Marvelous Motivation [MIMM #22]

Ohhhhh Monday. It snowed about six inches here overnight, so today is definitely feeling like a slow Monday. We don’t have classes until noon because the roads are terrible. I’m hoping that everyone takes it easy on the drive to school, work, etc. today.

Did you watch the Super Bowl last night? I was not impressed with the game (uh a total snoozer) and the commercials. I only really laughed at the Doberwawa Audi commercial – that one with the tiny dogs with big heads. You know the one I mean? Cracked me up. I also liked the halftime show, minus the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Don’t hate me for saying that. They just didn’t mesh with the feel of Bruno.

What my eyes were on most throughout the game was actually social media. I was interested in what every brand was doing for the big game, and I thought about each campaign as I saw it unfold. #nerd. If you didn’t see JCPenney’s major fail… go check it out. Long story short, people misunderstood their ploy and thought the Tweeter was drunk.

Annnnnyway, it’s Marvelous Monday with Katie and I want to share my one favorite of the weekend and some motivation with you!

Yesterday, my roommate and I took a little road trip to Columbus to get a breather from Athens. It can be a little constricting to be in a small town all the time! We stopped at Trader Joe’s, VSX (Victoria’s Secret Sport), and Lululemon! I spent the gift card Emily got me for Christmas and bought a super sping-y tank from Lulu. I can’t wait to wear it! I am no longer just the Lulu headband girl (I had two).


And with that, here are some quotes to push you through the week (all from my Pinterest! Follow me!).

Make this day, and every day, great. I’ll catch ya tomorrow.

Questions of the Day:
>> What did you think of: the game, halftime, the commercials?



  1. so jcpenney has a weird place in my heart – I had to do an advertising class project (aka a whole semester) where we rebranded them. I learn to honestly hate the company but last night was hilarious – mostly at their expense though. no one caught on at all

  2. Um I love the RHCP…DON’T BE A HATER…but you’re right they definitely didn’t mesh with Bruno. Two completely different sounds. Anyway–I’m glad you were able to enjoy some time in Cbus and buy some goodies! Always fun 🙂

  3. I may have already mentioned this, but I -love- the colour you picked for your tank — definitely a little bit of extra workout motivation right there. And I only caught bits and pieces of the game (mostly as background noise), but I heard it was a pretty big snoozer. I can’t even recall any commercials that I really enjoyed…

  4. Oh I love all those quotes! Especially the first one with the heart. Sometimes that’s all it takes is merely believing in yourself when no one else does. Be safe out there today! Here in KY we got so much ice school was flat-out canceled! yikes!

  5. K so I spent the superbowl organizing my spice rack but here’s a random tidbit for you.

    Canada gets different commercials than the US so it’s a huge deal to watch the American commercials the next day and see what we missed. I just think that’s hilarious that people get so excited about commercials but I do suppose some have actually changed the game!

  6. Confession: I didn’t watch the Super Bowl, but if I did I probably would have paid attention to the social media like you did. Loveeee the lulu tank! I own 3 things from there and one is my water bottle so it almost doesn’t count. I wish I had an unlimited clothing budget. I had no idea there was such thing as a Victoria’s Secret sport store! Now I kind of want to check it out…

  7. I loved that Budweiser puppy commercial, it was so cute! Not to mention the puppy was adorable!
    Love the tank you got too! Don’t you just love lululemon!

  8. The game was a complete blowout. The half time show? PURELY AMAZING. Bruno Mars is such an amazing live performer. He gave me the chills. 😀

    The commercials were kind of a let down, but I loved the lab and horse commercial. ADORABLE.

    I need to go shopping soon…

    You got yourself a new Pinterest follower. 🙂

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