Birthday Cake Nut Butter [Bloggy’s First Birthday]

It’s bloggy’s first birthday!

Birthday Cake Nut Butter7

One year ago today, I pushed publish on my very first post on Nutty for Life. I had no clue where I would take this space, but I’m so glad I stuck with it. The past few months have been some of the most rewarding for me, as I’ve made more connections and new friends. Coming here to chat with you every day is one of my favorite outlets. So thank you! You’re fab.

It wouldn’t be a birthday without presents, of course, so I whipped up something special this special day. Creamy, vanilla-y (that’s a word, right?) and nutty as ever, Birthday Cake Nut Butter is the perfect way to celebrate. Woo hoo!

Birthday Cake Nut Butter2

Birthday Cake Nut Butter

Makes about 2 servings


  • 2 c. raw cashews
  • 1 c. raw almonds
  • 1/4 c. coconut butter
  • 1 1/2 tsp. pure vanilla extract
  • 1/4 tsp. sea salt
  • 2 tsp. honey


  1. Add nuts to a food processor or high-powered blender. Process until the mixture starts to form a ball (approx. four minutes).
  2. Break up ball and continue processing.
  3. Continue to alternate processing and scraping down sides until a smooth paste forms (in total, approx. 10 mintues).
  4. Add in remaining ingredients. Blend until completely smooth consistency is reached.
  5. Store in an airtight container.

Go ahead and lick the spatula. I totally did. Twice.

Question of the Day:
>> Have you ever had cashew butter?



  1. Happy birthday to Nutty for Life- I am stoked to have come across your blog and connected with you- I love real, honest bloggers….even if they have recipes which don’t cater for those without food processors. You and Davida… terrible.

  2. AHHHHH Happy bloggy birthday!! That’s so exciting 🙂 Also that nut butter looks divine. I tried to make my own this weekend and it was a fail (I think my food processor isn’t the best..?). I’m willing to give it another shot though. Anyway, celebrate today with alllllll the peanut butter/nut butter/chocolate! I mean, you have to!

  3. Wooooo happy blogiversary! I’m super glad you joined the blog world so we could become friends 🙂 I celebrate anything with cake so I think it’s a very fitting recipe for you given your blog title 😉

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BLOG INSPIRATION 🙂 Thank you for starting Nutty For Life and inspiring me to finally start my blog. Your recipe looks beyond amazing and I have to make it ASAP. Also love the photo – your food propping looks so cute. LOVE YOU & CONGRATS xoxo.

  5. Happy belated blog birthday!! Congrats! I still remember the first time we connected, when you wrote about how you felt NOT running and being scared to get hurt more and that you were going to lose fitness and all that. I thought, that day, that you’d read my mind! And so I kept reading, and still read each day (ok, I missed yesterday, but it was a travel day). You’re amazing and I’m so glad we met! xo

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