Cupcakes, Lent, and Thoughts [Thinking Out Loud #8]

I look forward to every Thursday because I can just talk about random things since I’m linking up with Amanda from Running With Spoons for Thinking Out Loud.

1. Yesterday was the beginning of Lent. I don’t really talk about religion much on here because it’s usually not relevant to my topic, but I am Catholic. I went to mass yesterday and got my ashes for Ash Wednesday, and then I headed up to my aunt’s house. My grandma can’t get out of the house easily anymore, so I gave her some of my ashes. The whole thing made me smile. This selfie is for you, Arman:


2. I just saw on GMA that the lip balm Lupita Nyong’o dropped into Ellen’s hat at the Oscars sold out and Clarins has to rush in a new shipment. Our culture is nuts sometimes. Sorry, I really just had to tell someone that fun fact.

3. Back to Lent. Are you giving up anything for the season if you practice it? I’ve never felt fulfilled giving something up only to go right back to it. I don’t think that makes a difference in my life. This year, I’ve decided to instead practice yoga at least once per day. It will help me both spiritually and physically and act as some “me” time. Yay yoga!

4. Speaking of yoga, I went to a new yoga studio around the Pittsburgh area yesterday with my friend Kaitlyn. It was so fun! I really liked the style of the hot class. It was fast-paced and such a great workout. The studio was beautiful as well. If you ever travel to Pittsburgh, feel free to email me if you need yoga studio recommendations!

5. At my grandma’s last night, I had one of the best cupcakes I’ve ever tasted. It was from a new little bakery in my town, and there were assorted flavors in the box. I happened to choose one that was mint chocolate flavored – my favorite! It wasn’t overwhelming at all, and the center was filled with a minty, fugdey, chocolate icing. omgitwassogood.


6. I get to finally meet this girl today! I had to cancel on Erin on Sunday because the town I drive through ran out of salt. They were in a state of emergency! I got about ten minutes away from my house… thirty minutes after I left. Thankfully, we have good weather on the map for today, so there’s no stopping me 🙂

Have a wonderful Thursday!… it’s almost Friday, hang in there.

Question of the Day:
>> Describe the best cupcake you’ve ever eaten.
>> If you celebrate Lent, what are you doing for it?



  1. I’m not big on giving up things for lent, partially because I’m not religious and partially because of my background. I think practicing yoga every day is such a good idea for lent- it’s realistic and you aren’t doing it for the wrong reasons, like the Lent “diet.” Fast paced hot yoga classes are my favorite. That’s what the studio is like here and I’m obsessed because it feels like a real workout.

  2. Please give Erin the BIGGEST hug from me! Love both you ladies tonnes ❤

    I went to an Ash Wednesday celebration here on Kauai, and it was seriously the sweetest thing ever. As for Lent… I stopped giving up things a few years back and started focusing on DOING something instead because I found that it helped my faith grow a lot better than if I was simply giving something up. This year I'll be focusing on spending a bit more time reading the bible and making sure I start each morning with a reading from my devotional.

  3. I love the idea of practicing yoga for Lent! I don’t come from a religious background so I don’t participate, but to me it makes more sense to try and add something to your life rather than take something away. And I was going to go to yin yoga today but I decided i’m too lazy to make the drive, soooo….I’m using the fact that i’ve already ready read like 4 posts today about as a sign that I should practice at home a little bit today :-p
    Best cupcake I’ve ever eaten? Hmm…I had one last year that was a Turtles cupcake – chocolate with a caramel centre, chocolate frosting and pecan bits. Damn…where’s a cupcake when you need one?

  4. That cupcake sounds good! I think my favorite cupcakes are Irish car bomb with the rich chocolate, filling and then baileys frosting. Yum! I’m not really religious but I like the idea of doing something kind rather than giving something up.

  5. That’s crazy about the lip balm. Our culture is weird. It’s just lip balm lol.

    I think that’s a great idea for Lent. My friend was actually just saying today that the point isn’t just to give something up but rather to fill up the space usually filled with whatever you gave up. So I think adding yoga into your day and dedicating that time to yourself and your religion is a great idea.

  6. I could literally SEE that about to happen when Ellen mentioned her lip balm. Agreed, our culture can be a little nutzo. Loved yoga with ya yesterday and that cupcake looks amaze. Which bakery? Aaaand my most amazing cupcake was definitely a vanilla coconut one from Magnolia Bakery in Greenwich Village this summer… aka the same place the gals on Sex & The City ate cupcakes on the show. I was in love. 🙂

  7. Mint Chocolate cupcakes? Oh my word – please tell me how you were able to stop at indulging on just one? I think I would’ve talked myself into buying a dozen… I mean St. Patty’s Day is coming up soon. We can all pretend were Irish right? 🙂

  8. I hope you and Erin have an amazing time. I am sure you will 😀

    I love cupcakes and that one you had looks delicious but I don’t like mint chocolate. I have strong opinions that mint and chocolate should be kept separate 😉

    Best cupcake I’ve had is a cookie dough one that has a raw cookie dough centre and is topped with icing and a mini cookie. So good.

  9. You and Erin better take a picture together!!! Also if you two also meet up with Cassie I think it may be the final straw and I have to move to Pittsburgh.

    Also a state of emergency over salt? That is the most absurd thing I’ve ever heard…

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