#Fail [#MIMM 16]

Hey guys! It’s Monday once again and I can officially say I have three weeks left of classes until winter break. This semester has been challenging for me in that I haven’t particularly loved any of my classes. It’s hard to get through an entire 15 weeks of multiple classes that I feel less-than committed to, but I am trying to make the best of it.

I am participating in #MIMM today only to show you that sometimes, things aren’t perfect but you can usually find a positive in a negative. So without further ado, let me clue you in on some of my recent #Fails.

On Saturday morning, I attempted a new zucchini pancake recipe that I was really excited to try. Let’s just say I ended up with more of a mush than a cake. #Fail

How’s that marvelous? I learned a little bit about recipe construction and ratios, and all things considered, the mush still tasted pretty darn good.

From this…


To this.


I was sick this weekend. During the day Saturday I had major chills and felt super weak after my workout, for really no reason. It happened all of a sudden! All of my muscles ached. Saturday night, I think I sweated out a fever, if I had one (TMI?). #Fail

How’s that marvelous? I was forced to work on some homework, and I spent some QT with cable while we still have it (we’re getting rid of it next semester).


Saturday night, I had planned to make some mini eggplant pizzas, but when I went to grab my eggplant from the fridge, it was totally spoiled! #Fail

How is that marvelous? Grace and I decided to venture out and grab pizza at Jackie O’s (they make some rockin’ crust). At that point I was feeling okay, and I needed dinner. Plus, I got to meet some of her friends from grad classes, and they were really cool. A few good laughs (okay, and pizza) can be a great alternative medicine, in my opinion.

And because I am a healthy living blogger, I have to share with you the number one HLB #Fail of the week. The local frozen yogurt place is closed for the winter! I’m sorry, but WTF?

How is that marvelous? It’s not. It’s terrible.


I’m off to get a move on this very busy week! I hope you can make your Monday great!

Question of the Day:
Tell me how you turned something not so great into something marvelous recently!



  1. You and me with the baking fails. Oh well… bummer for all of the lows this weekend but at least you had some good things to balance it out! I hope you feel better soon! Pizza always makes me happy 🙂

  2. Oh my gosh! I am literally so sad for you right now! What kind of frozen yogurt shop closes for the winter?! The best time to have froyo is when it’s cold! #toomanyexclamationpoints haha 🙂

  3. Haha love it. you turned them all to the positive. Fail whale? I think not.

    Ohhhh those damn zucchini pancakes- I worked out to make them flip properly- spray pan, let it heat completely, spoon mixture and cover then flip when crispy on the edges 😉

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