Cookie Baking 2013

I had the best day yesterday. If you remember my mentioning in Wednesday’s post, my best friend Emily and I were spending the baking cookies. We started this tradition last year, and I hope it continues well into our futures.

For me, it wasn’t even about making cookies. It was about spending time with one of my favorite people on the planet. That’s what this season is really about.

We started the day at the grocery store to gather ingredients. Oh, and the wine store. We obviously needed to get the baking essentials.


We started making all of our dough around noon since several of the doughs had to chill. We were baking well into the evening when we realized we hadn’t eaten all day! So we called for a little pizza, which hit the spot!

Here’s a photo dump of the day. I will list all of the cookies we made at the bottom of the post and link up to the recipes that I found online.


We had a bit of a flub with the first batch of these cookies – we filled the trays up too much and didn’t grease the tops! We ended up with a few “wreaths,” if you will πŸ˜‰


But that didn’t stop us! When we were making Lofthouse style sugar cookies, we had to get a system going because the dough warms really fast and then you can’t get it off of the counter.

IMG_2666 IMG_2668 IMG_2672IMG_2674

IMG_2676 IMG_2683 IMG_2684 IMG_2687

IMG_2702 IMG_2704 IMG_2705 IMG_2708 IMG_2709


The cookies we baked:
Lofthouse Style Frosted Sugar Cookies
Gingerbread Chocolate Caramel Cups (using this idea, this gingersnap recipe and caramel filled kisses)
Dark Chocolate Kiss Cocoa Crinkle Cookies (basically this recipe with a dark kiss on top… the recipe was on the back of the kiss bag one year)
Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies
Zesty Lemon Shortbread Cookies
Coconut Rice Krispies Date Balls (Emily’s grandma’s recipe)

I hope you get to bake up a storm with good friends or family this holiday season!

Question of the Day:
Favorite holiday cookie? I am partial to those dark chocolate crinkle ones.



  1. You girls are adorable, and the cookies look delicious! My best friend will be home saturday, so we just might have to do a little cookie/ wine party of our own. πŸ™‚ it will most likely just turn into a day drinking wine party with store bought cookies, but that’s what holidays are for, right?! πŸ˜‰

  2. Those all look AMAZING! My favorite are the loft house cookies, hands down. My mom and I made the chocolate crinkle ones last year with caramel inside and they were delicious! I’m glad you had such a blast- it’s hard not to when you’re with your best friend πŸ™‚

    1. Last year our Lofthouse cookies turned out ridiculous, this year we had a much better strategy of making them πŸ™‚ Since I love chocolate the crinkle ones are at the top of my list. Cookie baking is great, cookie baking with friends is better!

  3. You definitely celebrated National Bake Cookie Day in style! I really wish more of my friends were into baking — I didn’t even get to take part in any cookie exchanges this year! And I definitely wouldn’t mind getting my hands on some snickerdoodles, shortbread, or chewy chocolate gingerbread!

    1. I totally forgot to say that it was nat’l cookie baking day! But I actually planned the baking for that specific day because I heard it was that holiday. If I could have you come bake with me I totally would! πŸ™‚

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