How To Have A Great Weekend [MIMM #24]

You know those weekends that you wish could continue for, oh, about forever? This past weekend was one of those. Today I am going to tell you how to have a great weekend.

1. Have your friend who graduated last year come to visit.


2. Have brunch with a huge group of friends at your tiny apartment.

3. Drink what I am deeming “the trifecta” for brunch: champs for mimosas, coffee with coconut milk, and kombucha.


4. Eat a seasonal veggie quesadilla at Casa. Also margs.


5. Snack on Very Cherry Brownies before you go to sleep.

Very Cherry Brownies 6

6. Help the magazine you work with hold executive position interviews for next year (such a fulfilling experience).

If you do all of these things, I promise you’ll be smiling (possibly like a crazy lady, but maybe not).


Thanks, Katie, for always letting us show our marvelous.

Question of the Day:
What made your weekend great?



  1. Sounds like a blast in a glass of a weekend…hoping it didn’t result in epic hangovers…;)

    Eating Asian food for under $10 was my marvelous inducing weekend.

    Random q, but do you reckon canned coconut milk would work for my coffee? We have the one’s designed for curries…actually, I made oatmeal with it before. Done.

  2. Hhhaah that sounds like an awesome weekend! Lots of good food. My friend also came to visit me this weekend and it was so nice 🙂 Coffee and coconut milk sounds so good…why have I never thought of that? I’ll give it a try and see if it’s up to my standards lol I’m a coffee snob.

  3. We legit had opposite posts today hahaha. I was such a bum on saturday. I kind of needed it but also decided to dwell in my unhappiness. Not fun. Wish you’d just been here so we could hang out and I wouldn’t have to feel like shit…managed to pull myself out of it by Sunday though!

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