How I Buy Groceries On A Tight Budget

Hey all! Thank you SO so so much for all your birthday wishes yesterday. Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever felt more loved on my bday ❤

Before I get into today’s topic, I have to show you how great my friends are. First, I got this beautiful bracelet in the mail yesterday from Emily. It’s by Alex and Ani, and it’s the Om symbol. All of their products are made in the USA, which is cool. I’m so obsessed with this bracelet.


Also, my wonderful friends here at school surprised me with a huge cupcake! I really didn’t expect them to do anything since we were out together this weekend, so I was so appreciative. I kept that little leprechaun on top (it’s a ring), and he is my new BFF (sorry Em :p). The cake was from Kroger – they have the best icing ever. I’m such an icing freak.


Speaking of Kroger – that’s where I buy all my groceries. Part of the following is dependent on that, but it’s also transferrable since I shop at Giant Eagle when I’m back in Pittsburgh.

How I Buy Groceries On A Tight Budget

So, I don’t have a ton of expendable money. I only make enough right now to cover my bills, groceries, and have a little bit left over for fun. Sometimes, I don’t even have that, and I have to ask my parents for some… which I am ever grateful for. But how can I eat the way I want to without going (so) broke? Here are just a few of my tips!

Buy Frozen Vegetables and Fruits
I always buy bags of frozen vegetables at Kroger. If you see a veggie on my plate, there’s a 75% chance it was frozen. It’s the quickest way to save a buck – for example, Kroger always has broccoli for $1 (it’s Kroger brand). I can buy 4 bags of frozen veggies for about $5, which will last me all week. When it comes to fruit, I buy fruit for smoothies at Trader Joe’s. It’s consistently cheaper there, maybe $2-$3 cheaper, and it’s organic. If you don’t have TJ’s around, store brand will be less expensive. Bottom line: buying frozen is my #1 forever and always best way to save some money.


For More Expensive Items, Look for the Store Brand
If I wanted to buy Bob’s Red Mill chia seeds, they would cost double what Kroger’s Simple Truth Organic brand costs. That’s insane savings. I also buy my rice, beans, etc. store brand. Look for deals on your store brand’s milk (Simple Truth makes almond milk – I’m sure others do, too!), meat (if you don’t have it in your budget to buy the fancy stuff like me), and more. Once I got off my high horse and bought store brand, I started saving money. Interestingly, some of Kroger’s store brand products are less processed than name brands.


Buy Eggs!!!
Eggs are cheap. They are good. Buy eggs. Eat the yolks. They’re good for you, too.


Sometimes Bulk Isn’t Always Best
Bulk bins are great, I’ll be the first to say it. Sometimes, though, you will save money on the same items buy looking for them packaged. Take these almonds for example. Sure, they’re pre-measured, but I get them for $2 less per pound than I would in my bulk bins. I find that nuts often fall into this case.


Stock Up on Pantry Items on Sale
Whenever I buy my rice, I always buy 2-3 bags on sale. Same goes for pasta sauce. If you get those pantry staples when they’re on sale, it’ll save you money down the road.

These aren’t all of my tips, but they’re just a few that stick out to me. Being on a low budget is hard, but it’s totally doable to eat healthfully and still spend less than $50 per week on myself.

Hope you have a great Tuesday!

Questions of the Day:
>> What is one of your money saving tips for the grocery store?
>> What’s your fave jewelry brand? I’m going to be a return customer to Alex and Ani for sure.



  1. Great tips. I have really noticed the price difference in nuts in bulk or pre-packaged like you’ve said and I’m SO glad I did. We go through a lot of nuts around here.
    P.S. Your bracelet is absolutely lovely!

  2. Great tips lady! I try to be conscious of my budget, but it’s a challenge sometimes. I need to start looking at frozen veggies a bit more, because they’re definitely cheaper! When there’s a good sale on one of my pantry staples (pasta sauce, cereal, beans etc.) I always make sure to stock up.

  3. I just started buying frozen veggies recently and it’s been a huge money saver! I can’t believe I wasn’t doing this sooner! Great tips, thanks!

  4. Buying frozen and stocking up on shelf-safe items when they’re on sale are definitely a couple of my money saving tips. I also try to be conscious of buying fresh produce when it’s in season, as it tends to be a lot cheaper then. Also, it helps a lot to make things like nut butters and hummus from scratch… which is something that I really need to start taking my own advice on 😆

  5. Love the bracelet. I don’t know what it is but birthday cakes from the grocery store are my favorite. Glad you had a good day 🙂

  6. less than $50 a week? That’s amazing. I have to start doing that. I mean groceries are for my dad and I (usually) are around $150. I have to try your almond trick! xoxo

    My fave jewelery brand is John Hardy but like I only get it if it’s a gift from Joe or the g-units!

  7. How sneaky the nut thing is- Here in Australia it’s I think easily triple the price- saying that though, when you buy mixed nuts they put like 75% peanuts and the rest others…fail.

    I can relate to the whole budget thing- I sometimes even scour several supermarkets in the same area and get a few from each!

  8. I recently switched to frozen veggies about a month ago since 80% of what I eat is veggies! I’ve noticed about a $20 savings per week when purchasing frozen veggies. Who woulda thunk it?! I still treat myself to 2 fresh veggies a week (brussels and onions) but frozen is the way to go. I also started shopping more at Walmart for food (frozen veggies, stevia, k-cups) The less important quality items are way cheaper there than other grocery stores.

  9. Aw! Your friends really are fantastic. Such a beautiful bracelet. Before moving to Kuwait, meal planning always helped prevent me from purchasing unncessary items. Always had my eye out for some good deals too. However – Kuwait has no deals & it’s almost impossible to not spend $150.00+/wk.

  10. Drooling at the cupcake you had. You’ve got some great friends there and I love that bracelet that you got.

    I can be terrible at budgeting when grocery shopping but I’ve found meal planning has definitely helped me reign it in. Love all your tips too 🙂

  11. For me, I do a lot of the same things as you – buy frozen, store brand veggies and fruit for smoothies. Meal prep also helps because if I know that I’m not going to make pasta that week, I don’t need to add it to my grocery list, even if I’m almost out. My philosophy is “what will I need NOW?” as opposed to “what are all of the things I could stand to have in the next month.” Definitely helps me!

  12. oh god I am terrible about my grocery spending. Like I spend SO MUCH. but I rarely buy other things so it all evens out I suppose? I do stock up when there’s sales on my staples and reward cards are the bomb. I love counting my points…don’t be surprised if I become a couponer…

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