What’s In A Name [Thinking Out Loud #4]

What’s up, friends? I just woke up from a really restful sleep. I wanted to write my post last night before bed, but I had work in the lab from 6 to 10 pm. With the extreme cold, the temps in the buildings are really weird as of late, and it was definitely no warmer than 60 degrees (F) in there. It was so cold for a building. I wore my winter coat the entire time! When I got home, my feet were actually defrosting, I kid you not. I think the cold made me very sleepy, so right to bed it was. I didn’t even watch the American Horror Story finale!

Since it’s Thursday, it’s time once again for Β Thinking Out Loud. This is quickly becoming my favorite link-up because I can just be random… but for a reason.

1. I was thinking about names this week because Amanda actually wrote in a survey post how she got her name. I thought I’d share that with you about mine! My name is Angela Marie. The name Angela means “messenger of God” or “Angel.” My mom always loved the name Angela. It’s cool because her name is actually Marie Angela. Cute right? She also wanted a name that people would always use the full version of… but I don’t think she got that one quite right since basically everyone calls me Ang, and I actually prefer that!

2. Head over to Amy’s blog today to see a really cool post about raw beauty. She asked for people to send her pictures of themselves with no filter, no editing, and no makeup if you wanted. Below is the picture I sent her. In the spirit of being honest, this is in the morning not long after I woke up. I’m not wearing makeup and my hair hasn’t been brushed. Keep it real! And go give Amy’s post some love. She worked hard on it. (Also, to be clear, I’m not looking for compliments by posting this, I just wanted to support a friend.)


3. I just finished a book called Muckers yesterday for my YA Lit class. I didn’t love it, mostly because there were really drawn out descriptions of football game. The story itself pulled me in but then lost me every few chapters.

4. I’m going to show you a picture of my toes and my toe ring. It’s my favorite piece of jewelry. I haven’t taken it off for … 4 years. Is that gross? Maybe. Sorry if you don’t like feet.


5. I just looked at the temperature. It’s 0 degrees. Please tell me how I am supposed to walk to class without becoming a permanent Athens snow fixture.

6. This week I got to go to the yoga studio twice for hot yoga! I usually work during the time of the Tuesday class, so I can only go on Mondays. This week, since the university was closed Tuesday, I didn’t have to work, so to yoga I went! We did a lot of chair poses on both days. Yesterday my thighs were KILLING me. Killing. But in good way? I haven’t felt that much sensation for a while.

7. A Trader Joe’s trip is possibly in my future. I couldn’t be more excited. You know how I am about grocery shopping (okay, and if you don’t – I LOVE IT).

Questions of the Day:
>>Guy or girl, answer me this: Do you prefer the makeup or no makeup look on women? Do you yourself live by that answer? I think anyone is beautiful in their natural state. However, I love to wear mascara and lip balm every day at the very least. It makes me feel put together.
>>Have you read Muckers?
>>What’s one new thing I should buy at TJ’s?



  1. I wish I had a Trader Joe’s close to me! I am hoping they build one soon! I love grocery shopping too. πŸ™‚ I love your toe ring! I wish I had one, but I can’t find one I really love.

  2. Your mom should have named you Amanda — I don’t think anyone’s ever called me by a nickname before. Wait, no… some people just call me ‘A,’ but otherwise it’s always the full version. That’s super cool about you and your mom having the-same-but-opposite names though πŸ™‚ As for makeup, I’m fine going without it, but I do actually like it — not only because it makes me feel put together, but it’s a form of art and a creative outlet as well.

  3. Working at home I tend not to wear makeup too often, but I do like to wear it when I want to feel ‘put together’. I may have a slight attachment to my black eyeliner….
    Oh goodness, Trader Joe’s. Whhhhy have they not come to Canada yet?

  4. 0 degrees? Wait..is that a joke?! It was 41 this morning in AZ and I was complaining. I officially apologize and wish you luck! haha. P.S I am jellin’ on your toe polish girl. Is that weird? Nahhh!

    YAY for Trader Joe’s! I have a date with that fella on Saturday to restock my cabinets.

    I prefer no makeup but spice it up for work so I look presentable in meetings. I used to wear full on everything. It was almost like wearing a mask. Now I am comfortable in mascara, blush, and chapstick. Cheaper and simpler. I prefer the no makeup look on women. WORK IT!

  5. Aw I love how you got your name! That’s so cool!! I think my mom named me after some professor she really liked when she was in grad school haha random. I love trader joe’s so I hope you pick up some cookie butter πŸ˜‰ And honestly, I can’t tell you the last time I wore makeup… It’s been months. Many of them.

  6. I only wear makeup for going out at night/special occasions. Sometimes I try to put on BB Cream and some mascara before work, but honestly I work out over my lunch hour so I’m a hot mess every afternoon anyway-and I just go back to the gym after work so I’m NOT doing makeup 3 separate times a day!

  7. I usually only wear cover up but that is mostly because 1. I am lazy and my job doesn’t care 2. I’m bad at applying make up hehehe oh well. Oh day when I’m a mature adult I’ll figure it out. YES to Trader Joe’s I hope you have the time of your life!!! πŸ™‚ But seriously. It’s the best.

  8. The cold can defiantly drain you and make you very tired or at least it does for me! Love how your mom named you, very pretty. You are so lucky you can just roll at out of bed and look like that, flawless! I find I have to at least put cover up on every day and I prefer to have eye liner and mascara. I’ve never heard of that book, might have to check it out. If you haven’t tried the car cookies from tj I suggest those or the fresh baked ciabatta bread if they have it at yours.

  9. I know you’re not looking for compliments, but damn girl those baby blues!!!

    Love the story behind your name! My name as you know is just David with an a at the end. David means beloved so I guess my name means “beloved a” lol.

  10. Make up schmake up. If it makes you happy, go for it- If you prefer all natural- that’s cool too. I think it’s sad that people look beyond inner beauty and pre conceive things based on exterior.

    If I had a TJ’s here I could help you out….damn you guys!

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