Friday Favorites

I feel like I haven’t done a Friday Favorites in a while, but I’m pretty sure it’s only been two weeks! This year is already flying by, and I can’t keep track of it. 2014, can we please slow down?? Today can hurry up, though. My brother is visiting tonight! He will get here around dinner time and stay through Sunday for Sibs Weekend. We have some fun things on the map, but mostly I just want to hang out with the kid.

He’s one of my favorites. Here are a few other things that made my favorite list this week:


Favorite Personal Opinion
At this point, I’m sure you’ve seen the controversy surrounding The Biggest Loser. Do I agree that she is on the underweight side? Yes. But Sam from Better with Sprinkles put her thoughts out there, and she explains why that is sending such an unhealthy message. Take the time to read her opinion.
*edited to add: I don’t mean to say that the contestant did something wrong, is a bad person, etc. But, I think that there is a large percentage of girls who might misconstrue the show’s message. I hope that the winner is actually healthy and happy, and, if she isn’t, that she gets there eventually.

Favorite Get In My Mouth
This cake. Tell me you don’t want it, too. If I keep going this is going to sound a lot more 50 Shades than I’d prefer. Lexi from Lexi’s Clean Kitchen hit it out of the park with her flourless chocolate cake.

Favorite Growing Up
My girl Cassie’s post about the joy of missing out on her blog Almost Getting It Together was so relatable for me. Have you ever heard of FOMO? Fear of missing out? Cassie flips that on its head and explains why, as we get older, we realize there is good reason to be happy about missing out sometimes.


This quote kind of summed up my life, so I had to make it into a graphic. Shamelessly promoting my own pin here.


Favorite ‘Burgh
I saw this post originally on Glamour, but I had to link back to the original to see the full list of the 20 Most Romantic Cities in the U.S. Pittsburgh is on the list! I guess I’m moving back to the right place after school. 😉

I’ll see you Sunday! I’m going to go sit by the window like a puppy and wait for Adam to get here.

Questions of the Day:
>>What’s one thing your city is known for? Pittsburgh is recognized for being far more things than romantic. Boisterous and loud is probably #1.
>>Are you more likely to experience FOMO or JOMO? If I’m in a mood I definitely get FOMO. Most often, I am fine with missing out on a wild weekend, though.



  1. I’m more likely to experience JOMO. I never have a problem missing out when my friends are having a crazy night. I’m perfectly content on the couch in my sweats and I’ve chose that option many times! Have a great weekend!

    Ashley, Married to the Game

  2. LOL Pittsburgh most romantic eh? Interesting! I’m going to have to read Cassie’s post right now! Sounds like a good one, though I’ve never went through a FOMO stage so maybe that just means I’m super lame. Probably. Oh well!

  3. We should have a bloggers epic saturday night where we just sit at home and chill…sounds epic after this crazy week!

    I can’t wait to stalk lexi’s blog to get some grain free ideas- have a blast with the bro (your other bro!)

  4. I loved reading Sam’s article too I thought it was a great perspective. I didn’t even know about the BL show at all but saw so much about it on twitter it made me Google it.

    I loved your comment about sitting by the window like a puppy, I know that feeling for sure!

    Have a great weekend!

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