Friday Favorites

Happy Friday the 13th! Let’s break all the rules on this superstitious day, okay? Walk under a ladder! Break a mirror! Stand near a black cat! Open an umbrella inside! Don’t cross your fingers! Don’t knock on wood!  

I’m not going to lie: sometimes most of the time I am superstitious. So I won’t be doing any of that. Also, I think black cats are beautiful and if I were going to get a cat, it’d be a black one. They’re my favorite!

Oh, you want to hear more of my favorites, you say? Okay!

A word of caution – if you look at my favorite posts, they’re all of food. There was a lot of thoughtful goodness around the blog world this week, but… I was HUNGRY!


Favorite sweet tooth:
When I was little, my mom never let me eat Oreos because they would stick in my teeth. Mom? Can I eat these please? But they’re Davida’s Healthy Peppermint Oreo Cookies!

Favorite cold weather fix:
I don’t like traditional tomato soup. There, I said it. The consistency kills me. When I saw that Liz made a chunky tomato soup with brown rice, though, I was all in!

Favorite craving:
I just told my friend Brittany that I wanted to make curry because I was craving it like a mad woman. The next day, I saw this Curry in a Hurry recipe! Signs from the universe.



Favorite cookie:
I’m still trying to figure out my cookie lineup for this year, so I’ve been searching Pinterest. These Butterscotch Molasses Pudding Cookies are a contender.



Favorite life lesson:
It’s no secret that I have been loving yoga lately. I know there’s a lot of blah blah blah surrounding who is or isn’t a “yogi,” but I’m going to consider myself one. Kay? Cool. So I started researching yoga sites recently to learn even more. If you haven’t heard of it, Do You Yoga is a pretty cool and inspiring site. I personally connected with “5 Life Lessons I Learned on the Yoga Mat” this week.


Back to the superstitions. I thought of one more. Say “Beetlejuice!” three times. See what happens.

I’m off to do a tabata workout and then hit up my dad’s friend’s Christmas party. Should be a good time!

Question of the Day:
Are you superstitious?



  1. Can’t promise they won’t get stuck in your teeth but at least they’re good for you! Thanks for sharing 🙂 I’m not so much superstitious but I do believe in all things astrology and psychic related. I’ve seen a psychic many times!

    1. That’s what toothbrushes are for! Hehe. I’ve been to a palm reader once. I don’t know how authentic it was but I also have a big interest in astrology. Have you ever read Free People’s weekly horoscopes? They’re weirdly spot-on.

  2. I’m going to fall down the rabbit hole of that yoga site.

    I guess I would consider myself a yogi. There’s times I fall out of love with it for a couple days or two then I am itching to get back on my mat. Same with running, I suppose. People always ask me if I do yoga because I’m so calm… I guess they haven’t been around me at work haha.

  3. Ohh damn superstitions..I’m not really one to follow them but I HATE horoscopes with a passion. I never read those!

    Actually, did you ever play the crack and line game? Walk on a crack, break your back, walk on a line, break your spine? Ah the good old days of being a kid.

  4. Ahhhh starting to catch up on blogs again finally and this was definitely a great way to start 🙂 So glad I’m done with school so I can start trying all this yumminess. I want to organize all my recipes into some sort of book because I always have 239523950 things I want to try, then end up getting overwhelmed by all the options and never making them. Suggestions?! haha

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