Friday Favorites

Last night, I took a yoga class with a friend from my internship team who I hadn’t seen in several months. It was bittersweet because she is moving to Los Angeles next week, and I feel like we didn’t even get a chance to be real friends since I live out of town for most of the year.

We took a yoga class and went across the street to a bar/restaurant afterward, in sweaty clothes and all. Before I knew it, three hours had passed and so had three glasses of wine and some munchies (yoga + wine = balance). I had the best time with her and wish her the best on a new adventure. Still, I can’t help but feel a little salty because I had such a wonderful evening and now she is moving across the country. It’s times like those that really make me appreciate putting the phones and technology away to really take in experiences with friends.

Right now, I’m sipping on a Pumpkin Soy Misto from Starbucks at my mom’s office. If you haven’t tried a Misto, do it – I just converted mom. I’m staying out with her for the day and getting a trip to TJ’s for it 😉 Since I have a time to kill, I thought it would be a good day to compile some favorites for the week. I haven’t done that for a while! Plus, it’s Friday, so you get some alliteration.


Favorite Fresh
I’m a big fan of grapefruit. Anytime I eat one, I always squeeze out the juice to drink at the end. This week, Elise over at 9toFit posted a really yummy looking fresh grapefruit juice recipe. The colors also look kind of trippy, which I like. Now if only I had a juicer…

Favorite Openness
I can honestly say that anytime Sarah at Pickyrunner posts about her relationship with her body, food and exercise, it is one of my favorite reads of the week. She is so honest in this post about her experience with calories that it prompted me to want to post about my own past with food. Look for that sometime in the near future. For now, give Sarah’s piece a read.

Favorite “Yep”
Not only was I happy to find Arman’s blog because it gave me the opportunity to say I have an Australian friend, but it also provides me with really thoughtful reads that always make me nod my head in agreement. He says the things we are all thinking, just as he did in this week’s post about cleaning up your blog reader.


Favorite Om
Just beautiful. I hope to forward fold like this within the year.


Favorite Fandom
If you are an avid TV fan and love sarcasm like I do, you have to start following Glamour mag’s entertainment blogger Megan Angelo. She posts content that covers everything from reality television to awards shows and always finds a way to look at things creatively. She’s so relatable, and I almost always agree with her. Since I love New Girl, I loved her post this week about why New Girl flashback episodes are the best (fat Schmidt, anyone?).

I’ve officially finished my Misto, so I’m over and out. Have a great Friday!

Questions of the Day:
> Link up one of your fave posts from the week!
> Putting away the cell phones – what’s your opinion?



  1. Wooooo thanks girl!! That means a lot and I look forward to reading your story I would kill to be able to do a forward fold like that. Now I’m thinking I should maybe hit up a yoga class this afternoon. My flexibility is lacking.

  2. Ahhh fresh food sounds so good after the holiday madness, but I’m still waiting for the weather to warm up a bit more before I start enjoying juices and smoothies. Is it summer yet? Actually, I probably shouldn’t even complain. At least it’s warmed up enough outside that I can go out without having to worry about my eyelids sticking together when I blink.

  3. I definitely need to get better about putting away my phone and being more present – I’m usually good if we’re out at a restaurant, but at home Eric will be talking to me and I’ll be texting/looking at Instagram/doing whatever else at the same time. Something that I definitely need to work on!
    And I always find posts about people’s relationship with food to be interesting, so I’m looking forward to your post!

  4. Your so right about making time with real friends and taking a break from our phones. Gah, I am guilty of this one. Catching up over the phone is good, but catching up over a meal is the game changer!

  5. Urgh, pumpkin in coffee makes my stomach hurt. You can have my share of it 😉

    It’s really scary realising how attached we can be to technology- I am already freaking out over the damn INTERNET for when I move- Seriously- there are way bigger problems and that’s my concern. I’m looking forward to your post- it’s always interesting to see other’s relationship with food, exercise etc!

  6. This post and the picture you have just made me want to do some yoga BAD. I rely on my phone as much as the next person, but it’s so great when you get together with someone and forget that the technological world even exists.

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