Sriracha May Be Better Than Ketchup [WIAW #36]

Sriracha may be better than ketchup.

We can discuss in a moment, though. Guess what? I get to go home tomorrow! I could not be more ready to be with my family for a month. It doesn’t feel like the holidays until I am at home.I am not fully into the holiday spirit yet. Not even the snow or the lights uptown are helping me!

And if I am going home tomorrow that means… let me check my calendar… it’s Wednesday. So it’s What I Ate Wednesday! Thanks, as always, to Jenn for hosting. Here’s what I did (and ate!) yesterday.



I slept over my friend Brittany’s apartment Monday night, so yesterday morning I was super hungry by the time I got home. A big bowl of zucchini oats cleared that problem right up. I topped it with cinnamon and the other half of the banana I added to the oats as they cooked.

Check out the centerpiece I made! It’s a glitter covered wine bottle, ornaments in a vase, and a red candle. I was pretty proud. I call the look dollar store chic.



I call this look “finals week hair.” Note the piece of hair sticking out there. After breakfast, I met back up with Britt and headed to a coffee shop so that we could work on papers. I finished the paper with the help of a pumpkin coffee. Hint: get a medium coffee at Starbucks and ask for two pumps of pumpkin. Best ever. I also bought Brittany’s drink in honor of the #Elf4Health pay it forward challenge. She is boring and got coffee (she’s not really boring).



Since I ate a late breakfast, my appetite was totally out of whack. When I got home from the coffee shop, I was hungry but not super hungry, so I had an apple with carrots and (unpictured) peanut butter. Lotsa PB.



Whole grapefruit while I watched some stand up comedy by Chris D’Elia. It was a reward for finished my paper (the stand up, not the food). Stinking obsessed with grapefruits right now. I top them with stevia.



Dates. Also obsessed with dates. And two Hershey’s kisses because they were staring me in the face. I didn’t enjoy them as much as i should have because they were stupid milk chocolate.



I went to not hot yoga at our school’s gym with my friend Lauren. I seriously love yoga! I can’t get enough. I wish there was another class Thursday before I was leaving, but unfortunately there isn’t.

This is where the sriracha comes in. Ummm.. I had a crazy spice craving yesterday. So I put sriracha on my broccoli and peas, in my brown rice, and on my chicken. SRIRACHA ALL THE THINGS. Then I was like, “I think sriracha may be better than ketchup.” Thoughts? I still can’t decide.



My Running With Spoons mug cake obsession is still going strong. Dark chocolate topped this one but not in the pic! I watched the VS Fashion Show with Kellie while I ate this. It was my first time watching.

Question of the Day:
See above.



  1. I have seen everyone posting those delicious mug cakes! And I totally had the VS fashion show on as well. Not sure how I feel about it but it was great to see the creativity the designers had. I’m a sucker for ketchup πŸ˜‰

  2. Hi there! This is my first visit as I’m popping over from Jenn’s WIAW link-up. You are the first person to introduce me to zucchini oats. Aduh. Looks amazing. So does your wine bottle craft. I love glitter so I picked up on that right away!

  3. I am a wuss when it comes to spice so don’t hate me but I definitely prefer ketchup or really actually tomato sauce which is similar to ketchup but slightly different.

    I wish we had those baby carrots here in Australia but I’ve not seen them anywhere, they always look so cute.

    I am yet to try zucchini oats but I need to get onto giving them a go.

    Have fun on your holidays, jealous you are already on them πŸ™‚

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