Green Food to Green Beer [WIAW #40]

I’m trying really hard to find an eloquent opening for this post. I just can’t truthfully, I’m writing this on Tuesday night after I just finished editing my third draft of a piece I’m writing for a magazine here, and my brain is flatlining. Well, that, and it’s pretty darn warm in my room, even with the window open – one of the only downfalls of living on the top floor of my apartment.

Yesterday reminded me that even though I have seven-ish weeks left of school, I do still have responsibilities. Tuesdays are always go, go, go, which I don’t mind, but they can be humbling, especially when it’s beautifully sunny outside and I’m at my  job in the dungeon computer lab. The thought of food was the only thing that kept me going after 5 pm.

Even though I had a busy day, I was able to fill up on whole, yummy foods. My eats were mean, green, and certainly tasty and nutritious. Thanks to Jenn for hosting the eats link-up, as always.


Breakfast included a new recipe that I’ll be sharing tomorrow. I made one of my favorite breakfasts as of late – a yogurt bowl! I topped plain Greek yogurt with almond meal, cinnamon, whole almonds, and chia seeds with two green muffins. Don’t be alarmed by the color: it’s just some hidden veggie power!



See that big pile ‘o broccoli? Ate it all! I had three eggs cooked in olive oil and roasted kabocha squash, too. After I finished that, I snagged a handful of almonds.




During my first shift at work, I snacked on a banana and sunflower seed butter. TJ’s sunflower seed butter trumps all other brands, in my opinion. When my boss saw me (actually, I usually try to hide my food because we’re not “supposed to” have food in the lab) he said “yummy.” That’s more than I get out of him, usually.



Dinner was one of those “gotta eat now” meals. I didn’t have a chance to grab dinner until 8:45, so I was hungry, but it was too late for any real meal to sound appealing to me. I made up a snacky dinner of toasted Ezekiel bread topped with PB, cottage cheese, and a bowl of green beans. It got the job done.



My new favorite TJ’s purchase is their honey mint dark chocolates. They’re basically peppermint patties, which I adore. I had two! But I was feeling particularly goofy so I took this picture.


Aaaand it’s officially Green Beer Day, so please excuse me while I go have a little to follow up all this green food.

Questions of the Day:
>>What green things did you eat yesterday? Green muffins, broccoli, green tipped banana, green beans!
>>What’s your favorite candy? Peppermint patties, Reeses’ Cups, plain ol’ chocolate.



  1. I love daylight saving for you guys. Decent posting schedule. 😉

    Geebuz that is alot of green…bonus green points for you. Yesterday…hmm.. brussels, celery and maybe rosemary on my spuds?

    Favourite candy would be peanut butter cups too. I’m a sheep. Baaaaaaah.

  2. I hate to do this but I have to disagree about TJ having the best Sunflower butter. Have you tried “Once Again” yet? It’s pretty much the greatest thing EVER!

    Green from yesterday >> Broccoli, spinach, arugula, peppers, cucumber, celery.

  3. Those dark chocolates sound amazing! I think I need to try and round up the TO-bloggers for a road trip to the TJ’s in Buffalo this Spring. I haven’t been to one in…almost a year and a half now? Not cool.
    Favourite candy: anything Reese’s, anything with dark chocolate and sea salt.
    Green foods from yesterday: spinach…more spinach…ummm…the green rind on my kabocha….the dried basil in my tuna salad …(I maaaay be reaching a little).

  4. Hahaha I had to reread breakfast a few times before I realized that the green muffins made up the majority of your bowl! I was like is that…soggy broccoli?? Makes much more sense now!

    I meant to get those dark chocolates when I went to TJ’s like six months ago. Maybe I’ll go again in the next six months!

  5. Eat all the greens! 😀
    I’m curious to see what makes those muffins green in your breakfast post. Can’t wait to find out!
    I can eat steamed broccoli and not get tired of it. It’s just so good.
    I am a die hard Reeses’ fan. 😉

  6. Seeing your green muffins reminded me of the time I used sunflower seed butter in a muffins recipe and they ended up turning green after a day. I was kind of shocked, but apparently the SSB reacts with the baking soda/powder and turns green in the process. Whodda thunk. I still ate them, but I think I’ll be sticking to nut butters in baking from now on 😆

  7. Alright woman. I just got really inspired by all the healthy fats I am seeing you eat. I’ve been trying to be mindful of eating more healthy fats to keep me satisfied throughout my meals. I don’t know what it’s been so hard…but it has! I started using coconut butter today, and have been amping my egg game with avocado at night. I really want your dinner plate, is that random? Sometimes simple trumps complicated elaborate meals, can I get an amen?!

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