St. Patty’s Day 2014: Green Recipe Roundup

I’ve decided that I need to start rounding up some of my older recipes occasionally, both for organizational benefits and to showcase ones that newer readers may not have seen yet. Some of them were terribly formatted, so I might even go back when I have some extra time on my hands and reformat and update all of my old posts. For today, I want to showcase some of my favorite green recipes.

Let’s be real: green recipes really aren’t appealing. But, they’re so tasty and usually pretty healthy (if they’re colored naturally!). Since St. Patrick’s Day is one of my favorite holidays (for more than one reason ;)), I’m pulling out healthy green recipes for you… and me.

Remember how I’m in college and stuff and it’s my last semester? Well tomorrow is the annual “Green Beer Day,” which I haven’t been old enough to celebrate before this year. It’s always before St. Patrick’s Day. Don’t ask me to explain that one. Maybe OU just wants another day to drink green beer? Let’s just say I might need a little detox on Thursday with one of these recipes! I’m looking at you, Hidden Spinach Oatmeal.

Please ignore the horrendous writing in past posts. Hopefully these recipes will make up for that.

Hidden Spinach Oatmeal

You honestly do not taste the spinach in this! It’s even better topped with fruit. Over spring break, I made this recipe and topped it with some whole almonds and banana.


Veggie-Full Mini Turkey Loaves

These are the most flavorful turkey loaves I’ve personally ever made! The flavor, in my opinion, comes from all of the veggies packed inside.


Semisweet Chocolate Avocado Mousse

Okay, okay, I know this isn’t green. It’s made with avocados, though, so it counts. My blog, my rules!


I actually just pulled my latest green recipe out of the oven, so check back for that hopefully tomorrow!

Question of the Day:
>> What’s one recipe that you recently brought out from hiding?
>> Do you have a favorite green recipe?



  1. I remember your green oatmeal because we lamented over the cinnamon shaker stains next to them baha.

    I need to dig out some of my older recipes…my favourite is probably still my curried tuna patties! Which have greens in them!

  2. I love green pancakes! Adding some spinach to my protein cakes are so delicious and you totally don’t even taste the spinach either!

  3. Avocado mousse?1?!? I want. And I’m trying to will the avocado in my fridge to ripen faster…
    And I just made a lasagna last night that I hadn’t made in a while…I featured it on the blog like a year and a half ago, and I’m considering re-posting it because it’s one of my absolute favourite dinners (and I’m pretty sure I took the pictures on the old post practically in the dark)

  4. The avocado mouse yum yum!! I love the simple almond milk, banana and spinach smoothie, but everything with veggies I’m willing to try πŸ˜€

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