On Finding My Fitness Groove

I never did thank you for all of the comments on last Thursday’s post. I truly mean it when I say they all made me smile, and I’ll be writing back to all of them today. I wrote that post because I felt like I was hiding something from you. I can talk about “love your body” this and “your body doesn’t define you” that all I want, and it’s true – your body really won’t define you. But it can do a hell of a lot to your spirit if you’re not in a good place with it.

Like I said in the post, I really am happy with myself. It took me a while to get there, and even if my abs won’t ever be flat, I love what this body can do (even if my knee is still letting me down). That said, we all go through phases when we feel kind of “blah.” Which brings me to this conclusion: I need to find my fitness groove and steal it back (I feel like Nick Cage when I say that).


If I’m going to be honest again, I’ll tell you that I haven’t been hitting the gym as much for the last six weeks. There’s no real reason other than I’ve been lazy and super busy. Late nights that I didn’t used to partake in on weekdays (mostly for school-related things) don’t allow for me to wake up earlier than 8 am to really feel rested. That’s just the way it is.

Yet, even with that sleep, I’ve been feeling sluggish and just kind of “blah.” I do yoga pretty consistently, and the same goes for Pilates. I’ve lacking in the cardio department, and I haven’t been lifting weights. I do miss it. My body misses it. Ohhhh, does my body miss it. It’s basically begging me to do some tabata workouts. The other day, I did a modified version of this kettlebell workout. My body was screaming in the best way afterward, and that’s when I knew I needed to get back to the gym like I used to.


I wrote this post because I hadn’t touched on my fitness in a long time. I think my disenchantment does stem from real frustration with my lack of running. I still haven’t found a routine that keeps me as satisfied and balanced as running does. On that note, here’s a little update: if I run for more than ten minutes straight, I get terrible knee pain; if I run/walk intervals, my knee is fine. It makes no sense, and when I get back from break, I’m going to make an appointment with a sports medicine doctor because rest clearly isn’t the only answer for that injury.

So with that, I’m telling you now that I want to do The Fitnessista’s Winter Shape-Up. Keep me accountable! I know I’m not doing it on time or whatever because it’s technically over now, but it looks effective but still low-impact enough for my knee. It includes weights and cardio. It encourages yoga and Pilates! I’m excited to start this new routine and to find my fitness groove again. Because we all know that endorphins make you happy. I need a little happy.



PS: Did you watch the Oscars? Red carpet? Did you see JLaw fall? She is perfect. I wish Amy Adams had won. Kerry Washington is really cool, and I loved her dress the most. Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudekis are the cutest couple. Okay that’s my Oscars stream of consciousness.

PPS: Please keep my Pap-Pap in your thoughts this week.

Questions of the Day:
>>Have you tried the Winter Shape-Up before?
>>How do you deal with fitness slumps? Do you have fitness slumps?



  1. Good for you on holding yourself accountable and joining Gina’s plan! Don’t sweat about missed workouts, everyone goes through a phase where working out either doesn’t sound exciting or life gets in the way!

    Loved the Oscars – Ellen did awesome, Kerry Washington is stunning (pregnant and all), I never realized how short Pharrel Williams was until his performance. Like he’s legit shorter than Kevin Hart I bet LOL.

    1. It was a little bit of both of that for sure! But now that the weather is going to hopefully start heating up, I need to pick myself off of the couch from watch Scandal and get out there! Ellen was soooo great. And omg I know! Pharrel is a shorty. His performance was fun though!

  2. Ugh…fitness slumps. I’m in one now, but I’m not sure if my body needs more rest or if I can jump back in…really hoping for the second option. I miss lifting heavy things!
    Good for you on trying Gina’s plan! I’ve never done it, but I’ve heard good things about it.

  3. I’m totally with you on almost every aspect of this post. We’ll get out of our slumps! I didn’t watch one minute of the Oscars…is that bad? I’m sure the dresses were lovely, though.

    Also, I know it sucks to run/walk when all you want to do is run, but if you’re really missing the endorphins and the cardio from running, maybe you should give it a try. Could be that it’s better than nothing!

    1. It’s kind of bad… no I’m kidding. Well you should at least watch the opening because Ellen was pretty funny in it. I do the run/walk sometimes but it’s also frustrating. You’re right, the slumps will pass!

  4. I think we all have periods in which the gym is not attractive at all. I understand you with the knee pain because I have arthritis, and it actually avoids me, from time to time, of running or tabata workouts. however, is great to find other options like yoga or pilates 😀

  5. I’m in a major fitness slump haha i mean, I guess it depends on the perspective, but lately, exercise for me has been walking to the grocery store or to school. I think we go through periods where our body just needs them, but at the same time, there comes a point where something isn’t right and going to a doctor is the only way to get to the root of the issue. I usually find a workout that I really love to get back into it- for me that’s running (when I can), and spinning. Keep on doing what you’re doing 🙂

    1. I’ve been just doing a ton of walking around at school too. You wanna know something weird? I know I need a little more cardio because I can tell my resting heart rate is faster than usual! Which makes me nervous about heart problems haha

  6. I had been working out but just going through the motions so basically I wasn’t getting much benefit so I decided to run in the morning and then come back in the evenings and do some lifting and it is so refreshing I still get that fresh accomplished wake up and get that burn later in the day sure helps with sluggish feelings too!

    1. I wish I had time for two a days! But I would probably get burnt out that way anyway so maybe it is for the best. I’m a morning or early afternoon workout-er! Although secretly I do enjoy some evening workouts because that’s when all the good lookin’ guys go to the gym haha

  7. Definitely in a running slump because I can’t make myself get on the treadmill when it’s awful out. I seriously need to refocus. I’m forcing myself to run at least 100 miles this month so hopefully that keeps me motivated. At least I’m at 13 so far haha.

  8. Oh girl, I definitely feel ya. I think I’m actually in one of these slumps myself, and I think I’ll start looking into some kind of plan when I get back from Hawaii — I miss having a goal to work towards, and I definitely notice a huge slump in my energy when I’m not moving as much. You know what we need to do? Start e-mailing/texting back and forth — be accountability and motivating buddies 🙂

    1. I would love that!! I will email you, and you will have a message to read when you get back from your trip to Hawaii – which I’m super jealous of considering it is zero degrees during my “spring break.”

  9. I’ve been itching to get back into the whole fitness groove again! I did a few pilates workouts this weekend that were low intensity. I’m just waiting to get the okay to lift again. 😀
    I hope you find your groove again! Good luck with the program!

  10. Oh man oh man I know this feeling! My body is so glad to finally be back at the weights, even if just a bit. You definitely should see a doc about your knee though! Rest is good but too much rest is blah. <<I should totally become a doctor.

  11. I think it’s natural for all of us to experience fitness slumps- it happens! Bravo for keeping it real (something which is often hard to find in blogworld) and I look forward to following you in this fitness journey.

    PS Email reply coming this week- promise!

  12. I think we all go through slumps sometimes in our training. We love it then it goes downhill and then we fall back in love with it. I know what it is like especially not being able to run and it can be the pits. Interested to hear how Fitness Sista’s plan goes for you 🙂

    I loved Amy Adams too in American Hustle and agree she should have won!!

  13. Your Pap is in my thoughts!!!

    Know that we ALL go through these phases. Well some crazies don’t but they’ll get adrenal fatigue down the road for not listening to their bodies…I honestly felt this way up until 2 weeks ago. But since moving I decided to make it a priority to get in more exercise. Not in the insane way I used to, but a couple days a week and I really do feel mentally better. Also I’ve discovered Ellen Degeneres makes great workout company so I try to go at that time if I’m not out 🙂

    p.s. you also make great workout company aka yesterday 😉

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