Thinking Out Loud… Late

I wasn’t feeling particularly inspired today so I wasn’t going to post, but then I thought of a few things I wanted to tell you about, so here I am! Even though I’m a little late to the game today, I’m going to link up with Amanda for her Thinking Out Loud series.

1. Yesterday I got my butt off the couch and visited my friend Emily to say goodbye before we head back to school. It was kind of surreal because she still has one year left (5 year masters program for Speech Language and Pathology – I am majorly proud of her), and with her major, she has to stay up at her school over the next summer. t’ll be weird. Anyway, we also exchanged gifts for Christmas and she got me a Lulu gift card. To say I am excited is an understatement.


2. Since this cold I have has officially moved up to my head, my tastebuds were just like “kay, bye” yesterday. Unfortunate timing, because this is all they wanted me to eat, and I reservations for dinner.


3. That restaurant is called Meat & Potatoes, and I’ve been wanting to eat there since the summer. I heard great things, and so did a few friends. We finally made it down, and while nothing on the menu was anything I wanted yesterday (again, tastebuds, you’re the worst), I still enjoyed dinner. The only downfall to the restaurant was that they didn’t give you bread for free. They make it in-house and then grill the slices before serving, so I understand where they’re coming from. It wasn’t the best bread I’ve ever had, so I wish it had been free. I ordered the Pork dish, which was freaking HUGE. Do you see that thing?!! It came with a baked bean sauce and a side of apple slaw. It was all pretty sweet with a little tang, and I think I would love it even more if I hadn’t been sick.


4. I am obsessed with the free Ounces app. I use it every day to track my water. I’ve been making sure to get at least 100 ounces daily, but I’ve been breaking that goal on most days. Whadddddup hydration.


5. The other day, I gave myself a manicure. A real, full-blown mani. I soaked my hands in water and coconut oil, then used a coconut oil and salt scrub, shaped my nails, the whole shebang. It was great.


6. Anyone else watch the new episodes of The Bachelor, Pretty Little Liars, New Girl, The Mindy Project, or American Horror Story this week? I did! Let’s discuss if you have. Tell me what you thought in the comments.

7. Adam has his first formal dance Saturday evening, and I know I’m going to cry like a baby when I see him in his suit.

8. I have a few good ideas for recipes, but no extra funds to buy the ingredients with – for the time being. It’s very frustrating. Please bear with me for the next few weeks, and I promise I’ll bring you some food posts.

Question of the Day: 
Best thing you ate this week. Go!



  1. Best thing I ate this week is sweet potatoes drizzled with white chocolate wonderful peanut butter, nothing beats that stuff!

  2. Pretty Little Liars! I watched the seasons I missed on Netflix a few months ago and have been looking forward to this season ever since! I need to get that app- I never drink enough water.. :/

  3. Best thing I ate: chocolate birthday cake, hands down. I’m down to one piece, and I’m not sure whether I should be happy or sad. A little bit of both, I guess. And your nails are seriously looking good. I’ve been painting mine, but there’s just something about taking those few extra steps that makes it feel that much better. Definitely going to have to find the time to do that in the next couple of days.

    1. You just keep taunting me with that cake! And thank you about the nails – typically they are really messy but I took my time and actually used good polish, so I thought they turned out well, too. I recommend soaking in coconut oil and water! my hands were insanely soft after.

  4. Okay, I only watched 3/4 of PLL and need to see the rest. It wasn’t that great. 😦 I didn’t realize the other shows (“New Girl” and “The Mindy Project”) were back so now I have something to watch this evening! 🙂

    Your mani looks great. My nails are chipped from NYE and need help big time. Maybe I can make a whole night out of it!

    Happy Thursday/almost Friday!

    1. Yeah it was a slow start to the season, but I thought the convo btwn Ezra and Mona was spot-on. And those other episodes were so so so funny! Thanks about the nails, they were also a product of chipped NYE nails!

  5. Ah what are you going to buy at Lulu?! BEST. I am now totally wanting a mani but I think I will get a polish change instead (half the price woohoo). Best thing I ate was my mom’s pea soup. I am also feeling a bit under the weather 😦 no fun, feel better soon lovely!

  6. I have been absolutely terrible at drinking water lately. I blame it on the weather. Usually I drink 120+ ounces a day! lately I’ve probably been drinking 60 at most. Something to work on. It’s always weird to see people stop coming home for breaks. I know I was the first of my friends but it wasn’t because I stayed at school- I moved to RI. Whenever I do come home and my friends are off doing their own things with their life it’s another reminder that we’re all growing up. Weird.

    1. As much as I’m so ready for the summer to get here, I’m also dreading it because I know it won’t be like other summers and last summer I had so much fun that it will be sad this year when it’s not the same. But I guess that is a part of growing up. At least we’ll (hopefully) have jobs to keep us occupied… haha

  7. Urgh, the loss of taste is the worst- use moments like that to eat crap tasting food 😉

    PS we are totally going to that restaurant when I visit. Meat and potatoes = my two favourites. Best thing I ate this week- Yesterday I faceplanted fruit. Like, 4 different kinds. Sort of out of spite- sort of because it’s amazing.

  8. Best thing I ate this week… is it lame to say Coconut Chobani? It’s all I’ve been dreaming about… second to that is probably the salmon I had last night and third is this fried quinoa I’ve been making…. OH and oatmeal, duh.

  9. Ugh, I HATE going out to eat when I don’t feel good! I will tell you that your pork dish looked DELICIOUS, omg! And yes, I watched The Bachelor and I have a feeling this season is going to be amazingly ridiculous. I kind of can’t wait.

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