Month: February 2014

Weekend Happenings [MIMM #25]

Another great weekend is in the books.

I’ve got to keep things short and sweet today. I have some things to do to prepare for the week ahead, but hopefully I’ll be able to get some better content up for you this week because it won’t be nearly as busy as I was last week.

A few weekend happenings:

Saturday was Kellie’s 22nd birthday! We had a fantastic time throwing her a party at a friend’s house (because Lord knows I’m not about to do that at our apartment).


Before the festivities started that day, Kellie and I checked “Bare on the Bricks” off our bucket lists. It’s a “nearly naked mile” down the main street of Athens. When they say “nearly,” they genuinely mean that you are not fully naked and it is not fully a mile aka we ran for about three minutes. Regardless, we had fun experiencing that.


Aaaaaand I’m on the “Scandal” train. I spent the better part of my weekend binge-watching the show, and now I’m obsessed.

Thanks for hosting Marvelous in my Monday, Katie!

I’ll catch you all tomorrow – I’ve got a recipe to share!

Question of the Day:
Have you ever done a nearly naked run?


Friday Favorites

So maybe you’re all like “Hey, Angela has hardly posted all week, why is she doing this lame Friday Favorites thing instead of giving me something real?”

And then I’m all like, “Listen, it was a crazy week, and no, I didn’t post a ton. But I certainly read a some great content from some awesome people, and even if I didn’t comment I still totally checked it out.”

And then we’re all like, “Yay! Friday Favorites are awesome!”


Favorite Thankful

We need to remember to be thankful every day of our lives. As Amy said in her post this week, we never know when the end will come. Sure, that might sound scary, but why should you let it scare you? That’s something I struggle with all the time, honestly. I just need to remember to live for the now and be happy with what I have right now.

Favorite Perspectives

The comparison trap: you’ve heard that before, in jobs, life, etc. It’s especially prevalent in the health and fitness field. We constantly bombard ourselves with “inspiration,” but can we sometimes take that “inspiration” too far? Or maybe we start to question what “healthy” really means? Am I not healthy because I sometimes drink? Am I healthy because I make healthy brownies? Truthfully? We can really only compare ourselves to… ourselves. Both Kaite and Claire gave two great perspectives on what “healthy” means to them as individuals.

Favorite Reflection

Do something that scares you. Often. It will lead to great things. Davida and her post are living proof of that.

Aaaaaand some shameless self-promotion:

I’m in this class right now that I really love. Basically, we are a group of students acting as our own firm for a website that we blog on. My first post went up yesterday! The website contains a mix of general marketing and social media info as well as some Athens-centric posts. We would love for anyone and everyone to check the site out.

And just because I could use a little of this today, here’s a fortune that was in my cookie a few weeks ago:


Here’s hopin’.

Question of the Day:
>> What is one of your favorite posts from this week?
>> Any fun plans this weekend? Also, how is it already the weekend?

Buy Real Cheese [Thinking Out Loud #6]

Today is Thursday, yesterday was Wednesday and the day before was Tuesday… but all of them feel like a Monday.

Who knew that my final semester at college would be this busy? I surely didn’t. Isn’t that against the rules or something?

Thankfully, it’s Thinking Out Loud Thursday Monday?… nope just checked again, it’s in fact Thinking Out Loud Thursday. Since we need to catch up, I’m using this to tell you whatever random things come to mind. 

1. Buy real cheese. Just don’t even mess around, unless you’re dairy or lactose sensitive. I decided to give Go Veggie! cheddar cheese a try this week, and I could tell it was processed. The cheddar flavor wasn’t that strong, and it had too soft of a texture for cheddar. I wasn’t impressed. Next time I want cheese, I’m buying the real damn thing. That’s what I’m all about, anyway. Silly Angela.


2. Chobani lids are pretty funny. I got a good morning laugh when I opened my yogurt the other day. Chobani, if you’re listening by some crazy chance, I’d love to work for you. And yeah, I licked the lid for this pic. So what?


3. Veganaise is really good. I bought it because I want to be exactly like Goop. It doesn’t gross me out like regular mayo! And I put it in tuna salad this week with some dijon mustard. It was fantastic.


4. This article from Thought Catalog made me cry yesterday.

5. I must tell you two delicious recipes I tried this week! First, I made Cassie’s Blueberry Sweet Potato Muffins, and they were amazing. They crumbled well but were still … dare I say it … moist. I loved them! I also made Alexis’s crockpot Chickpea, Brown Rice and Broccoli Casserole. It looks terrible, but it tastes creamy, garlicky, and is very comforting!


6. Pilates. I kind of love it. I want to put together a yogilaties workout for the blog soon. But Pilates itself… omg. The five series is the hardest thing my abs have ever endured. You are supposed to keep going through the five moves with your head and shoulders off the floor and without rest. It’s insane. And the teaser? Even worse – in the best way possible!

That’s all she wrote! I’ll talk to you soon.

Questions of the Day:
>>Are you familiar with Pilates?
>>Have you tried Go Veggie! Cheese or Veganaise?