ElliptiCOOL Workout [#MIMM 17]

I don’t think I’ve participated in Marvelous in My Monday for a few weeks, so it’s about time I do! A big thanks to Katie for hosting us and encouraging us to appreciate all the things that make life great, especially in the upcoming hustle and bustle of the holidays!

I had a really great holiday weekend. I wish it could have lasted longer! Here are a few of the marvelous things I did:

  • got my phone screen repaired
  • watched Crazy Stupid Love (such a good movie!)
  • ate a delicious ravioli dinner made by a friend’s mom
  • hung out with my family – spending time with my grandparents is crucial these days
  • binge-watched five episodes of AHS: Season 1 with my best friend
  • went to hot yoga with Cassie
  • visited a casino for the first time with people from home
  • went out to breakfast with Adam (visiting home tradition!)

I was able to get in a couple of marvelous workouts this weekend while I was home, too! Adam did a “fun” tabata with me on Wednesday, the Turkey Trot was Thursday, and hot yoga was Saturday. I missed the boat on the #Elf4Health Sunday 100 Burpee Challenge, so I plan on catching up on that today.

Something else that has been marvelous lately is the elliptical! I realized that it doesn’t hurt my knee, even though I thought the bending motion would, so I’ve been rocking it for the past week or so. I tend to enjoy the elliptical more than the bike (are you surprised?), and I always feel like I get a better workout on it because I crank up the incline and resistance and do intervals.

I decided to put together a graphic of the elliptical workout I’ve been doing. I use a cross trainer, which has an incline, but if your machine does not, just ignore that part!

ElliptiCOOL Workout

Aren’t I super cool because I changed the spelling of elliptical to be more seasonal? I love this workout because I do intervals for a while, then transition into a climb and cool down.

Have a great, marvelous Monday! PS, I know I haven’t replied to a ton of comments, but I appreciate them ALL! I will get to it as soon as I can (aka today).

Question of the Day:
What was marvelous about YOUR weekend? I want to know! 



  1. You know it’s a good weekend when you manage to cover the 3 F’s — food, family, and friends 😀 The best part of my weekend was definitely putting up Christmas decorations with J and my family, and we had a bit of a winter storm roll in, which made it all the more cozy.

    Happy Monday, girlie!

  2. It’s been ages since I’ve been on an elliptical, but it can definitely be a great workout if you’re willing to play around with incline and resistance a little bit! And the best part of my weekend was a pizza dinner date complete with froyo and walking around to look at Christmas lights!

  3. Someone was watching Crazy, Stupid, Love on the plane this weekend, and it did look good! I think I tried to watch it once, but I fell asleep (because I am a grandma who can’t stay awake past 10:30). Glad you had a good weekend!

  4. Puns are always okay in my book, so I approve of “ellipticool”. Also, I definitely want to try that workout like, yesterday. My weekend was marvelous because I spent it with crazy amazing food, friends, and family!

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