Kale Chip Thoughts [Thinking Out Loud #3]

Hey hey hey! I’ve been super tired over the past two weeks for no reason, really. Luckily, I think I’m starting to get my body back to a normal sleep/wake schedule. I’m feeling pretty rested today… except for the fact that American Horror Story gave me nightmares last night! It was a seriously gruesome episode but really a great move toward the finale.

I’m linking up with Amanda at Running with Spoons again this week for Thinking Out Loud. My plan is to tell you many more random things like the one above.

1. Yesterday in Pilates class, we were learning the “five series.” She was giving us a tip on something, I think it was to tell us to keep our feet a bit higher at the start and as we develop our cores we could drop our legs more. When she was telling us this, she said something along the lines of “you can do that when you have abs, which… I don’t see any of that here.” I was like okay, well I know I’m not Mrs. Abs of Steel but jeez! Be a little more discouraging!

2. I had a supremely “Angela” thought yesterday in my nonfiction writing class. The prompt was to think of unique way to combine media and a nonfiction work to make a multimedia experience. My mind immediately went to a voiceover of a themed work paired with a time lapse video of kale chips cooking. I actually snickered out loud at my thought in class. So typical. Super lame.

3. For Christmas, I got this sweater that says “totes amaze” on it. I kind of love it. I wore it the other day and felt totes amaze and cheesy and cool. It’s by American Eagle Outfitters.


4. My latest obsession? Coconut butter. The store-bought kind is so expensive that I’ve just been making my own. I put on top of the protein pancakes I’ve been having for breakfast! It’s so good. I haven’t put any added sugar in it either, and I still am in l.o.v.e. Googly eyes and all of that.


5. Confession: I’ve been feeling really disenchanted with the gym. I have the desire to move, I just don’t feel like going out in the cold to get there. Terrible excuse. I’ve been walking more each day, so that’s nice, and I have been doing a little bit of yoga at home nearly every day. And don’t forget the plank a days (although I sometimes do ;)). But I think this is a sign that I really want to run. We shall see!

6. On Saturday I have plans to go to my friend’s apartment and play Zumba on Wii with her. I can’t wait.

Question of the Day:
>>Coconut butter: yay or nay?
>>On a scale of one to really dumb, how dumb is my kale chip idea?
>>Tell me something that’s been on your mind!



  1. Geesh.. I’d be a bit um taken back and kind of annoyed if an instructor said something like that to me or anyone in class for that matter.

    Coconut butter is amazing & should be topped on everything – okay may be not everythinggg

    I know I shouldn’t be happy someone else has been sleepy all week – but it’s good to know I’m not the only one. Ha Ha!

    Have a wonderful day, dear!

  2. What a rude Pilates teacher! I wouldn’t even think about saying anything discouraging in my classes, much less actually insult my students. Plus, just because you don’t have a ripped belly doesn’t mean your core isn’t strong. It doesn’t matter because you are totes amaze 🙂

  3. That’s pretty much the exact reason I never got a gym membership — I know that I’d have a super hard time motivating myself to leave the house when its cold and dark out… I have a gym in my building which I can use, and while I hate that it’s usually quiet and lonely, it’s nice not to have to worry about scraping ice off my car and bundling up in 7 layers just to stay warm. Coconut butter — yay. All day, every day.

  4. Coconut butter looks exactly like soupy grits. It’s amazing!!

    I hate motivating myself to get to the gym, but once I do, I ALWAYS feel better. Sounds like your Pilates teacher is quite the peach. So annoying. PLEASE don’t let her make you hate Pilates. It’s a wonderful class if you have the right teacher!

  5. Mix that coconut butter with some vanilla bean and then you will discover the key to life. Crack I tell ya!

    I feel disenchanted with the gym too at times. It’s cause I got totally stuck on the mindset that each time I went had to be harder and better than the next. I’m not training to be a body builder or a fitness model so even if I’m lifting less than the last time or power-walking on the treadmill I am much happier now. Hard for me to get to that place though!

  6. Looove coconut butter, but I’ve never made it at home. And usually my desire to go to the gym is pretty high in the winter, but lately I’ve been struggling with that too. I tried to go to yoga yesterday and couldn’t even get my car to start because of the cold…so then I gave up on the idea of working out completely. Oops.

  7. Ummm #1–rude!! Like seriously. I totally know what you mean about not wanting to go to the gym. Every morning I lay in bed for like 10 mins…. it’s so cold….Erin you should go….ahhh but it’s literally freezing….Erin you need to shower anyway so just go. …….it’s ridiculous.

  8. I can’t believe an instructor actually said that, what a way to make people feel bad. Coconut butter is so good! I usually only get it when it’s on sale at marshals or TJ Max, I’ll have to try making my own now that I have a food processor.

  9. Um…..please tell me how you make this coconut butter. It’s $19.95 a jar here in Australia!

    Your thoughts regarding kale….genius. Ridiculously genius. Your randomness or as you say ‘Angela’ness is awesome. I wonder what else goes on in that kooky mind of yours! 😉

  10. I have been so tired lately too! Like SOOOO tired. It’s totally unlike me and I don’t know why! If you figure out what our problem is or how to get motivated, please clue me in!

  11. How rude of your teacher! lol I don’t blame you on not going to the gym. It was about this time in my sophomore and junior years that I did exercise programs.. P90x, Insanity, etc. I loved not leaving. If I did go to the gym, I either drove, or made sure to go straight from classes. Walking back from being sweaty wasn’t always the smartest, though!

  12. I love pilates. It’s a challenge, yet it’s so fun. Oy, if I heard that, I would’ve been like “I’ve got abs under this flab. It’s just being protected.” 😉
    I’m loving that sweater! The saying says it all.
    I need to try coconut butter.
    Zumba is always fun! 😀

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