2013 Discoveries [Spill It Sunday #5]

This week’s Spill It Sunday is all about the random and/or shocking things I’ve discovered in 2013. I’m going to try to keep this as food/fitness/self-based as possible because honestly the world shocks me on the daily, both in good and terrible ways
The Big Man's World
This year, I discovered the green smoothie. This was a biggie. Spinach… in a smoothie. And you don’t taste it. It was actually life-changing.
This year I discovered that I love yoga a whole lot. It is something that will be in my life for the duration. I can’t wait to unearth more passion for this practice.
This year I discovered that I am not immune to injury. Hurting my knee changed my whole perspective on working out, which was probably for the best.
This year I discovered that I am strong. Strong enough to run a half-marathon, strong enough to lift weights, and strong enough to be myself.
This year I discovered how rewarding taking a risk can be… also known as starting this blog. It will continue into 2014 and hopefully beyond. Thank you for finding me and reading every week.
Hey, remember that time I had blonde hair?
Here’s your selfie, Arman – and thanks for hosting the link-up!
Question of the Day:
What is one thing you discovered in 2013?


  1. I also discovered the green smoothie & my love for yoga this year. And took a risk with my blog! Sounds like we are on the same timeline 😉 Hope 2014 is another amazing year of health & wellness discoveries for both of us!

  2. Very similar discovers this year buddy- Especially the spinach in a smoothie thing (and the zucchini in oats, right?!)

    This blog BETTER continue into 2014….I’m awaiting 2014’s peanut butter day and see you churn out recipe after recipe in its honour. You have no excuses now with your new kitchen gadgets 😉

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