I Don’t Know About You

… but I’m feelin’ 22.

You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting to say that. Yep, it’s my birthday! I kept joking around to my friends that I was just going to have “22” on a constant loop on my phone as I walk around all day for some background tunes. Should I actually do that?

I’m gonna keep things short and sweet today, but first I have to tell you how much of a fabulous weekend I had. I have some pretty wonderful friends, that’s all I can say.

On Friday night, my girlfriend Brittany and I had dinner at Della Zona, which you might remember from Dad’s Weekend. Our pizza had two kinds of mushrooms, potatoes, kale and lotsa cheese. It was delish (esp. with a side of wine).


My friends are so beautiful. Saturday was a great day for OU festing (street parties… we’re nuts).



And this picture just cracks me up. I love my roommates.



Now for some quick housekeeping stuff that I don’t want you to miss out on – if you don’t know, every Friday for the next month or so I’ll be doing a “Fish Fry Fridays” recipe series for some Lenten fun. Here are the posts so far:

Also, I have to tell you about a pretty funny little snafu I had while making these Hidden Greens Vanilla Almond Muffins. I made them in my little old blender, and the top plastic hole covering fell in as I was blending. I had to reach in and find all the little chunks of plastic, and my hands were totally covered in muffin goop. I couldn’t not finish the recipe since I didn’t have enough ingredients to make it again. Naturally, I baked them anyway. All last week I was pulling little pieces I missed out of my mouth as I ate them. #fail

And that’s all she wrote! I’m gonna go buy myself a birthday cupcake. Catch ya later!

Questions of the Day:
>> What’s your most recent cooking/baking fail?
>> What did you do this weekend?



  1. Happy Birthday buddy- as if you failed to mention this to me today! Your hungover weekend was well warranted!!!!

    Recent cooking fail was forgetting the key ingredient in my pancake recipe I hope to post Friday lol… fail whale indeed.

  2. Happy Birthday !! This weekend I got outside as much as possible to enjoy the warm temps before they declined again boo!

  3. Happy birthday lady!!! Hope you have a seriously amazing day. And eat lots of cake ❤ If you're going to be blasting Taylor Swift all day…not going to lie, it's probably a good thing I'm far enough away that I won't hear it :-p

  4. Happy birthday, missy! Just stumbled across your bog and I’m so glad I did. I’m not 22 anymore, alas (can’t play the Tay Swift song as the soundtrack of my life anymore) but I am 23, obsessed with peanut butter, AND some of my best friends go to OU. Sooo needless to say I will be back to check out your blog quite a bit 🙂 have a great bday!

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