Sibs Weekend 2014 [MIMM #23]

This past weekend marked my final Sibs Weekend at OU. All of these “lasts” keep coming up, and it’s so sad! One thing I’ve always appreciated about my school is their family weekends. Not many other schools have that! I know they could come visit any time, but having a designated weekend makes it easier on me. Plus, there’s a different feel at the university when everyone brings their families at the same time.

I had such a marvelous weekend with Adam, and I wish we could have stretched it out to one day longer. Saturday flew by! My parents dropped him off at my apartment Friday night, and we headed straight to dinner. He was in the mood for something spicy, so while we waited for a table at Casa Nueva and Cantina, we munched on some chips and salsa. For dinner, I ordered the vegetarian chili (it’s always so spicy and delicious) and a house salad. I forgot to take a pc of the chili until the last bite!


We also saw these goofy statues on the shelf next to us. It’s perfectly Athens to have something weird like this.


The next morning, we went to breakfast at the Union Street Diner with my roommate (Kellie) and her brother. We introduced our very shy brothers to each other over some food. I had a spinach, tomato, mushroom and onion omelette. I couldn’t finish the potatoes!


Adam had a ridiculously large hot chocolate to accompany his breakfast. We laughed out loud when the waitress brought i over.


After breakfast, we grocery shopped for our dinner ingredients! Then it was time for yoga. The studio here was having their open house, so all classes were free! I thought I was roping Adam into something he wouldn’t enjoy, but he ending up liking the class we took: Yin restorative. It was so relaxing!


Obviously we had to follow that up with caffeine at his favorite coffee shop, Donkey Coffee and Espresso. 😉


Later, we ate our dinner, which we’d prepped earlier. Adam loves Chinese, so we thought we’d try Lee’s Crock Pot Sesame Chicken. It was really tasty, but I actually felt that it had more of a BBQ touch to it. Either way, Adam was happy! The only problem is that it doesn’t photograph well.


I was so glad that OU’s hockey team was playing this weekend. We went to the game to watch OU win over Kent State as our evening activity! Then we went to Donkey Coffee again because Ad wanted hot chocolate. I got a chai. And since that wasn’t enough sugar, we had dessert at home! I forgot to snap a picture of it, but it was from a local bakery, Fluff. I had a cupcake and Adam had a bootyshaker bar (it was as decadent as it sounds!).


Before our parents arrived the next day, we had breakfast at Bagel Street Deli. Adam got the Abe Froman (picture typical breakfast sandwich with sausage), and I had the Bluenana (blueberry bagel, banana, honey, cinnamon). Oh, and then we went to Donkey again. I told you Adam loves it.


Now it’s back to the weekly grind. I miss Adam so much already, but it truly was a marvelous weekend. And who knows? I might have recruited a little Bobcat! 🙂


Thanks, Katie, for linking us all up on this Marvelous Monday!

Question of the Day:
>> Did you try to get your sib to go to the same school as you?
>> What was your favorite quirky college town restaurant? Mine here is actually Purple Chopstix.



  1. That is so sweet that not only does your school offer a sib day, but your dear brother decided to come & partake in it. Everything about your weekend together sounds like so much fun. For a second I thought his big glass of chocolate milk was beer. Ha Ha Ha!

    Nope, my twin brother & I never went to the same college. However, while he wrestled on the guys wrestling team – the girls coach was trying to recruit me. LOL

  2. I went to the same school as my bro and one of my sisters! My bro never actually went to school though….That’s how my brother who is 3 years older than me ended up graduating 6 months before me lol.

    I couldn’t pay my siblings to do yoga with me so I’m infinitely jealous.

    Also I’m loving the brown hair. It totally suits you! Although you’re a gorgeous blondie too 😉

  3. Your brother and I wouldbe good friends I think with his love for hot chocolate 😉 I wonder if I can convince my brother to Come to yoga with me in a few weeks… I’m going to try!

  4. I love that you were able to spend the weekend with your brother! It looks like you guys had a wonderful time together with yoga, food and friends. I keep trying to get my boyfriend to go to yoga with me, I really think he would enjoy it like your brother did.

  5. I wish I had a brother! Heck, I wish I had siblings in general. I used to love being an only child when I was younger (hellooooo all the attention and toys), but not so much now that I’m older. My family is tiny with just me and my parents, and it’d be nice to have someone more my age thrown in there. Can you adopt 29 year olds? 😆

  6. It looks like you guys had an amazing food weekend 🙂 Such yummy choices! My sister went to a school up north in Ohio and I stayed in central Ohio, I did get to go up and visit her a couple times and it was always so fun !

  7. Totally sign me up for your next family weekend…..purely because I want to OD on caffeine at the donkey kong place.. or whatever it was called.

    You think that dinner didn’t picture well? Dude, I could faceplant that at 7.11am in the morning night now!

  8. Aww, it sounds like you had an amazing weekend! I’d love to have one of those types of weekends sometime. Your food has my eyes bobbling, YUM. ❤

    Haha, I'd drink all that hot chocolate. Caffeine for the win!

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