Quick Meals Tuesday [WIAW #41]

It’s hump day once again! These weeks seem to be flying by. I can’t handle this. Everything is going too fast. My friend just found out she got a job yesterday, which is great and amazing and wonderful but it makes everything REAL. So real.

So instead of focusing on how I’m freaking out about the last few weeks of school, let’s focus on the food. That’s what What I Ate Wednesday is all about anyway, right? Yesterday was full of quick meals, which I realized at the end of the day. It was get in, eat food, get out all day.

Thanks to the main Pea for hosting!


I had to run to the store yesterday morning, so breakfast was needed STAT when I got back. Is it dorky that starting my day at Kroger made me really happy? I decided that eggs were quick enough, so I cooked three in olive oil and had baby carrots, almonds, and a piece of Ezekiel bread on the side.



For lunch, I was craving one of my Trader Joe’s veggie burgers. They’re so good! I’m really impressed with the flavor. It’s not spicy, but there’s a flavorful bite to it. I had some TJ’s quinoa and brown rice pasta with olive oil and cauliflower, too. Also, lately I’ve been having a moment with Dijon mustard. Not sure why since I used to detest mustard.



I definitely needed this snack earlier than I had it available. Anyway, I had a banana (almost green cause I love that kind ;)) and peanut butter at work. On the Kindle there is a book called “If I Stay.” Highly recommended, but it’s so sad. Apparently it’s going to be a movie?



I really need to learn to just bring dinner to work with me because these 9pm meals are not working for me. When I eat so late, I just need simple, fast. I pulled cottage cheese, Ezekiel bread with peanut butter, and baby carrots from the fridge and nommed.



I still was hungry after “dinner,” so I made a snack á la Amy had had frozen berries topped with a little almond butter and chocolate chips. I’m head over heels for that dessert.


Now I have to rant about Pretty Little Liars since I watched the second showing of the finale during dessert. OMG THEY FINALLY GAVE ANSWERS but the enddddd. Nooooo. I just can’t.

Speaking of which, you need to watch this video making fun of “I just can’t.” It’s hilarious. Literally dying. Thanks, Kaitlyn, for showing it to me!

Questions of the Day:
>>When you have a late night, what do you crave for dinner? 
>>Savory or sweet breakfast? 
>> Have you tried TJ’s veggie burgers?



  1. Oh I am the same I crave cottage cheese or eggs haha the quickest and easiest thing ever!
    I love combining the two for breakfast, eggs with a side of oatmeal 🙂
    I haven’t tried TJ’s veggies burgers, most of them aren’t gluten-free booo! Maybe I should just make my own!

  2. When I have a late night, I crave almond butter and apples…. Or actually, almond butter and anything.
    I’ve wanted to try TJ’s Veggie Burgers, but we don’t have one nearby. 😦 Maybe I should make my own too, like ^^ranchcookie said!
    Thanks for sharing.—I LOVE your dessert. Going to have to try that one!

  3. Oh my goodness, I’ve heard incredible things about If I Stay, but I haven’t gotten around to reading it quite yet! What do you think of it?

    Sweet breakfast, for sure 🙂 I can’t even remember the last time I had a breakfast that didn’t involve a crap ton of fruit!

  4. dyingggggg, I just can’t, omg, SERIOUSLY????, I am LITERALLY dying. Just so you know, this is exactly what I sound like at all times!!

    Also I’m impressed with your ability to food shop pre-breakfast. I would have LITERALLY eaten the entire store.

  5. Confession: This is pretty much what every day looks like for me. I’ll put more effort into my meals on -occasion,- but more often than not they only take about 10 minutes to throw together… if that. Breakfasts are always sweet, and they’re also my favourite thing to eat when I’m having a late night. Nothing like ending the day with a bowl of oatmeal or some pancakes. And chocolate… always chocolate.

  6. I haven’t had a veggie burger in a while! I think it’s because I ordered one at a restaurant like 5 months ago and it was mushy and gross. I’ll have to try a TJ’s one sometime.
    If I’m eating a super-late dinner, it usually ends up being something I can throw together in 10 minutes or less (eggs, a salad, leftovers) or I pick something up on the way home.
    Sweet breakfast 90% of the time!

  7. I love a good pasta. 🙂
    Peanut butter and banana? YUM.
    I missed the PLL episode. I’m so sad. 😦
    I usually crave pasta for late night dinner or brinner.
    Sweet breakfast, definatly.

  8. How is that pasta? I bought it per your recommendation but it’s still in the pantry. I’m not a pasta person, gluten free or not. I don’t know why I hate Italian food for being Italian.

    Already texted you about the dijon moment. I’m going to have to photograph my “french wrap” lol.

  9. I freaked the you know what out when I realized I was graduating (like two months before it happened) but those last two months still rank among the absolute BEST of my life. And guess what? I didn’t have a job before graduation. And every little thing was alright! So don’t you worry about a thing, and live your life, girl!

    (Did you notice that I just quoted three songs in those past two sentences?)

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