Friday Favorites

Friday! The first Friday of the semester is always a pretty big sigh of relief. The funny thing is, it feels like a Wednesday or something. I had a pretty leisurely morning, which is why this is coming to you a bit later than usual. Last night, I went to see a friend’s band play so I didn’t get home until late. Naturally, I had to make sure I got my beauty sleep 😉

Let’s get this Friday started with some Friday Faves!


Favorite Strength
Jessie from Jessie Loves to Run always demonstrates what it means to be positive, caring, and strong. One of her posts this week was no different, as she explained what strength meant to her and how she handles her current living situation. Things may not always be ideal, but we have to make the best of what we can work with because, all things considered, we’re pretty darn lucky.

Favorite Future
You know how you think you always have to have a life plan to be successful? Well, you don’t. Amy over at The Little Honey Bee talked this week about living intuitively, which can mean many different things depending on an individual stance. I took this to mean that we have to live in a way that best suits us, and we can’t live our lives for someone else. We have to do what makes us happy. On another note, I recognize that sometimes what suits you best might be what works best for someone else, for example a child. Our needs and wants change as we grow, and we are always evolving.

Favorite Realization
When we’re young, people always ask what we want to be when we grow up. Hell, my professor just asked us that yesterday! How many times have we changed our minds and dreamed big as a child? Why can’t we still keep those dreams rolling until we find a path that truly makes us happy? Heather at Fit N’ Cookies posted this week about changing dreams and why it’s not only a normal thing but maybe even a great thing.

And now I have to tell you something that I think is pretty darn cool. Any guys reading this, sorry, it might not be totally up your alley, unless girls in their bras are your thing.

Aerie just launched their new campaign called Aerie Real. Basically, the photos on their site, starting with the new collection, are not going to be photoshopped, retouched, etc. The girls are real. You can see what your cup size really looks like. Yeah, they girls they used still have great bodies, but you know what? They look a heck of a lot more real than any lingerie ad I’ve seen before. Check out the Aerie website to see the new campaign.

PS. I was not asked to say any of that. Aerie is just a company that I really love. I’ve been an Aerie girl from the start.

Question of the Day:
>> How do you feel about dreams evolving as we grow?
>> What do you think of the Aerie campaign?



  1. I think dreams evolving as we grow up is part of the journey, each phase leads us one step closer to finding our passion and without one section we would have ended up with a different dream, really cool the way you think about it.
    I checked out the Aerie campaign and I loved it! It was so real and actually portrayed healthy women not some unrealistic fake body image young girls, heck all girls strive to look like.

    1. It is definitely a pretty cool campaign, and something not many other companies have done, if any. You’re right about the journey, though. Without each phase of our life, we wouldn’t know where we want to end up next.

  2. I love Aerie too! I didn’t know they were doing that but I think it’s great. It’s so relieving to see a company that’s not afraid to show a few human flaws. The imperfections are what makes true beauty!

  3. I love the campaign! Finally, pictures without photoshop work done. They need more of this. Social media has gotten outta control!

    I for the longest time wanted to be a psychologist, but as of recently, I have changed my mind and want to be a teacher. Dreams are not always permanent, If you want something, go for it!

    1. I also love the campaign. I think it’s beautiful. I always thought a psychologist would be an interesting career. I went through an I wanna be a teacher phase for a little while, too. English specifically!

  4. Playing catch up so sorry for the delayed comment 😉

    I loved Jessie’s post this week too I thought it was so inspiring and showed how resilient she is and how that can be a way to show others how to be strong.

    I’m now 30 and I’ve already had at least 3 almost ‘careers’ in different things. I wanted to be an Actress, Fashion Designer, Chef and Air Hostess all at different times when I was growing up, I am now none of those things but it just proves that dreams definitely do change and the job you may end up with may not even have been invented yet – like my job right now 😀

    1. Jessie really is an amazing individual. I admire her. I didn’t realize you were thirty?! It’s good to know that someone has been there and made it through and is still happy. A lot of people get disenchanted with the workforce because they only see it as a money maker and not a way to be happy. Thanks for sharing!

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