Let’s Talk About Running…

… because we haven’t in a real long time.

As a side note, saying “real [whatever]” is, according to my friend Brittany, something unique I do with my speech sometimes. Is it really just me? Okay moving on.

Like I said, it’s been a while since I talked about my running game. With the new year upon us, I figured now would be a good time to fill you in.


In short, I miss it. But I think you might have been able to guess that if you’ve been reading for a while.

I haven’t gone on a run since the Turkey Trot in November – instead, I’ve been doing a lot of ellipticizing (it’s a thing, just go with it), yoga, and weight training. With the holidays, I didn’t get to weight train as much as I’d have liked, so unfortunately some of the results I’d started to see kind of disappeared.

I don’t think I’ll be running again until later this month. There are times when I really want to, but I know that my knee isn’t quite ready to hit the pavement again just yet, even if I ran the Turkey Trot pain-free.


When school starts up, I plan to try my legs at running again and then gradually build up stamina. If all goes well until mid-February, I am going to start training for the Athens Half-Marathon. I would love to end senior year by finishing my second half. However, I won’t sign up for the race until the month before, or later. I don’t want to risk having to lose that money on a race I can’t run. My wallet definitely felt that loss last time.

I think that’s about it for where running and I stand now. I’m going to continue to do cardio, yoga, and strength training until I can lace up the running sneaks once again!

Have an awesome first weekend of 2014!

Question of the Day:
In regards to saying certain phrases… what’s one weird thing you say? I say a lot of weird sh*t since I’m from Pittsburgh, but I love it.



  1. I think this is a great plan. I know how frustrating it is not being able to run but doing other things will keep you in shape and strong so that when your knee is ready,you’ll actually be fully healed instead of ending up back where you started with the injury. Finishing senior year with a half is an awesome idea!

  2. I don’t have one particular weird phrase, but in an attempt to make my road rage or cursing less offensive, I have to pair a dirty word with a cute animal. My favorite is XXXX Monkey but to each their own. 🙂

      1. Donkey totally works! I also had a phase where I had to sing my, um, complaint, in tune to whatever was on the radio. Didn’t last long…I may have just ended up swearing to the beat.

  3. I think your plan is great, I was in the same position a few months ago. I just finished my first half, was hit while riding my bike a DAY before my second scheduled half and had to drop out of it because I was in the ER. I was set back in running because I needed to recover. I realized I needed that time to become 100% pain free before hitting the pavement again (even after being released from physical therapy). I am wrapping up my senior year at ASU and hope to finish another half before the end of it! So we can rock this together 😉

    When your 100% healed you’ll be able to enjoy your runs/training. Much better than hating it and being worried you’ll get hurt again, ya know?

    I believe in you and think your plan is smart!


    1. Whoa I am sorry that happened to you! Getting hit while riding is no joke. I’m glad you’re okay – and that you seem to be taking it in stride and in as positive way as possible. I think that you can def make it through another half. You seem to have the right mindset! Good luck with the end of senior year!

  4. No worries–it’s soooo much better to wait out an injury than to run too early and get re-injured (trust me, I would know). Ellipticizing is the way to go and yoga, duh. In time, you will be able to run again 🙂 I mean, that’s what I keep telling myself about weight-lifting so it’s gotta be true!

  5. I miss being able to run outside! I just started to get back into running after a LOOOOONG hiatus, and then the snow fell and totally rained (snowed?) on my parade. I have a ahrd time running on the treadmill (fear of falling off), so I’m really looking forward to some nicer weather so that I can get outside again. Until then… at least I have snowboarding 😀

    1. Ohhhhh the weather will totally stop me from getting outside for a workout. I have very specific outdoor running conditions. I always freak out about the weather before a race. And I hope that it gets above, you know, 0 degrees (whatever that is in celsius) so that you can get outside to board!

  6. I am so proud of you and your positivity. You are helping to keep me positive too because you know I can relate. I’ve been on two short runs since the half but still felt pain. I’m frustrated but I know it will get better for both of us! Stay strong lady and you have a great plan 🙂

  7. Athens in Greece? 😉 I reckon in due time, your body will dictate to you when it is ready to continue on with the running- patience is key my friend!

    Completely off topic (when is it ever NOT off topic with you :p) but I didn’t want to sound creepy on your instagram BUT whoever was in your recent flashback picture…no joke I looked like that as a kid. See? siblings.

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