Sweet Weekend [MIMM #26]

This past weekend was sweet – literally and figuratively. I’m so lucky to have wonderful friends and family to spend my time with. They spoil me, and I hope they know how much I really appreciate it. My last spring break ended with a marvelous weekend. Big thanks to Katie, the Healthy Diva herself, for always allowing us to link up to her blog.

The weekend really started on Thursday when I met Erin from The Almond Eater. We totally failed as bloggers and forgot to take pictures with each other, but you have to believe me – she’s such a sweet person! If you don’t follow her yet, you really should. I can’t wait to hang out with her again!

My mom decided to take off of work on Friday to spend the day with me as an early birthday celebration, which I was so excited for. We had a great day that started at Pamela’s Diner. Pamela’s is a Pittsburgh staple, and she’d never been! Of course, I was thrilled to be there for her first visit, foodie that I am. Mom ordered the blueberry hotcakes, which is was somewhat wary of because the filling was sour cream and brown sugar. The waitress assured her it was delicious and, in no time, she declared them the best pancakes ever.

I ordered the chocolate chip and banana hotcakes, which I quickly deemed the most marvelous dessert breakfast ever. Basically, I ate chocolate chips with a side of hotcakes and banana.


After breakfast, we walked around town for a bit and then headed to Trader Joe’s. Am I the only person on the planet who responds to the question “what do you want for your birthday?” with “a trip to Trader Joe’s!”? Perhaps. That’s a-okay with me. I got all of my staples to take back to school, and we rounded out the grocery portion of the day with a special trip to an Oriental market to get me two big a** kabocha squash.


Later in the afternoon, my mom and I headed to a local salon to get manicures and pedicures! It was so nice of my mom to schedule those for us. I haven’t had a manicure for a year – a pedi for even longer. My nails and toes were atrocious but now they’re looking marvelous. And so are my mom’s!


After the salon, we headed to dinner at an Italian place. They have amazing sauce, so I just ordered spaghetti since it was a Friday during Lent. We also had a glass of wine with our meals.


Because my mom is a bad influence, she suggested we go get some frozen yogurt after dinner. And because I am just as bad, I didn’t oppose her. Obviously. We ended the night watching the movie Odd Thomas on demand because we’ve both read the book. I hadn’t had a whole day of mom/daughter activities in a while, and I really enjoyed myself.


On Saturday, we had plans to go out to dinner along with Emily to celebrate our March birthdays even more (mine is the 17th, her’s the 23rd). We stopped at my grandparent’s house (dad’s side) for more birthday celebrations. My mom and I had picked up little mini cakes from Prantl’s Bakery, so we ate those after we sang. Dessert before dinner!


We had dinner at Mad Mex after a change in plans, but I’m not one to turn down margaritas and Mexican cuisine.


I had a veggie and chicken filled quesadilla. Spicy, succulent, and filling! Is succulent a gross word? This quesadilla was not gross by any means, though.


Sunday morning brought pancakes again, as Adam and I went to our favorite breakfast spot. I can’t believe that was the last time he and I will have an “interim” breakfast together… that is, until he graduates next year and heads his own way. He took the SATs on Saturday… time goes SO fast! Anyway, we both enjoyed marvelous chocolate chip pancakes with eggs on the side for me and bacon for him. They were delicious as usual. I guess I only eat chocolate chips for breakfast now? Doesn’t matter because these pancakes are some of the best around.


Later, I made the ride back to school with a friend. When I got home, I went on a crazy cleaning frenzy. I’m not really sure what got into me, but at least my house looks/smells fresh now.

Aaaaaand I’m back on that college grind, but I’m really excited to be back. Last few weeks… GO!

Question of the Day:
>> What’s your favorite thing to order for breakfast?
>> What did you do this weekend?



  1. I can’t believe your about to finish your college education…the big, awesome world awaits of no life and no sleep. Just kidding.

    So I may have gotten diabetes just reading this post. Well, diabetes of the eyes at least.

    You should rename this post the ’21DSD recap’.

    1. Hhaa the real world sounds soooo appealing… if you got diabetes by looking at it, imagine how I felt! And it’s so funny you say that about 21dsd, I thought about doing something like that. I should have.

  2. Froyo for the win! I love eggs and grits for breakfast- I usually add butter and sugar to the grits (and all the southern folk are screaming at me for this!) Ps- newish blog reader, love your blog!

  3. Wow, it looks like you had an amazing weekend! Those pancakes look beyond marvelous. Add some chocolate chips to my pancakes and my mouth is in heaven! I’m so glad to hear (and see) that you had a marvelous weekend!
    I am a big pancakes girl when it comes to ordering breakfast. Speaking of breakfast.. I think I may need to go get some now. 🙂

  4. oh em geeee I can’t wait to take you for brunch all around Toronto! We’re gonna eat brunch for every meal…hope that’s okay!

    Also if a trip to TJs was a birthday option you better bet I’d be asking for it! Though my bestie asked me what I wanted to do next weekend in NYC to which I responded “Trader Joe’s”. Her response was “duhhhhhhhh”. She gets me 😉

    1. It’s a vacay so that is fiiiiiine by me! We are so weird and respond “Trader Joe’s” to what most people would say “partying.” Although that’s not out of the question, either… but TJ’s comes first.

  5. Woah you had a crazy weekend!! It sounds amazing though. Those weekends where it’s just me and my mom are some of my favorites. I have two of those coming up soon and I am so excited.

  6. I’m pretty sure you just described the absolute PERFECT birthday celebration. So sweet of your Mom to take the day off to spend with you. She seems like such an amazing & loving lady.

    All the food you consumed this weekend looks delicious, however those first stack of pancakes.. oh my word! They almost sound to good to eat….almost

  7. Yay! I love that our birthdays are so close together! Wish we could celebrate together! ALSO I cannot believe that neither you nor Erin thought to take a picture! That must mean that you had a legit good time and weren’t even worried about it! 🙂

  8. ohmygod those hotcakes. WANT. I usually order a typical diner breakfast (eggs, ham or peameal bacon, toast, hashbrowns) because I’ll be hungry again 20 minutes after eating pancakes…my favourite places are the ones that have a pancake/egg option!
    Glad you had such a great weekend! A mom/daughter day is the best…I might make mine do one with me soon because we haven’t had a day like that in a while.
    The next time you get a cleaning frenzy, wanna hop in a car and make your way up to these parts? I could use someone in a cleaning frenzy in my apartment for a few hours….

    1. They were amazing!! I love ordering omelettes for brunch. If I don’t order eggs with my pancakes i am hungry soon after, too. And yes! Maybe plan a mother’s day weekend or something. Does Canada do that? I would love to clean for you, if it meant we got to meet! :p

  9. All the food you ate this weekend looks sooo delicious. I’m ready to eat my lunch now haha I love, love, love pancakes. My boyfriend and I made pancakes and eggs yesterday for breakfast and I was just super happy to have pancakes! Of course chocolate chip pancakes are the best! I always order pancakes and eggs if I got out for breakfast unless a breakfast burrito is calling my name.

  10. I can’t even handle all the deliciousness in this post. Chocolate chip pancakes? Froyo? Cupcakes?!!? Want.it.ALL. I usually order crepes when I go out to eat for brunch, but I’m thinking I’ll have to look up the pancakes next time around… I just really hope that chocolate is involved.

    1. Ohhhh you must ask for chocolate. Once, I was on vacation with my ex and his family, and I asked for double chocolate chips in my pancakes. I kid you not it was basically all chocolate chips. His family was grossed out, I think, but hell if I didn’t eat them :p

  11. I love (and am a bit jealous) that you and Erin got to meet. I’ll be sure to fly on over and meet up with you ladies next time. 😉 And those chocolate chips…oh my goodness…heaven. Fro yo, kabocha, pancakes, and cupcakes make me love this post even more.

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