Four Ways To Be Happier

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about happiness, what it means to be happy, why I deserve to be happy, and how I can actually be happy. It’s not that I’m unhappy – but I think that sometimes we psyche ourselves out and get too stressed, forgetting that happiness is a really important thing and that we have ways to control our happiness.

We do have the power to make moves in our lives (like this lady is doing, and this one!) and do what we need to do for ourselves to be happy. But it doesn’t always have to be as big as working toward a promotion or moving across the country; finding happiness can be simple, too. So, today, I’m sharing four ways to be happier.

1. Take a chance, even if it is a small one. That might sound cliché or maybe you’re like uhhh duh Angela. Still, we need a kick in the butt to do things that scare up sometimes, especially if our happiness is at stake and ESPECIALLY especially when we’re already pretty happy but know we could do something to be a little happier. (Also, how many times can I say happy in one post? Let’s find out). You need to take a chance. It can bring you great things, I promise. Scary – but great.

image quote saying take a chance

2. Listen to a song you love. This is the easiest way to boost your mood. Even better than listening to a happy song? Dancing along to it alone in your house. To me, that feels like freedom. I know that sounds weird, but I am weird so whatever. Do it. My current happy song? This (and no, it’s not a Pharell song, although that will arguably be a great mood brightener, too).

3. Get one extra hour of sleep. Sleep is so important in balancing our moods. Getting one extra hour might seem ridiculous, like “Please, what’s sleep? I can’t sleep more.” Yes, you can. I guarantee that at least one night a week you can go to bed at ten instead of eleven. You will feel infinitely better the next day. Why do you think you feel so awesome on the weekends? Uhhh, extra sleep. And maybe pancakes, too, but also sleep.

4. Drink more water. A while ago, I said that I started tracking my water intake with the Ounces app. Yeah, I’m crazy. I’m also very hydrated, and hydration = happiness. Water does countless things to improve the body’s functions, and ultimately, it will make you feel good. When you feel good, you’re happy. Who said I wasn’t good at math? Oh ya, I did. See this article if you don’t believe me.

I’ve been doing all of these things for myself recently. And I’m happier than I was at the beginning of the semester. Life is full of unexpected things, some good, some bad. No matter what gets thrown at you, though, you CAN do things to keep a handle on your happiness. So go drink some water and be happy, okay?

Questions of the Day:
>> What’s one of your favorite ways to get happier?
>> Do you find that water makes you happy? 



  1. I find myself getting a huge lift me up after I exercise, whether it is lifting, running, biking or just going for a walk once I get up and move it makes me so happy!
    I agree with the water as well! I used to drink not hardly enough and now I carry around a 32 ounce water bottle and fill it up at least 3 times a day! The extra bathroom trips are totally worth it!

  2. I totally agree with everything. It’s surprising how much of a difference an extra hour of sleep and a little more water can make. I had a huge mood lift after I run or workout… Especially if I’m playing some of my favorite songs during it. I also find that jamming out in my car singing at the top of my lungs helps immensely. 🙂

  3. I started doing very similar things. Once I focused solely on doing things that made me happy and saying no to things I didn’t want to do (aside from school, because who ever wants to do that), I noticed a huge change in my everyday sanity. Great post and I’m glad it’s working for you too!

  4. Haha. Sleep. That’s funny. Sleep basically doesn’t exist when you’re a college student. 😛 Honestly, if I want to get a solid 8 hours of sleep during the week, that usually means I have to sacrifice something–whether it’s a run, not putting my all into an assignment, not being social, etc.

    I’m definitely on board with the first one, though. You never know what can happen if you take a chance!

    1. Somehow I’ve managed to be able to sleep throughout college, not sure how I pulled it off haha. I sometimes let the social thing go but then it’s like, if I’m not feeling my best I’ll prob not be too fun to hang out with anyway. Lol.

    1. Meeeeep I love you too 🙂 GO DRINK WATER!! I was gonna add yoga to the list but then I was like ugh is that elitist and now I think I should have. You and I are just on the same page with the choco chips

  5. These are great tips!! I find that I’m my happiest when I realize how much God has blessed me with! Family, friends, health! All that good stuff! Listening to my fave music also pumps me up, like you said! How else would I get through a workout?! Haha, thanks for sharing!!

  6. Something having a happy song is just awesome – anything that makes me want to dance around my living room is definitely happiness-inducing! And I’m generally a happy person when I’m properly hydrated too – being dehydrated just makes me sleepy.

  7. I really like this post. It always feels great to be happy, evidently. 😉
    I usually go to good music, reading, smiling, and just think of all the good in my life whenever I need a happiness boost.

    1. Sleeping is a happiness necessity forrrr sure. I love when people do things like write down what they’re thankful for every day. I always forget to do stuff like that. I couldn’t even keep a diary. But somehow I manage to keep this blog? Idk.

  8. Great list lovahhhh but you forgot #5…read Goop. Too soon?

    1 and 2 are definitely important in keeping me happy. I’m hopefully taking a big chance next month AH! and well you know how much I love music/am a total music elitist.

  9. this is wonderful! especially the part about drinking water! my friends think i’m crazy how much water i guzzle, but it makes such a difference! except when i ALWAYS have to pee in the middle of the night….

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