#Elf4Health Tabata

Hello! I hope Monday is welcoming you with open arms.

Currently I am sitting at work in the computer lab blogging instead of writing a final paper. No worries, though – this is the most chill finals week I’ve ever had. If all I have to work on are a few papers this week, I have no reason to complain. Whaddddup journalism major.

Today marks the start of Elle‘s and Lindsay‘s third week of #Elf4Health, a now-annual holiday challenge. I have a new elf (partner) and am looking forward to completing the rest of the challenges.

The Lean Green Bean

The daily tasks can range from fitness challenges to food challenges, to organizing your house or even doing good deeds. They are all-encompassing to make the holiday season brighter in every aspect of our lives. Today is a fitness challenge: complete a circuit workout.

Last week, I made up a tabata workout (which are a kind of pseudo-circuit, in my opinion), so I thought I would share it with you today in honor of the challenge. It focuses on arm strength, but some of the cardio moves work the full body.

If you’re not familiar with tabatas, they are sets of moves that you complete for 20 seconds, followed by 10 seconds rest. You do this for four minutes (or 8 rounds of on/off).

Elf4Health Tabata - Nutty for Life

I recommend using a challenging weight for the strength movements since you won’t be completing a ton of reps. But remember, that is what worked for me, and everyone is different! Make sure you cater the workout to yourself so that you don’t get hurt.

Have a great day! Only 16 days until Christmas! 🙂

Question of the Day:
Do you like doing tabata workouts? I think they’re so challenging but really quick and effective.



  1. Ummm yea about how I have a final paper due in 7 hours and I’ve written 2/8 pages of it. Blogging always wins, darn it.

    1. I’m really good at finding ways to procrastinate. They usually include blogging. Then after I finish my paper I think it wasn’t so difficult and I should have just done it sooner… A never-ending circle.

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