A Happy Birthday & Planks

I’m starting today with a very important and special birthday wish for my mom!


Happy Birthday, Mom! I loved ya then, I love ya now and I’ll love ya forever. Have a wonderful day.

And now onto planks!


This year I am making one major goal for myself: do a plank-a-day.

I’m not one to make lofty new year resolutions or what have you, but I wanted to make one goal for myself that is, I think, attainable and that will do me some good.

There’s a little bit of history behind the plank-a-day goal as well, so let me fill you in. When I was in middle school, I found out that I have scoliosis. If you aren’t aware of what this is (it is actually pretty common), it just means that my spine is curved. Sometimes people need back braces to fix the problem if the curve is too intense, but luckily I never needed that. Still, my spine has a significant curve to it and thus I have learned that I need to keep my back and core strong.

That is a driving force for why I continue to keep up a healthy lifestyle and exercise. I don’t want my core to become too weak – I have found that when I don’t work out, I get major back aches. Since the plank is a great core-strengthening move, I chose a plank-a-day as my goal.

I won’t always do a long plank, but hopefully my stamina will increase by the end of the year so that I can hold a plank for longer than I can now (which is like, a minute and a half on a good day).

I’m ready to tackle 2014 head-on. Are you?

Questions of the Day:
Are you a new year resolution type of person? Do you make a new year goal? Tell me what it is/they are!



  1. Awe happy birthday to your mom!!
    Love the idea to do a plank a day! I think I’ll try to join you on this! I might not remember everyday, but I’ll do it as much as I can. I can’t imagine how much core strength it’ll build over a year!
    Happy New Year!!

  2. This is a good one! I did planks almost every day this summer but I slipped off the bandwagon. Once you get it into your head though I feel like it becomes a routine and you don’t think twice about it which makes it easier to stay on board!

  3. My aunt has scoliosis, and DID have to wear the brace. In high school, poor thing. She’s still got a pretty significant curvature-love your idea of being proactive and planking through it!

    1. Thankfully my growing stopped and so did the curve- but if it had progressed further I would have needed the brace. Proud of your aunt for making it through HS with the brace. I’m sure that was no fun.

  4. Plank a day sounds like a fun challenge for the year. I think we could all work on our core, I try to be good about it but often let it slack. Oops! Happy birthday to your mom, she’s lucky to have a wonderful daughter like you!!

  5. Your goal definitely is a good one! A good family friend had his spine fused together when we were in elementary school because he had a wicked bad case… So sad 😦 I made goals for myself this year and think that they’re fairly realistic so I’m hopeful that I’ll make them happen!

    1. I told her you called her mum (mum’s a new one, she isn’t used to having an Australian son yet) and she laughed and says thanks! I think I’d fall on my face if I tried to plank + insta at the same time

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