If you know how obsessed I am with Goop (aka Gwyneth), this devastation makes sense. What about all of his Coldplay songs?! Do they have no meaning now?! Is there no real love left in this world?!?!

I need to hope that there is true love left in the world, so for today’s What I Ate Wednesday post (hosted by Jenn… but her post is written by this fabulous chick) the theme is TRUE LOVE. I am set on proving that true love is in fact left in this world by means of food. So, in each meal, I’ll point out my ❤ food love <3.


❤ True Love: Veganaise ❤

The avocado toast smeared with avo and veganaise trend is still going strong over here. Veganaise and I are in the honeymoon phase. I also had some baby carrots, three eggs fried, and a grapefruit.



❤ True Love: Chicken Broth ❤

I made a big pot of spring veggie chicken soup (recipe coming tomorrow) this weekend, but for me, the star of chicken soup is always the broth. YUM. Sorry for the shitty pic.




❤ True Love: Sunflower Seed Butter ❤

This snack has become pretty typical in these parts because it’s easily transportable. Sunflower seed butter, banana, and carrots while hangin’ at work.



❤ True Love: Almonds ❤

Need I say more? Yeah, I should say I had like four handfuls of them.



❤ True Love: Cottage Cheese ❤

I have a weird affinity for cottage cheese. I enjoyed my love alongside peanut butter Ezekiel toast and broccoli.



❤ True Love: Chocolate Chips ❤

Specifically Trader Joe’s chocolate chips. On top of unfrozen strawbs and bloobs and with a little bit of PB.


Questions of the Day:
>> Name three of your food true loves!
>> Indulge me… do you believe in real, true love?



  1. Oh cottage cheese… I absolutely adore the stuff but my stomach does NOT share my point of view. I’ll eat it anywhere every now and then because I just can’t resist the deliciousness, but yeah… I have to keep my love affair on the down low 😦 At least I still have almond butter, bananas, and Greek yogurt.

  2. confession: not the biggest Gwyneth fan…and I really hate Coldplay….so while I’m sad for them…I’m ok with Coldplay music being a lie because it gives me even more of a reason to change the station every time one of their songs come on 😉
    Three food loves? Chocolate, avocado, peanut butter. I’ve never tried Veganaise!

  3. I love the true love edition 🙂 And I’m convinced that true love is reality. But sometimes not where you’re looking for it! Food on the contrary can be a great and obvious source of love 🙂
    Same as Amanda here. Cottage Cheese is my nemesis. Love it but it doesn’t love me!
    My true food loves would be blueberries, cheese and chickpeas.

  4. So I’m assuming I’m a little late to the party here, but what is veganaise? I’m assuming it’s vegan mayonnaise, but what does it taste like? Is it less “eugh” than normal mayonnaise? (I can’t stand normal mayonnaise’s taste… or texture… or color… or anything, really.)

    I don’t know how Sam can say she hates Coldplay. Coldplay is epic, with or without Gwyneth. (I was never a big fan of hers anyway.)

    1. Veganaise is vegan mayo! I LOVE it. And I don’t like regular mayo. Like I can lick it off the spoon. It’s kind of tangy and not as heavy as normal mayo. Coldplay is in fact epic… I may have to hate on Sam for that one.

  5. I just recently introduced dairy back into my diet… maybe I should give cottage cheese another chance. So you just eat it plain or do you mix things in with it? Idk… it seems sketchy to me but it might be good with unsweetened cocoa powder and truvia?

  6. Butternut Squash, Peanut Butter and Egg Whites 🙂 Oh my and all three together yum 🙂
    I do believe in real true love. I don’t think this is something that should or can be forced though it happens when it happens and we shouldn’t go off and search for it or force it!

  7. That veggie chicken soup sounds delicious. 😀
    Have you ever tried adding nut butter to your cottage cheese? It’s surprisingly delicious.
    Peanut butter, sweet potatoes, and chocolate. c(:

  8. Like you, i have no care about those two breaking up… they are no mila & ashton 🙂 However, I’m still hurt over Jessica Simpson & Nick Lachey’s break up from what 200 freaking forever ago??!!! 😦 😦 😦

    Food loves – eggs, nut butter, tuna.

  9. why do you post so late? True hate= you posting late. I am delayed.

    Cottage cheese. Oh man. This weekend, I am reuniting with grilled cheese sandwiches, pancakes and cottage cheese with cereal. #WholeArman celebration!

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