Friday Favorites

So maybe you’re all like “Hey, Angela has hardly posted all week, why is she doing this lame Friday Favorites thing instead of giving me something real?”

And then I’m all like, “Listen, it was a crazy week, and no, I didn’t post a ton. But I certainly read a some great content from some awesome people, and even if I didn’t comment I still totally checked it out.”

And then we’re all like, “Yay! Friday Favorites are awesome!”


Favorite Thankful

We need to remember to be thankful every day of our lives. As Amy said in her post this week, we never know when the end will come. Sure, that might sound scary, but why should you let it scare you? That’s something I struggle with all the time, honestly. I just need to remember to live for the now and be happy with what I have right now.

Favorite Perspectives

The comparison trap: you’ve heard that before, in jobs, life, etc. It’s especially prevalent in the health and fitness field. We constantly bombard ourselves with “inspiration,” but can we sometimes take that “inspiration” too far? Or maybe we start to question what “healthy” really means? Am I not healthy because I sometimes drink? Am I healthy because I make healthy brownies? Truthfully? We can really only compare ourselves to… ourselves. Both Kaite and Claire gave two great perspectives on what “healthy” means to them as individuals.

Favorite Reflection

Do something that scares you. Often. It will lead to great things. Davida and her post are living proof of that.

Aaaaaand some shameless self-promotion:

I’m in this class right now that I really love. Basically, we are a group of students acting as our own firm for a website that we blog on. My first post went up yesterday! The website contains a mix of general marketing and social media info as well as some Athens-centric posts. We would love for anyone and everyone to check the site out.

And just because I could use a little of this today, here’s a fortune that was in my cookie a few weeks ago:


Here’s hopin’.

Question of the Day:
>> What is one of your favorite posts from this week?
>> Any fun plans this weekend? Also, how is it already the weekend?



  1. Ohh I love that! Healthy is different for everyone. I try not to think too much about it, but sometimes with all this blog reading it’s hard not to! If I feel healthy then I think how I’m eating must be healthy!….or that’s how I try to look at it anyway. I hope good luck is with you this month! I mean seriously, that’s way better than the fortunes I usually get.

  2. How is it already Friday? No, no, no this week feels like it has been taking forever. So busy and stressed. I didn’t post much this week but I did read some good ones. This weekend I’m excited for a friends bachelorette party!!

  3. Andddd since I’m just getting around to opening up my reader today, you just gave me more posts to read! Congrats on that post. I’ve gotta go read that one too 😉

  4. THAT’S why I thought you were from the south – I’ve heard you mention Athens before and thought you must have meant Athens, Georgia, where UGA is! Anyway, fabulous informational post!!! I need to get better with LinkedIn. Also, thank you for the link love!

  5. Looking forward to checking out all these awesome sounding links! Sure you may not of blogged as much as usual, but life happens. What can ya do? 🙂 What a fabulous fortune. Mine never seem to make any sense LOL.

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