Weekend Happenings [MIMM #25]

Another great weekend is in the books.

I’ve got to keep things short and sweet today. I have some things to do to prepare for the week ahead, but hopefully I’ll be able to get some better content up for you this week because it won’t be nearly as busy as I was last week.

A few weekend happenings:

Saturday was Kellie’s 22nd birthday! We had a fantastic time throwing her a party at a friend’s house (because Lord knows I’m not about to do that at our apartment).


Before the festivities started that day, Kellie and I checked “Bare on the Bricks” off our bucket lists. It’s a “nearly naked mile” down the main street of Athens. When they say “nearly,” they genuinely mean that you are not fully naked and it is not fully a mile aka we ran for about three minutes. Regardless, we had fun experiencing that.


Aaaaaand I’m on the “Scandal” train. I spent the better part of my weekend binge-watching the show, and now I’m obsessed.

Thanks for hosting Marvelous in my Monday, Katie!

I’ll catch you all tomorrow – I’ve got a recipe to share!

Question of the Day:
Have you ever done a nearly naked run?



  1. Hahah I love that idea of the nearly naked mile! I was supposed to do a cupid undie 5k last weekend except the whole not being able to run thing kind of ruined that. This weekend was perfect for it with the weather being so nice!

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